• July 5, 2022

The best shotguns in Mass Effect 1

For many, the first Mass Effect will be the game with which they start playing the Legendary Edition. The collection of remasters of the beloved series includes all three main parts. And it is the first one most often scolded and continue to scold for her combat system. However, this does not mean at all that it does not have an interesting and effective weapon.

Krogan Rex

Shotguns in Mass Effect are really powerful weapons that have been appreciated by many fans for a long time. Let’s tell you more about 10 of themso that the players can decide what is best to give to their Rex. Or someone else.

Firestorm X

Fire storm

If Mass Effect takes place “closer” to our world, Devlon Industries employees at the time would be suspected of love for Battlefield. Because one of their shotguns Firestorm is the namesake of one of the game modes.

This is probably the most interesting thing to say about the shotgun with only 260 damage. Not the best choice for the player. Urdnot Rex disapproves, grinds into powder and sends to the trash can.

Katana X


There is one name from the swift blade. They act aggressively with a shotgun. And they make more noise than with a sword. Although the battle with the “Katana” can be finished really quickly. This “Ariake Technologies” is similar and put into the name.

Damage – 283, Accuracy – 75. Ninth place in the top and a little less anger of Rex.

Fury X


Jermungand Technology is not a Scandinavian manufacturer of household appliances, but an industrial giant from the world of Mass Effect, which created a line of shotguns with the apt name “Rage”… Unfortunately, this is one of those weapon options that can only be activated using console commands.
Fury X is the last, most powerful shotgun in the lineup. It wouldn’t be worth it if the damage was a little higher.

Accuracy 85, 7.5 shots before overheating is impressive. The damage indicator would not have stopped at around 283 – Rex would have been pleased.

Tornado X


Haliat Armory provides the player with a line of Tornado shotguns. “Tornado I” is a rather modest weapon, but here’s a shotgun Tornado X is impressive.

Without the Avalanche X model from turian supplier Armax Arsenal, the Tornado X would be the best shotgun with 307 damage. Its main problem is accuracy. Its low value can at some moments become a hindrance for Shepherd and the team on the way to defeat Saren and escape from the Reapers. The krogan is confused, but if necessary, he is ready to use this shotgun.

Avalanche X


The very name “Armax Arsenal” gives confidence that the “Avalanche” line will please with efficiency. Despite the same damage as “Tornado X”, “Avalanche X” significantly surpasses the model, which took the seventh line of the rating.

The main advantage is the number of shots before the weapon overheats. It is also noteworthy that the speed of “Avalanche X” is higher than that of “Tornado X” by more than 10 points. If Rex had to choose between Tornado and Avalanche, his choice would be obvious.

Armageddon X


Kinshasa’s Armageddon X is one of two shotguns with 330 damage in Mass Effect. It rivals Hydra X, but given that it can only be used with a console, it’s not hard to predict the choice of most players.

The main disadvantage of the “Armageddon” is the lower accuracy than that of the “Hydra”. However, the number of shots before overheating is compensates and leaves the krogan quite happy.

Hydra X


In the first part of the series, Commander Shepard, and with him the player, meets the Cerberus group, which positions itself as the main defender of the interests of humanity. The relationship between Shepard and these guys will not be simple for long, but let’s not spoil it and get ahead of ourselves. The player may be much more interested in the fact that some samples of Cerberus weapons can be used in the game, albeit using console commands.

The Hydra X has an alarmingly low rate of rounds to overheat compared to the Armageddon, but its high speed puts it in a higher position. Rex rubs his paws, getting ready to use this “toy”.

Impulse Shotgun


Yes, the Geth Shotgun can only be accessed via console commands on PC, but it’s not the first such weapon on the list, so why not.

After all, in the game, many can only dream of getting the geth weapon into their own hands.
Impulse Shotgun has 330 damage, which Shepard can feel the hard way, given the geth “love” for the commander. Well, with a little tinkering, the player can buy this gun himself for his arsenal. Rex will only say thank you.

Sokolov X


“Rosenkov Matiriels”, the line of shotguns “Falcons” … It smelled like something familiar, right? Not in vain. The manufacturer of the Sokolov X shotgun, which has damage 354 units and accuracy 80, and indeed has a Russian origin. And the shotgun itself is second only to one model. But more about her later.
The main disadvantage of “Sokolov” is that it can “bang” only 5.8 times in a row before overheating. Although he doesn’t need more. Separately, it should be noted that the Falcon shotguns begin their numbering from VII and will only get these weapons by the end of the game. Urdnot Rex will shake your hand for this. If you remember this custom.


HMWSG Master X

Hardly anyone expected to see some other model in the first place. Specter Exclusive – The best shotgun in the game.

When looking at the HMSWG line, it seems that all the elite versions, from VII to X, have luxurious, without exaggeration, characteristics. X, with 378 damage, 91 accuracy and 7 shots before overheating, just to the competitors on approach. It is doubtful that after seeing this model, the krogan will stand still, and will not rush to test it. As, however, most players.

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