The best pumped tanks for ranked battles 2020🔝

Most effective in modern randomness for getting high ranks.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and in connection with the beginning of the last season of Ranked Battles, we decided to prepare a rating of pumped vehicles that are well suited for getting chevrons and increasing ranks. We did not include in the TOP such tanks as Object 279 (R), T95 / FV4201 Chieftain or Object 907. Since the first two are available in a fairly small number of players, the Soviet ST is a little more common, but still those who received the listed 3 imbs already know what to play on.

We have compiled a rating separately for each class of vehicles.

Light tanks

Among tracked tanks, the most optimal option is the universal Soviet T-100 LT. He has normal vision and excellent concealment, so he copes with the initial detection of the enemy and the subsequent transfer of intelligence, while remaining unnoticed. At the same time, he can effectively pick up single targets or inflict damage on his own.

On the French wheel EBR 105, the game is somewhat simpler, because you do not need to bother with light, remaining invisible to the enemy. So, at the beginning of the battle, you can give a glimpse of the enemy’s passing, while no one has yet managed to reduce and the chances of losing HP are minimal. Then you can cut across the map, put unwary enemies on the harp, or just play on the backlight. As soon as there is a convenient opportunity to go to the rear, you can ride for art or go to twist the clumsy equipment.

Tank destroyer

Here it is best to concentrate on performing the role. “Heavy attack aircraft”

The best way to go here is the Soviet Object 268/4. Although the gun does not have a large alpha, it quickly converges, good stabilization, and the projectile has a high flight speed. It has good frontal armor, especially NLD + excellent dynamics, which together allows you to take an active part in offensive operations.

The second variant is the American T110E3. There is a more powerful weapon here, and it is almost impossible to punch in the forehead without gold, while the commander is also reliably protected. Very comfortable UVN. But it pays for strong armor with weak mobility and long reloading times. However, it can hold a narrow passage / street in solo.

From ambush and weakly armored ATs, you can opt for the Swedish STRV 103B… Excellent dynamics in marching mode, rational angles of inclination of armor sometimes help out. The best camouflage among classmates, high accuracy, rate of fire and armor penetration will help to perform the main role – to inflict damage at a long distance.

Medium tanks

The undisputed favorite here is the Soviet Object 430U. In the 3rd season of RB, the mechanics of calculating role-playing experience were reworked for him – universal attack aircraft, so it will be more profitable to play on it. The main experience is now awarded for blocking damage (and the tank has very ricochet armor) and inflicting damage within its vision, which, with its survivability, excellent weapon stabilization, is easily doable.

In the role fire support good option Progetto M40 mod. 65, if you use the recharging mechanism correctly and follow a careful game, since it does not forgive mistakes. The weapon is comfortable to use due to its good stabilization and UVN, and good dynamics allows you to take an active part in hostilities in all areas of the map. He can put the enemy on the rink with one shell, and then discharge the three remaining ones, because during the reloading time inside the store, no one will have time to leave without a belt.

You can also highlight STB-1 and Leopard 1, which were upgraded last year. The “Japanese” has a very dpm gun + added air suspension, but still the armor is too weak to play a 100% role light attack aircraft… Considering that almost everyone plays on gold, he has practically no chance of winning anything, which cannot be said about the same Ob. 430U.

But the “German” is now one of the best snipers in the game, can be used together with the “Italian” as support tank… It has an accurate and penetrating gun with a very high speed of projectile flight, it can effectively fire on the move at the “wheels”. But there can be no question of any primary detection, Leopard 1 is a second line or even third line technique.


Role experience of artillery is awarded for damage to their stunning, for damage to enemy self-propelled guns, as well as for simultaneous stunning of several tanks. The hunt for art may not always be successful, so it is more reliable to play stun.

In this regard, no one can compare with the British Conqueror gun carriage… She has a hinged trajectory of the flight of projectiles, which allows you to throw in places inaccessible to another art. In addition, it has the highest one-time damage among classmates, but at the same time the worst accuracy. However, the large radius of dispersion of the fragments will allow the vehicle to be hooked at a decent distance from the burst site, so there will be no problems with stunning. And the closed wheelhouse partially absorbs the damage from the enemy’s high-explosive shells, so it is not necessary to move immediately after the shot (but it is desirable, since the reloading is still long).

Heavy tanks

Heavy has several roles, each good in its own way, so players can choose the gameplay that suits them. It is this class that is the most popular and easier to gain role-playing experience, because it all comes down to shooting damage at close range, tanking and exchanging hit points.

Let’s start with tanks on protector role… The Polish 60TP Lewandowskiego deserves attention here. It will be problematic to push the direction on it due to the weakly armored hull, but if you take positions for the game from the tower, it will be difficult to knock it out of there. A strong turret that is difficult to penetrate even with gold + comfortable aiming angles allow you to effectively implement a 152 mm gun with high one-time damage.

Among the category breakthrough tanks three cars can be distinguished at once.

The Soviet IS-7 and Object 277 are perfect for this role:

  • good mobility;
  • excellent guns, but Ob. 277 higher firepower;
  • good survivability, only here the opposite is true, armor is more reliable in the IS-7, but Ob. 277 has a strong turret (it is difficult to target commander’s hatches on it).

Both tanks are prone to dealing damage at close range and exchanging hit points, which is why they are popular.

Another candidate for this role is the British Super Conqueror. In general, he is one of the best pumped tanks for the Ranked Battles mode. The main thing for him is to hide the NLD, and to play through the UVN he is a strong tower. VLD also has good armor with rational angles of inclination, so it is difficult to pierce it in the forehead (but sometimes it flies into the gun’s mask). The gun is very comfortable to use: fast-firing, accurate, quickly converges, and generally has good stabilization.

The next group of heavy weights for the role heavy attack aircraft, whose main task is to deal damage and exchange HP.

Swedish is good here Kranvagn, which after the apa began to look much more interesting. The gameplay is pretty simple, but map dependent. He has an impenetrable tower in the frontal projection, so he can throw damage with impunity playing from the relief. A gun with a 3-round drum is reduced quickly, but still there is a lack of armor penetration. However, good dynamics allows not only to occupy comfortable positions among the first, but also to call in to the enemy from the flank.

At the end of our rating is another drum tank – the American T57 Heavy Tank. It has an automatic loader for 4 shells with a potential damage of 1600 units, which, if successfully implemented, allows you to “halve” any other heavy. At the same time, the gun has good accuracy and fast reloading between shots, so it is quite possible to realize such damage on it. The main thing is to try to choose targets at the beginning of the battle that are keen on fighting with your allies.

What tanks will you play this season? Write comments, share your opinion and experience!

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