• February 22, 2024

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

Little Hope, the second game in The Dark Pictures anthology, contains many collectibles that you will find as you progress through the story. Some of the most useful are white-framed images that provide tips on how to keep all the characters alive throughout the gameplay of Supermassive Games’ interactive horror game.

White-framed paintings, like their black-framed counterparts, contain premonitions that prepare you for the key moments of the game. This series of images shows which decisions will have a critical impact on the development of the story. To facilitate your search, here we provide the location of each of the six paintings in a white frame.

A deadly omen

The first image can be found at the beginning of the game. After the group reunites, you take control of Taylor. When the conversation ends and you can move around, go left along the path that Daniel and Angela were walking along. Approach the truck parked at the end of the trail and you will see a picture in the back of the truck.


Walk right before smashing the window at Little Hope Police Station with a rock as Andrew. You will find several barrels next to the wire fence. The painting is on one of the barrels.

Ritual Blade

When the group breaks up later, Daniel and Taylor will reach a building with a locked door. You will have a choice: climb up the trash can or go through the entrance and up the stairs. Choose an entrance. After leaving the room, into which Daniel climbs, go along the corridor until you see a hole in the floor where you have to fall. Before reaching the hole, go into the room to your right and examine the shelves in search of a painting.


After you take control of John, follow to the police station, then follow the narrow path leading to the house on the left. You can find the painting on a box on the front porch of the house.


This image can be found after everyone has escaped to the church. Inside, you take control of Taylor. Before entering the main premises of the church, turn around and return to the entrance. Turn left to collect the painting from the small table.

Demon at the door

The last painting in a white frame is located next to the site of the historical restoration. Follow the left path until you reach a picnic area. The “Place of Historical Restoration” sign should be on your right. Walk around the picnic tables and take the painting.

Collecting all of the images with a white border will unlock the Ray of Hope achievement, as well as 50 Game Points on Xbox One, or a Gold Trophy on PlayStation 4.

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