• February 21, 2024

The best ways to make money on gambling in 2021

More recently, esports was scorned, but now it is on par with basketball or football. Previously, users played for fun, to pass the time or escape from routine work, but now gamers can make good money on it. The sums reach considerable sizes, which attracts more and more new participants. How and how much can you earn on games? This is not a job, but every gamer’s dream that can come true.

The best ways to make money for gamers

Perhaps the real lucky one can be considered the one who was able to turn his hobby into a profession. Nowadays, more and more people are trying to make money on their favorite pastime. Gamers are no exception, they have managed to turn virtual entertainment into real income. There are quite a few ways to benefit from gaming without being a member of the industry. The most common options include selling items, training beginners, streaming, and providing paid services. Let’s deal with each type.

Leveling up other people’s accounts

accounts sale

The option with pumping accounts and characters is very popular, but many are convinced that it brings very little income. This is a misleading opinion, because with the right approach, you can make good money. The scheme for receiving dividends is very clear – you agree with the client, he transfers data from the account and starts pumping the game profile. There are a lot of participants who want to get a pumped profile. By giving preference to popular games, the gamer will be able to quickly find a customer.

Less experienced players training

Teaching gamers on a computer

What if you are already an experienced player? Share your skills with others, of course. Personal “coaching” fades into the background and coaching comes to replace it. The main task of a mentor is to help improve playing skills. The evaluation criteria are the progress in ladders and the transfer of the gamer from the minor league and the highest. Most often, experienced players who have already earned many awards and have good theoretical knowledge, but cannot use it for some reason, go to the coach.

If you have no experience in esports behind you, then becoming a teacher will be extremely difficult. Skills and merit play a big role here. The coach evaluates his work individually, depending on the time spent, efforts and results. The teacher must have a sound understanding of his target audience so that it is interesting for different age categories to learn the material. It is worth focusing on the intricacies and nuances of certain games, which will help beginners to achieve great success at the learning stage.

Sale of game valuables

Sale of game valuables

The easiest and most widely available method of making money on games is selling virtual items. This feature is available in DOTA 2 and CS: GO. Fans of the MOBA genre can sell coloring books, items, and fans of the shooter – skins and weapons. In addition, the user has the ability to trade with the official Steam platform. This resource guarantees complete security of the transaction. However, do not forget about the 15% commission from each agreement. It is not possible to officially withdraw funds, but with outside help they can easily be cashed into a virtual wallet.


computer games competition

Virtual sports are becoming commonplace for gamers. This is the easiest and best way to turn your hobby into a source of income. If the user is capable, then he has every chance of getting into the professional league and achieving good results. For example, a Dota 2 tournament played out $ 34 million. Not only the participants, but also the audience themselves can make money in this way. After all, everyone has the opportunity to place a bet on a team or player in a bookmaker company. In case of victory, you will receive not only euphoria, but also a pleasant reward.


Esports betting

If, for some reason, your destiny in esports doesn’t work out, don’t despair! Although this career will become an unfulfilled dream, you can always get good dividends on the game of other gamers. The scheme implies different types of bets. Only lazy sweepstakes portals don’t focus on esports. This is a rather risky activity, but with a preliminary analysis, anyone will be able to earn certain funds. What is required of you is to find a reliable and proven bookmaker’s site, and it is better that it is not alone. On some platforms, you can place bets with skins, weapons, and other items. It is not necessary to have initial capital for this.

Resale of in-game items

Resale of in-game items

The most interesting form of earning is the resale of in-game items. All the inventory that the gamer collected is subject to sale. It can be very difficult to get skins, but you can make a lot of money selling them. To get income, you need to think over each step, therefore, you need to get an item many times cheaper than selling it later. Beginners, not knowing the real prices for inventory, can set them at a ridiculous cost. It is not possible to manually monitor modern platforms, so it is better to use the Steam Trader Helper service. After installing the application, the user loads all the skins into the program and starts active sales through the chatbot.

Become a streamer

Become a streamer

It is very easy to monetize your favorite pastime, especially on the Internet. If you know the account promotion scheme, then you will not have any questions. New users will have to play games for money. Broadcasts are carried out on popular sites or on Youtube. In most cases, the gamer earns income from advertising. It is possible to achieve success in this area at the expense of a large audience. The more people watch your stream, the more you earn. You need to stream regularly, invite friends, publish interesting posts. You should be aware of the latest events, actively develop your social networks and channel on Youtube. If, on average, you devote 4 hours a day to your favorite pastime, you can reach an income of 25 thousand rubles a month.

We have talked about the most popular methods of how to make money playing games. Some options will become relevant for professional players, but there are some that will appeal to novice users. As in any other area, the rule applies here: the more experience, the easier it is to achieve a stable income. With a strong desire, you can achieve incredible results without looking up from the monitor.

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