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The Elder Scrolls: самых10 Rarest Random Encounters

There are enough characters in The Elder Scrolls filled with interesting knowledge and doing something that deserves attention. Consider a dozen meetings with such NPCs in Skyrim and other worlds in the series.

TOP 10 meetings in TESO

Random collisions can occur anywhere on the TES map. Part 5 is especially rich in them – Skyrim. Sometimes you may think that vampires, hostile mages, or even Daedric creatures are on the way. Although this “seems” not always ends in a battle.

Some minor moments in the story can amuse you or upset you. In general, the world of TES presents enough emotions. However, not always the necessary meetings or events can occur if certain conditions are violated. Many of the planned intersections with playable characters take place in towns and cities, but it is harder and more interesting to find something unusual in the wilderness of Tamriel.

Babette seeks food

Babette in Skyrim

Joining the Dark Brotherhood and installing DLC ​​Dawnguard Is a chance to meet a vampire girl on the night street. You will first see her when you visit the Dark Brotherhood hideout in Falkreath. It is more interesting when at night on one of the streets the Dragonborn collides with a girl bent over the body. She will greet the hero, saying that she just came for a snack.

Drinking companion

Argonian Drink-do-Bottom in Skyrim

Upon completion of the Daedric quest “Unforgettable Night”, there is a chance that after entering a new area, you will meet an Argonian who requires from the Dragonborn debt of 10 thousand gold… If you refuse to pay, you will have to fight for the retribution of a creature with a wonderful nickname Drinks-to-bottom did not happen. In the course of the dialogue, it turns out that for this money, in a drunken stupor, you sent a scaly one to look for some “great artifact”.

The price can be dropped to 750 coins, and the resulting value will be a simple hood stolen from the bandit camp.

Descendant of Tarchiel

Wondrous elf wizard on Solstheim

This wonderful elf wizard can be found on the cold coast of Solstheim. He is practicing magic. Mumbling something, the man will fly over the sandy beach, and then fall, crashing to the ground. After examining the body, you will find a diary. After reading the notes, you can understand that the wizard was full of delirium.

He died from his obsession with the idea of ​​flying.

Lost guests

Plotis and Salonia Carvain

The Dark Brotherhood quest line contains quest “Until death do us part”… As part of it, you need to destroy Vittoria Vici, the emperor’s cousin, at her wedding. A couple of aristocrats should be at this event – Plotis and Salonia Carvain… But they won’t get there.

Initially, on the road you can meet their rich company, hurrying to the celebration. However, the meeting after the completion of the specified quest is more interesting. The guests will look like ragamuffins who, apparently, were robbed on the way.

Mumbles of a madwoman

Crazy old woman

After completing Sheogorath’s quest “Crazy Mind” and the presence of the Dragonborn staff Wabbajack you can run into an elderly crazy woman by the road. She recognizes the player by his relationship with the Daedric prince, demanding to hit her with a spell – “wabbajack”. By agreeing you can temporarily turn an old woman into a rabbit… After returning to human form, she does not recognize you. You can attack or rob the interlocutor. If the quest is not completed, then the dialogue with the madwoman will be different.

Bug: when struck by a spell, your actions can be regarded as an attack on a civilian with a corresponding penalty.

Gourmet admirer

Balbus is a culinary enthusiast

You can meet Balbus, the culinary enthusiast, at any time during the game. But a special dialogue opens only after completing the quest “Killing recipe”when the Dragonborn will have to impersonate the Gourmet chef. It is in this case that third option for dialogue with the subsequent opportunity to involve Balbus in cooking.

Friction with Morag Tong

Mercenaries Morag Tong

You will be drawn into this story by belonging to the Dark Brotherhood. This status provides access to interesting quests and unique equipment, but there are also disadvantages. With DLC Dragonborn installed, Dovahkiin can be attacked mercenaries Morag Tong… They probably want to eliminate a competitor, since they have long been at enmity with the Dark Brotherhood.

This skirmish takes place exclusively in Solstheim.

Human feast

North Saigar

Nord Saigar can be found in the wilds of Skyrim next to the body. The development of the dialogue depends on whether “Taste of Death” and how it ended. If the meal of cannibalism was then completed – Dovahkiin will be asked to “bite off”. If you exterminated all the cultists, then Saigar will pretend that he just wanted to rest the body in the ground.

Well, maybe this “cheerful” man will someday meet Babette, who prefers the same diet.

Highway robber

Highway robber

Thieves on the roads of Skyrim are not uncommon, but in clashes with the Dragonborn, things can go wrong. It depends on how well the Thieves Guild branch… If Dovahkiin is wearing Soloviev’s armor, then he will not be touched, but also will be given a legal share in the amount of several septims. Guild vestments allow you to trade with the robber. The presence of only one part of any set in the inventory will force the ashamed thief to retire, because you cannot attack fellows.

Available bug, in which thieves will not trade or give away loot.

The wisdom of M’Aika

Kajit M'ayk

A rather rare, but very famous meeting concerns Khajiit M’ayka the Liar… He wanders around Tamriel, telling all sorts of humorous stories that are absolute fiction. In fact, this is a kind of easter egg that appears in most of the TES games. It was first seen by Morrowind players.

You can hear witty observations and comedic phony if you are lucky enough to stumble upon this tramp. There are no patterns in conversation with M’Aik. All phrases are completely random. There are a lot of them, so it is worth catching every chance to communicate with the Khajiit.

This guy has become a hero of memes and a favorite of the public, because he can amuse his conclusions like no other.


If you look at The Elder Scrolls series from the first to the last game, you will find a huge number of references, easter eggs and other secret elements. We recommend that you be more careful when exploring the world, especially if you want to immerse yourself as much as possible in the lore of Skyrim or any other part of the game universe. We will continue to do interesting reviews on the original series, its mods and news, which can be found in the sections dedicated to TES V Skyrim and TES Online. We wish you success!

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