• December 1, 2023

The best space games for PC

Science fiction Is one of the most popular genres found in both the film industry and video games. Sci-Fi setting goes especially well with games in the genre “RPG”providing players with a complete immersion in a multifaceted sci-fi open world.

TOP 10 Sci-Fi Games

Science fiction has been around for decades. Back in 1897, a novel by H.G. Wells “War of the Worlds” drew pictures of the dark future to his readers, and in 1938 the radio show of the same name became the reason American mass panicwho believed in the real invasion of the Martians.

Despite the existence of a huge number of different genres and settings, for games in the genre Sci-Fifamous for the depth of their stories about the conquest of space, there is always a special place in the hearts of gamers. With proper implementation, science fiction with its spaceships, rushing towards the stars, and their brave carriages, eager to meet new and mysterious civilizations, capable of captivating gamers literally. Fans of legendary film franchises have seen this more than once. “Star Trek”, “Star Wars”, as well as other cosmoopers, on which several generations of dreamers were brought up at once.

In our selection you will find offline and online games about outer space on PC in different genres.

Among Us

Among Us - crew members of the ship

Among Us is a sensational space mafia that seriously challenges the deductive abilities of players. The gameplay of the game is built on interaction starship crew members and a small group of impostors (more often than one) hiding among them. While a team of ordinary players is engaged in routine activities on the ship, the traitor must eliminate them and go unnoticed. During the game, the crew members participate in discussions and vote to expel the most suspicious allies, hoping to get rid of the inner enemy. Among Us is a multitude of mechanics that can be used wisely to turn an unremarkable match into a deadly survival game.

You can only really trust yourself here, since the most faithful companion who accompanied you throughout the entire round may turn out to be an ill-fated impostor.

A beginner’s guide to Among Us

Star conflict

Star Conflict - Spaceship

The game gained its popularity thanks to the deep study of spaceships. IN Star conflict they come in many classes, from agile fighters to large-scale frigates. This free MMO about space battles is perfect for those who want to feel like a real ace pilot and plunge headlong into the exploration of the universe. A large number of achievements and tasksand the faction system will be good motivators for exploring the Star Conflict world order and participating in a web of conspiracies on a galactic scale.


Stellaris - Spaceship Fleet

The world that meets players in this 4X simulator is similar in structure to a series of games “Civilization” with only one exception: events in Stellaris occur in space. Moreover, the project does not constrain gamers in opportunities and allows them to create their own civilizations, which direct their gaze to the stars… This is how entire races of tyrants or creators are born in Stellaris, who have chosen a unique path of development for their people.

There are also plenty of ways to travel through outer space. The technology of laying hypertrails through wormholes and the use of warp drives opens up a lot of opportunities for space travelers.

Moreover, the developers continue to delight their fans with new updates and regular patches and do not plan to abandon support for a universal project in the near future.

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Mass effect 2

Mass Effect 2 - Jane Shepard

Mass effect 2 – the legendary cosmoopera that everyone who is somehow interested in games in the Sci-Fi setting has heard about. This vast universe is built on the conflict between humans and their allied races with a relict synthetic life form best known as the Reapers. Captain Shepard and his loyal crew will face many challenges and deadly missionswho are destined to determine the true essence of the heroes and influence the outcome of the global goal to save humanity

The frigate “Normandy SR-2” is a landmark ship for fans of the original trilogy, in which Shepard and his men will have to explore the hidden corners of space in between completing the main quest. Lore Mass Effect 2 enough multifaceted and elaborateto keep the players’ attention throughout the playthrough. This is especially true for hidden parts and side missions.

This game is a must-see not only for science fiction fans, but also for ordinary fans of high-quality RPGs.

Endless space 2

Endless Space 2 - Menu with a spaceship in the background

Endless space 2 – turn-based strategy game, which is a unique adventure in the vastness of the universe. Players who decide to plunge into the world of Endless Space 2 will have to lead a young empire and lead her to prosperity in any of the available ways. The project has enough aspects and mechanics to dive into it for long hours. To succeed, you need to fully explore the surrounding universe, establish diplomatic relations and master the leadership skills that will come in handy on the battlefield. Per 3 years of its existence, Endless Space 2 won over a large number of players who appreciated its capabilities.

EVE Online

EVE Online - Space Battle

EVE Online Is one of the oldest sci-fi MMOs on the market. The game has been supported by various storyline events since its release in 2003, so it’s not surprising to have a huge fanbase. However, EVE Online has a fairly high threshold of entry, which does not allow a large number of new players to get used to the gameplay and game possibilities. According to the developers, they constantly work about increasing the loyalty of EVE Online to newcomers, but at the moment the cosmoopera is still far from the casual dream. Someone is scared off by such realities, but someone is desperately trying to get comfortable in the game, because only in EVE Online there is an opportunity take part in epic battles in the ranks of a fleet of many thousands

The outer wild

The Outer Wild - Space station orbiting a star

The essence The outer wild concluded in the study of the mysterious star system and the search for traces of an ancient highly developed civilization. For everything about everything, the astronaut-anthropologist has 22 minutes, after which the universe will reboot and throw even more food for thought. The player himself decides how to use the information received and what to do in the allotted time.

The main task of the player is search for any informationwhich will allow him to advance further in his research and unravel the secret of a disappeared civilization before a new one begins Groundhog day

Kerbal space program

Kerbal Space Program - Kerbalov Science Program

In this controlled space flight sandbox game, the player’s main task is to safely leave the planet… If this was done, then the worst is over. Each new attempt will be given through excruciating trial and fatal errors, bit by bit bringing players closer to understanding the mechanics and local laws of physics. Fearless Astronauts ready to give their lives for the benefit of science… Once familiar with the principles of rocket design and control, gamers can up the ante and try to get to the moon and then fully master the solar system.

In moments of anger and a feeling of hopelessness, we recommend taking an example from the cheerful Kerbals: they are not afraid of your design mistakes, since this is a forced victim on the way to great discoveries!

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No man’s sky

No Man's Sky - Characters with Atlas in the background

Limitless No man’s sky (everyone remembers about 18 quintillion different planets) is a game in which most of the time you have to deal with the exploration of the universe, mining resources, building bases and establishing contacts with alien life forms. No Man’s Sky cannot be attributed to typical MMO… However, it has a cooperative mode that allows you to do all of the above with your friends.

A recent expansion has improved many aspects of the long-suffering game, including multiplayer, inventory capacity, and VR compatibility. It was the regular patches and updates, distributed for free, that allowed No Man’s Sky to rehabilitate after failed launch and become that very game from the pre-release promises: with an unlimited world, an interesting tie and versatile space ships.

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Star trek online

Star Trek Online - Orbital Bombardment

The multiplayer game in the Star Trek universe was released a long time ago, in 2010. Since then, its popularity has hardly faded away. Being part of the universecreated by Gene Roddenberry in the series of the same name, Star Trek Online will once again remind players of the Federation and its inhabitants. Star Trek Online is well known for its tactical battles on space starships. After choosing the gender, race and belonging of the character to one of the factions available in the game, the player embarks on his own interstellar journey, consisting of a large number of story quests, as well as PvP and PvE content.

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