• February 22, 2024

The flashlight stopped turning on in Metro Exodus: working solutions

Complaints have appeared on the network that a hand-held flashlight stops working at the location of the Caspian Sea and some others. In dark rooms filled with monsters, it is difficult to do without this device. Initially, this may not cause severe discomfort, because there is a night vision device. However, in the dark fighting nimble monsters, a flashlight have to by the way. Players faced with such problems often start replaying entire chapters, which is an impractical, but, admittedly, effective solution. We know how to solve this problem “with little blood.”

Flashlight in Metro Exodus

Flashlight recovery methods

According to the comments of gamers who managed to fix a similar problem, it became known about the following solutions:

  • Flashlight charging. If the battery runs out on it, the flashlight needs to be charged. This can be done by pressing “F;
  • Turn off headlights in the car. Recently, a bug when the flashlight refuses to turn on due to the work of the headlights of the car. You should get into the car and turn on or off the headlights;
  • Reset control settings. In Metro Exodus, some keys may refuse to work for no apparent reason. These can be default binds or manual control settings. Exit the situation – reset the control settings to the default state;
  • The flashlight does not work in an area with increased radiation. This behavior of the flashlight is normal at a certain point in the plot, when the character enters the radiation zone. You just need to go through this section of the game and the flashlight will start working again.

If none of the methods helped, you can only wait for a bug fix from the developers. Otherwise, it remains not the most pleasant option – to start over.

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