• March 4, 2024

The best sites to download music for free

Each of us at least once tried to find a site on the Internet where you could download music. However, more often than not, some suspicious sites come across on the way, which are filled with tons of advertising banners or redirects and which, as a result, do not allow downloading the desired music track or album.

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at the seven best music download websites.


Zaitsev.net can be considered one of the most famous web resources that allow you to download music for free, and all because about four hundred thousand people visit the site every day. Few sites of this kind can boast of such popularity.

It is worth noting that Zaitsev.net began to become popular exactly at the moment when the administration decided to download music to its visitors in MP3 format without any registration on the site. You can download music completely free of charge, but you have to put up with a lot of ads on the site.

However, before the redesign, the site was simply drowned in advertising, so now everything is not so bad, and if you have Adblock – no problem at all. The assortment of music by Zaitsev.net is constantly updated with new tracks from various genres of music. I would also like to note the rather high speed of downloading files from the resource.


The main feature of the Myzuka.org resource is the presence of a powerful search engine, with the help of which users can find the necessary tracks or even entire albums in the site’s archives. It is worth noting that the assortment of the Myzuka.org website contains about five million songs, which you can easily check or even listen to in full online.

Among other things, you can even search the site for specific artists, which will give you access to information such as his photo, a short biography, and a list of albums and tracks. Now about the not-so-pleasant thing: you can download individual tracks, but if you want to download the entire album, buy a paid subscription.


Like the two previous websites, Zk.fm is free to download music in MP3 format, and you don’t even need to register on the site. However, such a function is still present. Among other things, Zk.fm users can create playlists for themselves from the downloaded music and listen to one of the one hundred and thirty available radio stations.


In addition to the ability to listen and download tracks for free, on Kibergrad.com you can find many interesting articles and other materials that are dedicated to various music performers. Users can leave comments literally under each track located on the web resource. I would also like to note that Kibergrad.com has a powerful search engine and even a version for mobile devices. And here lies the minus of Kibergrad.com: there is not that much music on the site.


Moving on to the really big “fish”. Last.fm is the world’s largest web resource for music and artists. Perhaps Last.fm can be thought of as some kind of mixture between iMDB and Youtube, but only the theme is music. When we say that this site is the largest in the world, this is not an exaggeration. On its open spaces there are more than 640 million music tracks from tens of millions of performers. If you can’t find certain music anywhere, then Last.fm definitely has it.

Perhaps the main function of Last.fm is the so-called audio scrobbling. Scrobbling is the process of collecting information about the music listened to by users and transmitting this information to the server of the Last.fm resource, which is subsequently used to recommend music to the user and when compiling TOPs for a certain period of time. It is worth noting that Last.fm is the founder of the scrobbling concept.

On Last.fm you can listen to music and watch video clips, but you will be disappointed with the limited functionality that can be expanded by registering on the resource. However, registration is very fast and completely free. Also, do not forget that you can use various applications and even browser extensions with Last.fm, but, again, you need to register.


Mp3ray.ru is another fairly large music archive where you can easily listen to the necessary songs online and download them to your computer (or other device) in MP3 format. I am glad that the administration of the site quite often updates the range of available music and you can find many of the tracks you need on Mp3ray.ru.

The site has a thematic column of news and biographies of various artists. From the functionality, there is the possibility of compiling personal playlists, assigning ratings and even viewing video clips for the tracks found, if any are available, of course. There is also a radio. The downside of Mp3ray.ru is the need to register on the site.


RealMusic is a bit different from the sites and music archives we reviewed earlier in this post. The thing is that RealMusic is the largest web resource for musicians on the Russian Internet. What does it mean to “musicians”? Well, this means that music creators can promote their works by uploading them to the site’s assortment, and visitors, in turn, become familiar with them.

Considering that in this article we have focused on the topic of sites from which you can download music for your personal needs, let’s talk about what options you have on RealMusic. So, you can easily upload any music located on the resource, create your own playlists, and also rate and comment on individual tracks.

The nice features of RealMusic include online listening to music, the presence of a radio and the ability to embed the player with the desired track on another resource using a special code. You can also register on the site and access the blogging feature for bands and artists. However, if you came only to download music, then you may not register.

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