• December 5, 2023

The best tank for the new Halloween mode “Mirny-13” in WoT

It guarantees victory and a lot of damage, the best choice to quickly level up and earn event coins.

best tank

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and in the footsteps of the first impressions of the new mode “Peaceful-13” in World of Tanks, we hasten to share our personal experience with you. As many already know (who entered the mode), only three cars are available at the start without donation:

  • light tank Hornet (analogue AMX 13 90)
  • medium tank Cerberus (analogue of Centurion Mk. 7/1)
  • heavy tank Goliath (analogue M103)

CT and TT can tank with a tower or take some opponents to ram + a higher chance of a ricochet and even a diamond can sometimes repel enemy shells, but LT has an obvious advantage that can be enhanced with the help of equipment – shell loading drumHornet
The hornet has a gun with a 5-round drum with a potential damage of 1200 units. At the same time, he has good accuracy, mixing is within the normal range, and armor penetration is quite enough for this mode.firepower Hornet
We recommend the following assembly:

“Always ready” required for installation. It gives an instant recharge, which is very cool for a drum. Roughly speaking, now you have 10 shots at your disposal with an interval of 1.2 seconds. In total, this is approximately 2400 units, which allows you to destroy 3 opponents (even taking into account a couple of misses).

Cooldown is 120 seconds (2 minutes), and the phase lasts about 5 minutes, so you can use the consumable 2 times per phase (at the beginning and at the end). That is why a Platoon of Hornets can farm a point in a short period of time. Due to the excellent dynamics, they quickly move around the map and will always have time to hand over the Mirium.

Two other consumables increase survivability:

  • “Emergency repair” repairs modules and restores HP;
  • “Energy Shield” gives invulnerability, under which you can break into a crowd of opponents, discharge 2 drums and leave intact.

hornet assembly

If you play in a platoon, then you can save silver and distribute cheaper consumables among yourself Field workshop (restoring strength to allies) and one take Emergency kit (Modules need to be repaired, as sometimes they critique the engine or set fire to the equipment).

Speed ​​and repair play a big role in this mode. Therefore, Hornet is perfect for getting to know the regime and earning the first event coins. But choosing a good tank is not enough to win, since the event is focused on team actions and requires a certain approach and tactics, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our short guide on how to win in Peace-13 mode.

And in order not to be unfounded, we support the text of the video of the victorious battle on Shershn and screenshots with its results. Enjoy your viewing and success in the gloomy expanses of Mirny-13!


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