• February 22, 2024

The four worst Tier 7 tanks

The main losers of 2019. The presence of tanks from this list in a team increases the probability of defeat. Top tanks that are now lost in randomness and are inferior not only to single-tier vehicles, but even to their predecessors.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and today we have the next level 7 anti-rating. Sometimes it can be difficult to call a tank bad, but today’s candidates are not in doubt. They are not only the main “cacti” of their own, but also have lowest win rate this year, and in terms of average damage per battle they are inferior to most of their classmates.

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T25 / 2

American tank destroyer, heir to the sandy imb T67 and M18 Hellcat, which at their levels are leaders in damage, win rate and are very popular among players.

T25 / 2 loses even to them in a number of indicators:

  • less PDA;
  • worse mobility;
  • lower stealth coefficient.

As for the firepower, in comparison with the Hell, this PTShka had exactly the same one-time damage of 240 units, and the armor penetration increased by only 10 mm. Therefore, after interesting gameplay and a fun bend, changing to T25 / 2 players will be completely disappointed:

  • no longer take a position so quickly;
  • disguise is no longer enough to shoot damage with impunity;
  • the increase in firepower is so negligible that it loses in average damage per battle not only to all classmates, but even to its level 6 predecessor.

The only thing that the T25 / 2 can boast of compared to other Tier 7 tank destroyers is its fast aiming, comfortable UVN, good visibility and a full rotation turret (albeit with a low turning speed). Of course, the characteristics are important, but in no way are the primary ones for the class of tank destroyers.

This vehicle has one of the minimum one-time damage and the lowest armor penetration, so it is unable to fulfill its main role in inflicting damage.

Sturer emil

A German tank destroyer, which at first glance may seem quite a formidable opponent: high one-time damage of 490 HP and armor penetration of 231 mm are very good for level 7, and there are also excellent UVN -15 … + 10 °. Then why did she get on this list?

Now let’s turn our attention to the top gun and see that there are only two types of shells: armor-piercing and high-explosive fragmentation. This is enough for single-level battles, but getting to levels 8 and 9 you can no longer rely on the penetration of the basic projectile, and there is nothing else to do, so you have to “suffer”.

At the same time, you don’t even mindlessly leave the silhouette with land mines, because the ammunition load is limited to 15 shells.

Besides the fact that dealing damage at the bottom of the list becomes a very difficult task, its low survivability makes it difficult:

  • large silhouette;
  • absolutely cardboard armor and, as a consequence, vulnerability to landmines;
  • high visibility.

Mobility is also depressing, only AT 7 is worse, but at least it has powerful frontal armor of 203 mm.

AMX 13 75

One of the most popular Tier 7 tanks, the French LT AMX 13 75 got into this rating for the reason that in its branch it is the most dull, especially when compared with its predecessor AMX 12 t (Imbue LT 6 Tier) and one of the best at Tier 8 Bat.-Châtillon 12 t, which has worked well on the Front Line.

If the above-mentioned both tanks, in addition to lightning, can still shoot damage in battle well due to good firepower for their level, then the AMX 13 75 can guarantee the team mostly passive reconnaissance.

The gun remained practically unchanged compared to the AMX 12 t:

  • exactly the same armor penetration and one-time damage;
  • but slightly improved accuracy, aiming time and reload speed.

The implementation of the tank in battle is hampered by poor stabilization of the gun in motion and disgusting vertical guidance angles -6 … + 9 °, low survival rate due to frequent crits of the turret and engine modules.

The way to the top French ST and LT passes through AMX 13 75, there are no detours, so you just have to endure it or ride it on gold, which will entail considerable expenses.


This level for Soviet STs is filled with suffering, because the A-44 had clear competitors in the person of the T-43 and KV-13. All of them at the end of 2019 have a negative percentage of victories and the lowest damage per battle among their classmates.

The KV-13 and T-43 both received a gun from the T-34-85 level 6 tank, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that they are weaker than single-tier CTs: a small alpha strike and very low armor penetration (the same 144 mm, as well as the previous representative of our rating LT AMX 13 75).

But if the KV-13 can be forgiven for mediocre performance characteristics, because it serves as a transition from the ST branch to TT, and the T-43 serves as the penultimate stage to the opening of 3 top medium tanks of the USSR. But there are no such excuses for the A-44, its branch is the least in demand at the moment, although the K-91 is quite an interesting tank, but difficult to implement.

The A-44 even has several strengths:

  • large one-time damage;
  • good armor penetration;
  • declared 150 mm of armor in the frontal projection.

That’s just all these advantages are negated by its disadvantages:

  1. The declared 150 mm falls exclusively on 2 strips in the area of ​​the junction of the upper and lower armor plates.
  2. The longest aiming down of a gun among all STs, even faster with many heavy strands.
  3. Disgusting accuracy, again the worst among classmates.
  4. The problems with the implementation of firepower are complemented by a very poor stabilization of the gun, it will not be possible to shoot efficiently on the move, and because of the bad UVR, every hollow and hill will interfere with aiming.
  5. Due to the front location of the engine, it is often disabled, which often leads to a fire. Reloading can take even longer, which is why the ammo rack is also often criticized.

Taking into account a number of such significant drawbacks, the gameplay of the A-44 cannot be called interesting and enjoyable, many of this tank go free or sacrificing part of their nerve cells.

Top premium tanks of level 7. What’s relevant in 2019?

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