• July 5, 2022

The best tanks in War Thunder

For more than a decade, the development of computer simulators of military operations has been moving towards the unification and tactical interaction of representatives of all branches of the military at one training ground. Therefore, those who do not like to participate in hostilities in the role of an infantryman can always take control of military equipment and begin to destroy the enemy with the help of tactical delights in War thunder

War Thunder - Tanks

It is thanks to the high variety of combat units that War Thunder has taken a leading position in the field of military simulators. We have to find out which of the tanks are worthy of really close attention on the part of the players, and in what situations they can increase the chances of winning.

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Crusader MK.II

War Thunder - Crusader MK.II

If mobility in tanks is of some importance to you, then Crusader MK.II might be a good choice. This is a low tier French tank that is difficult to catch by surprise.

Crusader MK.II able to surprise enemies with his dimensions and mobility on the battlefield, which will give less agile enemies a number of problems. However, his the main weapon does not differ in increased characteristics and requires a tanker to show some ingenuity when faced with superior enemy forces.


War Thunder - T-50

This tank is perfect for beginners who want to get the most from free vehicles in the shortest possible time. He does not require a long grind from players and allows you to start the battle in a comfortable environment.

T-50 copes well with flanking enemies, which allows you to use it as reconnaissance tank… However, protective systems T-50 are not designed to absorb massive damage, so you should choose a more suitable technique to attack head-on and divert enemy fire towards yourself.

Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger Ausf. E

War Thunder - Pz.Kpfw.  VI Tiger Ausf.  E

During World War II, the Tigers posed a serious threat to the opposing side due to their impressive combat power and protective functions of armor. The War Thunder developers did not go against history and kept its advantages. Tiger E is an improved version of the Tiger H1 level 3.

The tank is capable of destroying its opponents with a single shot, and its mobility and immunity to side slithering damage makes the Tiger E a difficult target. These characteristics are enough to make a choice in favor of this heavy tank.

Type 90

War Thunder - Type 90

Universal Japanese tank, presented in two variations and available for play at later levels. One of the major disadvantages of the Type 90 is weak armor of the rear of the tank and its sides, which obliges the player to pay special attention to the flanks. However, all this is more than offset decent mobility and an automatic 120mm cannon


War Thunder - T-80U

As the successor to the legendary Soviet T-34 tank from World War II, T-80U has all the advantages of his “grandfather”. The armored leaning tower and the front of the tank are practically not susceptible to damage

In combination small size and impressive mobility The T-80U can be used for flanking and targeting the enemy. Fortunately, the main weapon of the tank allows you to fight at significant distances.

Challenger 2

War Thunder - Challenger 2

This tank will appeal to snipers covering allies, as the main cannon is Challenger 2 turns it into a real howitzer.

Even a beginner will be able to hit his first streak of frags at long range. High precision and fast reloadinginherent in this combat unit are opposed not the best armor… It is this shortcoming that forces the tankers to retreat at the first hints of encirclement.

CV 90120

War Thunder - CV 90120

Another contender for the title of the best sniper in War Thunder. CV 90120 was introduced in update 1.97 and was nicknamed the “Furious Viking” for its Swedish heritage.

At the tank impressive characteristics of the main cannonallowing you to hit targets from afar, and quite competitive reload time. The same cannot be said about the armor. On CV 90120 it practically absent and is compensated exclusively by maneuverability. This disadvantage forces the mechanics to stay away from the front lines.

Ariete pso

War Thunder - Ariete PSO

This is one of the best medium tanks in the game. Ariete pso – a versatile fighter with a formidable armor penetration… It is thanks to his firepower that he can quickly switch from target to target, eliminating them.

Another advantage of this tank is its protection… Armor Ariete pso is capable of withstanding the hit of a 105 mm APFSDS projectile, so its place is exclusively at the forefront of the attack. Weak side – mobility


War Thunder - ZTZ96A

In the field of destroying other tanks ZTZ96A has achieved unrivaled success thanks to his ammunition… Coupled with impenetrable turret and general protection the tank deserves a special place among the comrades-in-arms who rushed into a frontal attack on the enemy. And again you have to pay for such combat characteristics. mobility

M1A2 Abrams

War Thunder - M1A2 Abrams

As a native of the United States, the Abrams is the most versatile tank in the game for the BR VII. He is harmonious combines all aspects of ground vehicles: has decent mobility, good firepower and strong armor.

This is what makes the M1A2 Abrams a popular combat unit for both the experienced player and the novice mastering versatile technique. He has your weak pointsbut even with them it outperforms most NATO tanks.

We hope you enjoyed our selection. Share your opinion and ask questions in the comments. Read also: Top 10 best aircraft in War Thunder

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