• October 3, 2023

The best dinosaurs to tame in Ark: Survival Evolved

The multiplayer adventure game Ark: Survival Evolved takes players to a dangerous island teeming with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. The goal is simple – survival. However, choosing the right means to achieve this goal can provide a significant advantage. In the process of survival, players are encouraged to apply a unique strategic approach: taming various living creatures in order to then use their capabilities to move around the island, defend against dangers, attack opponents or other targets. This guide will introduce you to the most useful dinosaur species in the game (as well as another animal that rivals them in strength).


The main advantage of Baryonyx lies in his ability to move both on land and in water. He is an agile and fast swimmer, and his circular attack ability allows him to quickly deal with enemies and collect large amounts of biotoxin. On earth, the Baryonyx is far from being slow. Plus, they are relatively easy to tame, making them a great choice for first-time players.


Incredibly fast and aggressive dinosaur, easily hunts down prey. Its speed makes it ideal for riding. The raptor is no less effective in cases when you need to catch up with a fleeing target. With a rather modest size, the sharp teeth and claws of the predator allow it to cope with a variety of opponents.


Stegosaurus is an appropriate choice for beginner players, mainly due to the fact that it is herbivorous, which means that it can harvest a huge amount of natural resources, including berries. Berries, on the other hand, are a vital resource in Survival Evolved, as they are needed to produce tranquilizers, which in turn are used to tame more creatures. With a sweep of its massive tail, the stegosaurus quickly copes with nearby bushes and vegetation, easily collecting valuable resources. In battle, the dinosaur is slow, but it is equipped with back plates that provide the rider with protection from ranged attacks.


A versatile pet with long, strong claws that do equally well both with gathering resources and with the shells of enemies. Although this dinosaur is herbivore, its body structure is more typical of carnivores. It is great for all types of combat.


Flying a pteranodon is the fastest way to travel around the island. These flying dinosaurs are ideal companions for exploring the surrounding area or scouting enemy bases. The low health indicators of the pteranodon are compensated for by speed and endurance. A skilful attack from the air will allow you to thin out the ranks of the enemy with lightning speed.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurs are at the top of the island’s food chain. These monsters have tremendous power, along with extremely high levels of stamina and health, making them an excellent choice for dealing with enemy bases. At the same time, the speed of movement of a tyrannosaur is much higher than that of other creatures of similar size. Taming this tank is not easy, but its abilities are worth any effort. It can be used both for combat and hunting, and for the transportation of goods.


Of course, mammoths do not belong to dinosaurs, but in terms of their parameters and strength, they are very similar. Mammoths live in the snow-covered northern part of the island, usually surrounded by other dangerous predators, making it difficult to stun to begin the taming process. These giant animals are capable of harvesting huge amounts of natural resources and transporting a lot of cargo over long distances. Despite their large size, mammoths cannot be called slow – if necessary, they can move with amazing speed. By nature, they are not aggressive, but they are able to repel almost any predator, except for tyrannosaurs.

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