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The best domestic detectives: series worthy of attention

Domestic cinematography evokes a lot of criticism, but at the same time remains popular in the television and Internet space. Over the years, many Russian-language multi-part stories have been filmed in post-Soviet countries. Some of them are noteworthy, especially if you are close to the native mentality on the screen.

The best domestic detectives

In this rating, attention will be paid to detective series. The sample is based on the author’s personal viewing experience and up-to-date statistics of popular resources with criticism and reviews. Explore our TOP, perhaps picking up a few plots to your shortlist of TV shows for the evening.

Spider (2015)

TV series Spider (2015)

The story of one of the most high-profile investigations of Major Cherkasov, also known by the working title Goznak… Together with the brave head of the investigation team, find out how the murders of the models of the Moscow Fashion House are connected with the robbery of an enterprise that prints money for the entire USSR.

Eight episodes are enough to dive into the main storylines. During this time, two main ideas are being conveyed to the viewer:

  • there can be no maniacs in the Union;
  • no one has the right to damage the prestige of the country by robbing a government agency of such magnitude.

The elegance of the interweaving of two seemingly unrelated stories is impressive.

Alien (2014)

TV series Alien (2014)

Excellent work from the author of the “Cop Wars”. The story of the emigrant Mikhail Aristov, who returned to his homeland from Australia, where he was a national park ranger for a long time. The case when modern Russia forces the Russian to adapt to the harsh realities of the existing society. For a person who has come from “civilization”, the fact that there are people who live “more evenly” than others outside the laws and activities of law enforcement officers is alien.

During an accidental street fight, Aristov is under investigation. He is forced to help Colonel Vodyanoy in solving a daring robbery, working undercover in order not to go to jail. It remains to find out whether the hero will complete the matter, or will remain a stranger to his homeland.

Traitor (2012)

TV series Traitor (2012)

Igor Rebrov was once a principled crime fighter. His worldview was broken by a system that did not accept an operative who wants to make the world cleaner. He, like everyone else, begins to take money, because “upstarts” are not liked anywhere. Protecting, solving issues, helping in raider seizures and other corruption schemes become a part of his life.

In the course of the next deal, he must join the investigation team to destroy the criminal case. This is how life confronts Rebrov with the young investigator Olga Barentseva. Flared up feelings put a man in front of a serious choice, the consequences of which you will learn by watching another series by Maxim Esaulov.

Shootout Game (2004)

TV series Shootout Game (2004)

In the morning, residents of an elite high-rise building receive a letter from a certain Player. The attacker demands to collect a million dollars for him within three days. Otherwise, after the expiration of the term, people will begin to die. The game really started: “… it’s useless to hide and run …”. When viewing, it remains only to guess who is hiding behind the mask of the Player, watching the death of his victims. The intrigue lives in who is destined to catch the killer – the special services or the lone hero, the former special forces officer Dmitry Rusakov, whose lover lives in the ill-fated house.

Dyatlov Pass (2020)

Series Dyatlov Pass 2020

The mystery of the death of a group of students who, in the winter of 1959, went to conquer the Ural Mountains led by Igor Dyatlov, has not been disclosed to this day. This trip was the last one for all the guys moving to the snow-covered peak.

The story is based on real events, just like the version of the KGB major Oleg Kostin. He will try to find out what or who is to blame for the death of the student detachment – an avalanche, escaped convicts, or maybe a supernatural force worshiped by the local Mansi tribe. The series is presented with many storylines, intertwining and invariably leading the viewer to the end of the story.

Executioner (2014)

The series Executioner (2014)

Another case of Major Cherkasov, previously mentioned in our rating. The plot focuses on an investigation concerning a woman who was an executioner under the German invaders in wartime. It is inconceivable that a twenty-year-old girl could destroy her compatriots, hiding behind a bunny mask, and then return to this society, walking along the same streets with unsuspecting people. An experienced investigator will face the most difficult task, because 20 years after the war, any of the suspects can be a traitor to the Motherland.

Those who appreciate the stories “Executioner” and “Spider” should turn their attention to the “Mosgaz” series, with which the audience and Major Cherkasov begin their acquaintance.

Game (2011) / Game. Rematch (2016)

Series Game / Game.  Rematch (2011-2016)

The classic confrontation between the principled and unyielding FSB investigator Belov and the antagonist of the two-season series, the bandit Smolin. Sworn enemies will clash repeatedly. The intricacy of the story is reinforced by parallel plots. After several episodes, the involved viewer does not want to remain unanswered when asked how it will end. The writers are constantly fueled by this desire with new riddles for the operative, even when he left the service, and ideas for the embodiment of his own revenge – for the bandit.

Anna the detective (2016)

TV series Anna-detective (2016)

Anna Mironova from the town of Zatonsk can be proud of her sharp mind. An impressionable girl prefers good entertainment with a splash of adrenaline to needlework, and instead of dresses she wears harem pants. Fate confronts her with a detective from St. Petersburg, Yakov Shtolman. The pragmatic man and the desperate Anna use different approaches to the investigation, but only together they can figure out and stop the killer, which the whole city already knows about. Without the girl’s ability to see what is inaccessible even to an experienced detective, it will be impossible to solve such a difficult problem.

Sword (2009-2014)

TV series Sword (2009-2014)

Russian society cannot exist without its own avengers. However, in the realities of rampant crime and pathological corruption at all levels of government, people are closer to the idea of ​​a punitive detachment that will stand up to protect ordinary citizens.

Max Kalinin, a former intelligence officer of the Airborne Forces and an operative of the Organized Crime Control Department, scandalously leaves the service, not wanting to put up with the boss, who is ruining the criminal case over the kidnapper. He personally punishes the freed with a court, and then gathers a team of like-minded people who also sincerely hate lawlessness. Soon, the Tarot card with the sign of the sword becomes a symbol of the detachment – an object of respect from citizens, as well as a goal for law enforcement officers and special services, whose pride is infringed upon by the activities of punishers.

Liquidation (2007)

TV series Liquidation (2007)

Gangster Odessa in the post-war years is known for many cinematic works. “Elimination” can be considered a benchmark, a worthy successor “Meeting place can not be Changed” in multi-part format. The very fact that the series has long been disassembled into quotes deserves respect. Colorful characters and monochrome photography ideally convey the atmosphere of one of the most unique cities in the entire post-Soviet space.

Lieutenant Colonel David Gotsman (Vladimir Mashkov) is to become the executor of power of Marshal Zhukov, appointed commander of the Odessa district. Only a detective who fits perfectly into the criminal society and opposes it is able to figure out the Academician, who controls one of the most dangerous detachments of that time.

The genre “Detectives” includes many cult serials that everyone has heard about. The rating deliberately does not include such works as “Capercaillie” or, for example, “Cop wars”. Of course, we shouldn’t forget the heroes we all love, but the list of the best TV shows should also include a place for lesser-known works.

You can write in the comments about what your ideal of a Russian-language detective series is, or about a worthy foreign alternative. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with our TOP 10 most anticipated films of March 2021.

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