The four best tier 8 heavy tanks

The most interesting in terms of performance characteristics and class gameplay.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we have prepared for you Top upgradeable heavy tanks of level 8, which have the most interesting gameplay, are relevant to the current randomness and are leaders on the battlefield.

Let’s start with the timeless classics – the Soviet TT IS-3. Everyone knows about it, especially since it is the most popular tank in the game, but it is simply impossible not to include it in the rating, because it will cause a flurry of indignation from its owners. Some say that the Troika is not the same.

The tank itself has not changed since May 2015, when its model was converted to HD quality. Therefore, you cannot blame him for becoming worse. Rather, the fact is that there are new tanks that can resist him.

The advantage of the IS-3 begins with the transfer of the tank to the top-end configuration. The stock suspension allows you to research and install all the previous modules, and you can even install a new weapon in the turret.

Good speed and dynamics allow him to occupy key positions at the beginning of the battle or to support the CT breakthrough on the flank. In most cases, he will have time to return to the base to shoot down the capture, or, on the contrary, to rush into the enemy as soon as possible. In the frontal projection, it has the legendary “pike nose” and rational angles of inclination of the armor, and the sides have additional protection in the form of bulwarks that can absorb enemy shells without damage. In addition, he has a strong tower, the main thing is not to expose the enemy’s roof (it is better not to clinch with higher tanks).

The gun has high one-time damage and good armor penetration with a fairly fast reload. The only drawback is that the accuracy does not allow to shoot accurately at a long distance, but in principle, this is not necessary for the heavy. Still, the IS-3 remains one of the most versatile tanks, because it combines ricochet armor, good mobility and an excellent cannon.

The British Caernarvon is not so easy to transfer to the top, first you have to open the suspension, but in the end we get one of the best support tanks. Armed with an accurate gun with the fastest reload time and aiming time, it can effectively deal damage at both medium and long range. This compensates for the small one-time damage.

For close combat, it does not have good enough armor, and there is an ammunition rack in the forehead of the hull. With its dimensions, it has good maneuverability. The top tower can sometimes deflect enemy projectiles, so you can play from comfortable elevation angles and illuminate opponents with excellent visibility. Nevertheless, the place of this tank is at the beginning of the battle – the second line or behind the backs of comrades, where it can most clearly reveal its potential.

While others are tanking, he shoots out damage – the first French drum heavy AMX 50 100. For the implementation of firepower, it is more characteristic of the ST style than the TT. This is due to the fact that it combines very thin armor with a powerful cannon with a 6-round drum.

The potential drum damage is 1800 HP, which is enough to destroy any Tier 8 tank. At the same time, it has the best armor penetration with a basic projectile, so the probability of causing damage is quite high, if the FBG will do so and the projectiles will fly right on target. That is why it is a priority target for the enemy team, especially the self-propelled guns chasing light damage.

The stock suspension and turret allow you to go straight to researching and installing the top gun.

The optimal tactic for him is to “catch” the enemy on reloading, who has been unsuccessfully substituted, to help the ally involved in the battle, or at the bottom of the list at least to keep heavily armored vehicles on the track. Low survival rate is compensated by excellent mobility, so if the “smell of fried” he can always change position.

There were doubts about the last candidate: Tiger II or VK 100.01 P. The first favorite of the public (entered the top of the most popular tanks of level 8), and the second one of the leaders in terms of the percentage of victory in the random. Therefore, we will divide the fourth position between them, because each of them is good in its own way and we propose to write in the comments, which of them would you prefer now?

The VK 100.01 P has good armor and a maximum safety margin for its level, a tank designed to push through defenses, but only at the top of the list. Tanks of level 9 and 10 will be able to penetrate the tower itself without any problems, and if you can still try to turn it over, then the commander’s hatch cannot be hidden anywhere. With its large alpha, the weapon has a fairly fast convergence and comfortable UVN, which is important with its dimensions. It is difficult for him to survive on open maps, but now the new balancer has reduced the number of battles with art, so it has become more tolerant.

Royal Tiger 2 clearly needs an armor upgrade, because it is problematic for him to fully fulfill the role of a heavy one due to the many vulnerable zones of the turret in the frontal projection and poor armor of the hull. But at the same time, few can compete with him in terms of firepower. The weapon is very comfortable to use: the best accuracy among classmates, fast aiming, high speed of projectile flight and excellent penetration on gold, which allows you to confidently fight with “tens”.


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