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The best weapons in Skyrim Anniversary Edition and how to get them

Top 10 Best Weapons in Skyrim Anniversary Edition

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition delighted fans of open worlds and true fans of the ancient scrolls new types of weapons, capable of diversifying the gameplay with interesting magical features. However, not every one of them can be obtained at the click of a finger – Todd Howard and a team of talented employees have prepared a lot of exciting tasks with an intriguing plot background, so that further pastime with a powerful bow or staff becomes more entertaining and memorable.

This collection highlights a list of top ten killer attributeswith certain features and disadvantages. Thanks to the below rating everyone can find a “cold companion” to their taste: orcs – heavy and unusual hammers, elves – aesthetic and light bows, and nords – long and sharp blades.

10 – Hammer of Stendarr

Add. the effect: deals 22 damage to the target. damage, reduces the wearer’s stamina by 20. for every hit.

Hammer of Stendarr

Hammer of Stendarr – a crushing hammer, which is familiar to connoisseurs of the ancient scrolls thanks to the addition to the third part. However, despite the weighty advantage of 69 damage, this weapon can’t be ranked first rating.

The reason for this is very simple – weight in 100 units., which without pumping stamina will take up a third of the character’s inventory. Such a nuance at a fatal moment can significantly reduce the number of treasures found in the next fascinating dungeon, or cause death in a quiet and lonely forest from the fangs of a vampire.

How to get a

Available from the Markarth Dwemer Museum. A pass to it can be obtained by completing a chain of quests with Calsemo, Markarth’s chief scientist. You can also try to steal it if you get the key (the main thing – do not forget about its large mass).

9 – Umbra

Add. the effect: absorbs 25 units. health and 25 units. reserve of strength.


Umber — a wonderful two-handed blade that can decorate the back of a brave and fearless warrior. However, its magical features pale in comparison to other blacksmithing innovations of the anniversary edition.

Damage to health and stamina the enemy – these are undoubtedly intriguing effects, but with a pumped enchantment, they can be applied to any other weapon you like without any problems.

How to get a

To start the quest, talk to Farengar Whiterun and buy his book Confessions of Umbra,

8 – Bow of Shadows

Add. the effect: the player draws weapons 20% faster compared to other bows; pulling it out, he gains invisibility for 30 seconds.

Bow of Shadows

Bow of Shadows – a name that sounds proud, bright and mysterious. The weapon in question, perhaps without any problems, can be called one of the best “deadly partners” for members of the Dark Brotherhood or the Thieves Guild, whose tasks include stealth, elusiveness, agility and noiselessness.

Thanks to invisibilityimposed on the player in the first 30 seconds after taking a bow in hand, a true thief or murderer will become most dangerous character Skyrim.

How to get a

Complete the quest “In the Shadows”. To start it, travel to Dragonreach and speak with the Jarl’s Steward, Proventus Avenicci.

7 – Staff of Sheogorath

Add. the effect: if the resistance fails, the target is paralyzed for 15 seconds.

Staff of Sheogoroth

Sheogorath – unique God of Madnesswhich won the hearts of millions of The Elder Scrolls players, so it is not surprising that on the eve of the anniversary of the colorful and legendary series, its developers decided to please fans of another reference to the great lord.

Paralysis One of Skyrim’s most beloved magical effects. He saved the lives of hundreds of Dovakin who decided to try their hand at the last level of difficulty of the game. Powerful mages, ferocious animals and hordes of invincible draugrs are just a small part of the enemies against which Staff of the Evil Daedric Prince perform at the highest level.

How to get a

Need to complete a quest chain “Put in the fork”which is in the city of Solstheim on Raven Rock from reading the Mysterious Note in the local tavern “Unfortunate Netch”.

6 – Fire of Hope and True Flame

Add. the effect: deals 45 damage to the target. electricity and flame damage, as well as magic damage in the amount of 20 to 25 units.

Fire of Hope and True Flame

Fire of Hope and true flame – two powerful blades, which in the hands of an experienced and talented assassin turn into indestructible and invincible tandem. The first weapon is capable of knocking down even the most confident and persistent enemy, and the second one can strike the depths of the indestructible subconscious with an all-consuming flame.

A separate feature that should be emphasized is True Flame does not require fueling with soul gemswhich greatly simplifies the passage of quests in the early stages of the game.

How to get a

Can be crafted at the forge under the Daedra category.

5 – Cleaver of St. Felms

Add. the effect: Deals 37 damage to an enemy. fire damage; those set on fire deal additional damage (absorbs 37 magic damage).

Hatchet of Saint Felms

Cleaver of Saint Felms – an unsurpassed weapon that previously belonged to the brave and indestructible hero of the province of Morrowind. Despite some difficulties in terms of obtaining the relic in question, it can become wonderful magical companion Dovakin, directing his own forces to learning spells at the College of Winterhold.

Still, skilled magicians do not always have to wield the elements of fire, cold and electricity, right? Sometimes your hands have to be busy steel and viscous ax.

How to get a

For completing the “Ghosts of the Tribunal” quest chain. To start it, you need to go to the temple in Raven Rock. Once there, go down the stairs to the first room on the right. The quest will begin after players have read the Heretic’s Dossier: Confessions of a Blacksmith.

4 – Sander

Add. the effect: deals 5 damage. fire, ice and electricity damage; The target also takes an additional 15 damage. endurance and magic.


Dwemer mechanisms – unsolved mystery The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, about which any materials and information sources make up many incredible and memorable legends. Horses, frightening spiders, ferocious centurions, impenetrable armor and sander one-handed hammerable to embellish the belligerence, fearlessness and strength of any Nord who prefers heavy armor.

An increase in damage by 15%, an increase in stamina regeneration by 50%, an increase in health by 20 units and magic by 50 units – something that Dovakin can boast of, having found full set of armor and equipping the hands with the weapon in question.

How to get a

Visit the New Gnesis Club in Windhelm. There you can find the guardian’s notes about the “Lost Caravan”.

3 – Staff of Hasedoka

Add. the effect: if the enemy dies within 60 seconds, the soul gem is filled; the staff pushes enemies out of the way and creates a ward against spells up to 40 power. in case of prolonged inactivity of the player.

Staff of Hasedoka

Mighty Mages capable of knocking down a formidable giant, an indomitable mammoth or a freedom-loving and fast dragon that cuts clouds with its own wings, in a matter of seconds. However, their strength does not always lie in the well-known elements. Sometimes experienced sorcerers and wizards crush enemies with the help of staves.

Secret Hasedok – salvation and strength. Thanks to the talisman and the ability to repel, this weapon can be a real find for fans of the news. fight at a distance.

How to get a

The quest is available from the very beginning of the game. You need to go to the bandit camp west of Dragon’s Reach. After clearing the camp, you need to find and read the trade notes of the smuggler.

2 – Chrysamer

Add. the effect: grants 15% fire resistance, 10% magic absorption, and slows down the health regeneration of enemies in combat.


As stated earlier, mages in Skyrim are actually invincible opponents, because chrysamere can be a pleasant find for a true warrior who directs all his efforts to pumping damage, endurance and defense.

Either way, 10% additional magic absorption is a significant advantage that can make all the difference in a sudden fight with a ruthless sorcerer or a ferocious draugr.

How to get a

You need to get into the Nordic ruins of Forelhost and fight the Paladin, the current owner of the sword.Forelhost

1 – Doom’s Edge

Add. the effect: randomly applies one of the following effects to the target – frost, demoralization, frenzy, drain magic, paralysis.

Doom's Edge

Closes this rating – onionsince shooting is favorite skill many connoisseurs of ancient scrolls for ten years. Due to the unique and in fact unpredictable magical effect exactly face death can be considered the best weapon of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

How to get a

The quest will appear automatically. To complete it, you need to go to the Stone Stream Cave.Stone Creek Cave

However, each weapon, the features of which were highlighted above, can become an indispensable “cold partner” in the war against dragons, imperials or the Storm Brothers, robbers and other negative heroes of the ancient scrolls. Bows and staves are the best in general, while axes and blades are best for someone in particular.

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