• February 20, 2024

the best heroes and why they are so strong

As you know, in Dota 2 a huge selection of heroes. A beginner’s eyes may run wild, and he will invariably face the question: which character is better?

Dota 2. Alchemist and Lycan

There can be no definite answer here. Every hero plays out own role, and it is incorrect to compare them. On the other hand, after any patch, a meta – a list of characters that are most often used by gamers to achieve victory. These heroes should be considered as the most powerful in a certain period of time.

Permanent fixes and rebalancing in Dota 2 lead to the fact that the character completely drops out of the meta, or vice versa, enters it. By tracking the latest trends, you can figure out which hero is more likely to bring you victory.

However, it must be remembered that the best hero is the one you know how to play… For now, here’s a list of the characters that have long been considered the most useful in Dota 2.

10. Pak

Dota 2. Pak

This dragon has practically no alternative mid and is able to bring rustle to the battlefield of the ancients. Among the advantages of this character – powerful procast and elusiveness

  1. Illusory Orb – burst, escape.
  2. Waning Rift – lard.
  3. Phase Shift – save
  4. Dream Coil – disable.

If all these abilities are correctly combined, little will remain of the crowd of enemies, with the support of allies. The main thing is to get level advantage and several important subjects… There is only one minus. In terms of management, Pak is a piano… If you do not know how to play for him, you will not be able to win by chance.

9. Razor

Dota 2. Razor

The ghost of lightning in skilled hands is a very dangerous weapon. It has a huge speed, capable slow down enemies and lower their armor… Usually such duties are performed by supports, but Razor takes on this role and can effectively destroy opponents.

Why is this hero so loved? Ability Static Link allows him to suck damage from the enemy carry and take it for himself. You not only turn off the most dangerous opponent, but also get an insane attack rate at your disposal! Don’t forget to buy BKB, otherwise enemy supports can ruin Raisor’s life.

8. Make-up

Dota 2. Visage

This support is able to greatly annoy opponents, but you need to play very well for him. A person who does not understand mechanics Visage, quickly becomes a victim of his own ignorance and lets the team down.

The hero is able to inflict decent damage, defend yourself hard shell and even summon gargoyles… It depends only on you whether they will cause trouble for the enemy team or an easy food for it. Control of adds Is an important part of Visage management.

7. Nyx Assassin

Dota 2. Nyx Assassin

This hero enjoyed glory while his ultimate Vendetta was not severely slashed by the developers. Now Nyx does not disable passive skills of enemies, which is very sad. However, the scarab can burn mana and has a rather complex execution disable

If you are playing a support, buying Meteor hammer, the artifact prolongs the stun and helps to push. For Nyx’s off-laner, assembly via Dagon and Ethereal Blade, allowing you to give crazy procast.

6. Clinkz

Dota 2. Clinkz

And here is the thunderstorm of frail supports, a skeleton from the family of invisors, Clinks… A very unpleasant hero who requires the purchase of just a huge amount Sentry Ward… All Clinkzes play the same through Orchid, therefore, thin characters fly off immediately, closer to the middle of the party.

When the skeleton has swung enough, the barks begin to suffer, so buying Eula or Manty… However, the main thing in the fight against Clinkz is map control

5. Beastmaster

Dota 2. Beastmaster

The Beastmaster is a frequent visitor to the professional scene, however, it can be difficult for beginners to master the controls Beastmaster… This offlaneer has an additional vision – hawk, urges boars and allows allies attack faster… Combined with ulta, slowing down the enemy, Beastmaster becomes a real boon for your party.

We are dealing 100% with a team player who leaves kills for his carry, and himself turns the life of opponents into a real nightmare.

4. Enigma

Dota 2. Enigma

It’s hard to predict when your opponents will make minus 5 and break your throne. These fears are especially relevant if you are opposed by Enigma… She can just go to the forest and farm Blink, and then it will wait for the right moment to suck all your teammates into Black hole

It remains only to hope that the enemy Enigma will not be too clever and will make several blank black holes. She may even be on tilt after being cursed by her allies and will allow you to win.

3. Brudmaser

Dota 2. Broodmaser

The spider is very difficult to counter if it surpasses the opponents in terms of play. Incredibly strong pusher can break your towers and fill keels by blowing up the mid lane. Main strength Brood – little spiders, which she creates just in obscene quantities.

On the other hand, if the skills of the players are approximately equal, the arthropod no longer poses such a threat – several stuns from supports and welcome to the fountain!

2. Lycan

Dota 2. Lycan

Another great pusher, which can close the question of the winner in the early stages of the game. Very strong passive ability increases damage Lycan, and the ultimate gives him an incredible speed

If you managed to contain the werewolf, it will gradually begin to lose its relevance, so it is important not to allow a quick push. There are a lot of carries that are more focused on leithand they should be on your team. However, Lycan remains an excellent pusher after purchase and improvement. Necronomicon

1. Alchemist

Dota 2. Alchemist

Richest character in Dota 2: can buy any items for himself, and also supplies allies with the staves of Aghanim… The hero has a good camp and an ultimate ability that allows you to take an active part in fights. Naturally, the peak of its power Alchemist reaches towards the end of the game, when he receives all the necessary items.

The only problem – need to farm a lot and selflessly. The Bad Alchemist begins to receive items when his team has already leaked everything they could, and it is impossible to help the teammates. The hero is forced to find a balance between killing creeps and participating in batches, only in this way he will become the main factor in victory.

Share in the comments which hero you personally think is the strongest. We also recommend that you find out why Dota Underlords can repeat the fate of Artifact 2.0.

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