• May 26, 2022

The first promotional branch in August with a gift tank for it. Is it worth downloading?

The winner of the voting among the players, why they prefer this technique and how relevant it is in 2020.

XM551 Sheridan

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and the first promotional branch of vehicles in August in World of Tanks. In the popular vote among light tanks, the American won XM551 Sheridan.vote

If a year and a half ago this branch could be safely included in the TOP 3 among LT, then with the advent of wheeled vehicles, American light tanks are in 4th place in terms of relevance. Let’s talk first about disadvantages:

  1. Large dimensions with no armor at all. It is difficult to miss these tanks, so damage is almost always guaranteed when hitting. Landmines also go well against them due to poor armor.
  2. Also, due to the large size, it is far from always possible to effectively use the surrounding area to increase camouflage.
  3. And the cherry on top is a bad stealth ratio.

It turns out that the LT of this branch is significantly inferior to classmates in the effectiveness of passive or active reconnaissance.

And yet I bring to your attention three reasons to deflate the XM551 Sheridan now

The first reason

In terms of performance characteristics, the technique has a number of advantages:

  • high viewing radius slightly compensates for the vehicle’s visibility;
  • good dynamics;
  • can boast of comfortable vertical guidance angles, which allows not only to shine, but also to shoot, playing from the relief;
  • although the accuracy leaves much to be desired, the quick aiming of the gun will be a pleasure.

Also in this branch there is a single LT with a 152 mm bomber – T49. The effectiveness with it is very doubtful, if the FBG is against it, then the chair under you will burn out in a couple of fights, but if the situation is successful, you can have fun in the random house (especially convenient for the LBZ, where it is necessary to thicken the equipment).XM551 Sheridan

Top branches XM551 Sheridan Feels good in Ranked Battles, largely thanks to excellent penetration on gold and a basic view of 420 meters.

Second reason

For this branch you can get free prem tank level 8 – T92 LT. For farming, he is only suitable if you play for the transfer of intelligence and do not charge gold, which does not pay off at all with his small alpha.T92 LT

You can get it for the referral program in WoT, the last season of which was extended until August 26. The referral is done quietly in a week of playing solo (on a twink) in the evenings or faster if you invite a friend to the game.

Referral program guide + bonuses for premium and gold.

Third reason

super chaffee

Annual veteran award this year will bring the players back to the legendary “Chaffee”, which at the time at level 5 was very fun and loved by many players. The M24E2 Super Chaffee recently entered the supertest, but with different performance characteristics and at level 6:TTX Super Chaffee

The car is nothing more than a collection or a ride with friends on a relaxed basis at low levels. Maybe she’s also upnut parameters, but so far she doesn’t really catch on. And the most depressing is the fact that Chaffee has 5 tankers, and 4, so the radio operator will have to be trained anew. Just in case, let me remind you that a crew can be transferred to a special vehicle without a penalty (if the class of the vehicle is the same).

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