• December 6, 2023

The first premium tank of level 10 with a unique effect in World of Tanks

The developers approved the bend for the donut and introduced an imbue premium with a unique look. For many years, it has been said that there will be no more than level 8 premiums, but nothing is less permanent than their promises.

WZ-111 Qilin Greetings, tankers! World of Tanks has added a tier 10 imbo premium heavy tank WZ-111 Qilin… As the name suggests, it belongs to the Chinese branch and is still available only for the Chinese version of the game… For China, this is not the first level 10 premium, they also sell tanks for the main battery, and even “Waffle E100” is.

Everything would be fine, but there are several reasons to expect such things to appear and we have:

  • the Chinese version of WoT is being pulled up to ours this year (they were significantly behind, they played on patch 0.9.22);
  • a few years ago, developers introduced the premium Type 59 Gold in China and said then that we would not have it;
  • but it’s time Black market and the developers rolled out the Gold Type 59 on sale for gold and raised a large amount of money on it.

For the first time last year, 1000 pieces were sold in 2 minutes at a price of 20,000 gold. This year, 5000 pieces were already sold at the auction at the same price (and some put 30-40 thousand).

There are many avid gamers in China who do not spare money for games and are very fond of national customization. Therefore, in order to entice them to buy, the developers took a couple of simple steps:

  • took as a basis the pumped Chinese heavy WZ-111 Model 5A and upgraded its performance characteristics;
  • a pinch of myths and legends was added to the name and appearance (“Qilin” is a mythical chimera).

WZ-111 Qilin

For you to understand, the WZ-111 Model 5A has long been the leader in average damage per battle among pumped tier 10 tanks + a high win rate. In general, a tank in even hands is a bending machine. AND the developers updated it:

  • increased one-time damage to 560 units;
  • improved turret traverse speed;
  • increased the stabilization of the gun in motion;
  • added stealth to him.

For an increase in alpha, its cooldown was increased by 1.63 seconds, but one-time damage is more important for heavy.

And with such performance characteristics WZ-111 Qilin completed the testing phase:

Its main drawback is its low survivability., but mobility and firepower are beyond praise. Moreover, he will have increased profitabilityso even playing full gold will not go to the minus

If the Type 59 Gold was sold for 12,000 rubles (if we translate the price from yuan), then I even find it difficult to imagine what price will be broken for WZ-111 Qilin… Also pay attention to special effect after firing, looks really cool:

Considering the recent tendency with which the developers are rejecting their words, it is likely that we will have to deal with Tier 10 premium tanks. Would you like to see a premium IS-7 or Object 277 on the RU region?

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