• December 6, 2023

The complete guide to sailing in Valheim

Sea travel to Walheim is almost impossible without the use of ships. The player’s character can swim, but this consumes stamina, and after being exhausted, he takes damage from drowning. This guide presents all boats available for construction, as well as recommendations for management and repair.


Valheim boat building and management guide

First, the main means of maritime transport. Only worth building and using when travel is absolutely necessary and access to bronze or precious woods is limited or impossible. The raft is characterized by low speed, poor resistance to damage and the absence of a cargo compartment.

Resources required:

  • Wood x20;
  • Scraps of Leather x6;
  • Resin x10.


Valheim boat building and management guide

A medium sized boat that will do in most situations. The characteristics of the Carve are in many ways inferior to the Drakkar, but it is easier to build and cheaper in terms of resource costs. The small size of the boat will make it easier to find a convenient stopping place, and it is less likely to be damaged by strong waves or impacts on the shore and rocks. Carve is equipped with a small compartment for 4 places for things, which allows you to transport a small load.

Resources required:

  • Noble wood x30 (Fine wood);
  • Deer Skin x10;
  • Resin x20;
  • Bronze nails x80.


Valheim boat building and management guide

The largest, fastest, most powerful and lifting ship in Walheim. It owes its advantages to its size, but because of this it is more difficult to manage. Building it also requires a lot of hard-to-find resources, so losing it can be quite painful. However, this is the most famous Viking boat and represents the pinnacle of maritime logistics technology in the game.

The cargo hold can hold up to 18 different items, making the Drakkar the best vessel for transporting a variety of goods and even animals. In addition, the large amount of space on board will allow a full crew of 10 people to travel, making battles with sea monsters easier.

Resources required:

  • Noble tree x40;
  • Ancient Bark x40;
  • Deer Skin x10;
  • Iron Nails x100.

Boat building

To build a boat, in addition to the necessary components, you will need a hammer and a workbench area. Armed with a hammer, go to the “Miscellaneous” tab and select the appropriate craft from the list. A ship can be built anywhere, but remember that if it is built on land, trying to push it into the water can lead to destruction.

Luckily, like most crafted items in the game, when the boat is destroyed, all materials will be returned. If a ship is destroyed in water, it is worth remembering that heavy components, such as nails and skins, will sink to the bottom, which, combined with the inability to dive, will lead to an irreversible loss of these valuable resources. To prevent the boat from collapsing on the shallows during strong tides, it is worth thinking about an impromptu harbor. Thanks to this, we will get easy access to the ship, which at the same time will be at a depth.

Boat control

Controlling the ship is quite simple – the W and S keys are responsible for the speed and turn of the sail, while A and D change its direction. Boats have 3 parameters of movement: forward, drift and backward. It should be borne in mind that each craft behaves differently when driving. By fully turning the steering wheel to the right or left, you can turn around its axis. By reducing the turning force, it is actually more accurate to orient yourself when moving forward or backward. This can be used, for example, to align the boat with the dock.


Valheim boat building and management guide

Boats in Walheim are driven by the wind. This means that the correct orientation of the boat is very important for efficient navigation. After loading aboard, two icons will appear under the mini-map on the right side of the screen. The first informs whether the boat is propelled by an oar or sail. In the case of the second, whether it is half or full.

Below is the wind indicator and the orientation of the boat relative to its direction. As long as the wind symbol is in the golden part of the circle, the ship will move forward. When this icon is located in the black part of the rim, it will be possible to maneuver only with the rudder. The arrows above and below the steering wheel icon in the center of the screen also show the speed and course of travel.

Additional Tips

I would also like to mention:

  • All boats have space for things. The larger the ship, the greater the capacity.
  • In case we need to sail against the wind, it is worth considering a maneuvering maneuver. It consists in a “zigzag movement” along the border of the dark part of the rim forward and backward.
  • If our satellite has fallen overboard, it is better to stop and try to swim up to it in reverse. Since his stamina may not be enough to swim to the ship.
  • Going on a long voyage, it is recommended to have at least 10 wooden planks with you. In a critical situation, this will allow you to build a workbench even on a small treeless island, which will make it possible to repair the boat.
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