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The best post-apocalyptic games – top-15 compilation

Post-apocalyptic is a genre that works in all media forms, no matter if it’s books, movies or video games. The landscapes of the destroyed worlds, apparently, still evoke a lot of emotions – fear, excitement, adrenaline rush. Importantly, they can serve as backdrops for a wide variety of stories. In theory, video games are best suited to immerse a person in a post-apocalyptic world, since the player not only observes the events, but also takes a direct part in them.


Unfortunately, not all developers understand the potential of this setting and use it only as a background for simple and even banal plots. But 15 games on this list offer players something unique. It can be an exciting plot, unique gameplay that fits into the dark realities of the surrounding world, or something else. In any case, the gamer will not regret getting to know these projects.

Mad max

Crazy Max

The Mad Max game released in 2015 is not directly related to the film of the same name that took place in cinemas shortly before its release. Someone, despite the hit of the tape, was pleased with this alignment, because there is no need to explain what the reputation of games for films has developed.

The game was loved no less than “Road of Fury”… Uncomplicated, she managed to impress critics and players with explosive action and a memorable world.

Death stranding

Death stranding

Death Stranding has become one of the most anticipated games as soon as production was announced. Hideo Kojima confused players with intriguing trailers and a description of the project with two words “strange game”.

Most of the theories of the players did not come true – few expected from Kojima a post-apocalyptic delivery simulator. The community was divided. Someone found the gameplay boring, someone thought that it perfectly sets off the story being told. And almost everyone agrees that she came out worthy.

Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 released in August 2020… The game was faced with a difficult task – to surpass its critically acclaimed predecessor, Wasteland 2. From him, the project got turn-based combat tactics, a la XCOM, but this time they paid much more attention to the role-playing component.

Project inXile Entertainment well received by fans and critics. This was confirmed by the nomination for the TGA-2020.

Resistance: Fall of Man


Resistance: Fall of Man was supposed to show all the advantages of the new generation of consoles Playstation… The PS3 started out with a number of serious problems and a too high price tag, so a selling exclusive was necessary.

Resistance: Fall of Man has managed to wow the community by leveraging the full graphics and technical capabilities of the seventh generation. Well, the post-apocalyptic setting in an alternative history, where humanity received, instead of the revolution in Russia and the Second World War, hordes of incomprehensible creatures that appeared after the fall of the Tunguska meteorite.

Final fantasy vi

FF 6

The sixth part of the cult series came out in 1994 year on the SNES and is still considered one of the best RPGs of the 90s. Some even call it “the game of all time.”

Final Fantasy VI stands out even from the rest of the series with a memorable plot, charismatic characters and thoughtful combat.

Far cry new dawn

New dawn

Sid’s prophecy came true. The nuclear explosion turned out to be the true ending and 17 years after the events of Far Cry 5, the player opens up Hope Countysurvivor of the apocalypse.

New Dawn is a controversial spin-off. Even leaving outposts and microtransactions aside, it has enough downsides. But there is something in Ubisoft’s neon post-apocalypse. At least the ability to put a fat point in adventures Joseph Sid… More precisely, now a comma, given the announcement of Far Cry 6 and its season pass.

STALKER: Call of Pripyat


The third part of the franchise shows the world of the alternative ChEZ from a new perspective – through the eyes of a military man. Together with him, the player can take a look at some of the legendary places of the Zone – “Jupiter”, “Prometheus”, the famous air defense systems.

Inspired by humor and realities familiar to the residents of the CIS, Call of Pripyat reminds why STALKER 2 is so expected.



In a studio Frictional Games always knew how to catch up with fear. But SOMA is the crown jewel of their creativity, which most players agree with. There are no destroyed cities, nuclear mushroom or creepy mutants. But the fact that in the world of this game there is no place left for the usual life is a fact.

This horror movie asks questions that can scare you in any setting, but most of all in post-apocalypse. And the key one is: “Until when can we consider ourselves to be ourselves?”

Metro: Exodus


Adaptation of the book series Dmitry Glukhovsky in its last, at the moment, unit finally got out of the subway tunnels into fresh air. The risky experiment of the creators was justified – the expanses of post-apocalyptic Russia did not deprive the series of zest, but only expanded the picture of the world.

Gamers appreciated not only the unique locations, but also the plot. Already familiar heroes, once in the outside world, were revealed from new sides, and two DLC perfectly complemented the main plot.



Against the background of the release of the sequel, it’s a sin not to remember this frosty hybrid of a survivor and a city-planning simulator. The project, no kidding, makes you shiver – everything in it works to ensure that the cold from the dying alternative world, which is controlled by the player, slowly seeps out of the monitor.

It is surprising that not so many games make the cold and the troubles that it causes the main threat to humanity. Frostpunk took on this theme and firmly established itself in its chosen niche.

NieR: Automata


World of games Drakengard and NieR scares many not with post-apocalypse, but with volumes of lore. Fortunately, NieR: Automata can give pleasure to neophytes who are unfamiliar with the brainchild of Yoko Taro and become the entry point into the series.

Combat robots here are perfectly combined with aliens, side missions help to distract a little from the global (in every sense) plot, and platforming elements do not let the gameplay get bored. So if you want to look at one of the most famous Japanese post-apocalyptic universes – Automata, then where to start.

Days gone

Days gone

At first, this project was met with a very, very cold reception, and years later, the audience, unexpectedly, recognized the merits of Days Gone. And she began to regret the small chances of getting a sequel.

Brainchild Bend Studio shows the world facing a deadly epidemic. It is flavored with biker entourage and mesmerizing expanses of deserted America.

The last of us 2

TLoU 2

Neil Druckman you can love or hate, but it is difficult to deny him the ability to create an emotional story and, like no one else, write it into the chosen setting. The sequel The Last of Us pleases with vigorous gameplay, striking beauty of landscapes and plots that leave few people indifferent.

Well, everyone remembers that Cordyceps has a real prototype, right? And this is frightening, despite the fact that this infection affects only insects. For now.

Fallout 3

Fallout 3

This could not do without the Bethesda franchise, delighting players with a suitable retro-futuristic post-apocalypse with 1997 year… The third part came out 11 years later and met all the hopes of the players.

An open world, the ability to create a character “for yourself” and everyone’s favorite stories. In Fallout 3, every player will find their favorite quest for themselves.

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