• December 5, 2023

The Last Waffentrager is a new event in WoT. Award – prem T77

A massive event with excellent rewards for all players is starting soon. First details.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and the announcement of a new event in World of Tanks “The Last Waffentrager”… It was to him that the teaser was timed in which the Waffenträger auf E 110 was shown. The Waffle company will be made up of the modernized T-55. There is a lot of information, so we “squeezed out” the water to the maximum and highlighted the most important thing. Closer to the release of the mode, we will separately prepare a guide on the mode.



general information

The event has an unusual format – 7 versus 1. Team “Hounds” on T-55 opposes Engineer on the pumped Waffenträger auf E 110… Also, the player on the “Waffle” will have assistants controlled by artificial intelligence – Sentinels.

Waffenträger auf E 110 T-55

Waffenträger auf E 110

T-55 “Discharge”

Modernized T-55 “Discharge” at the beginning of the battle, practically nothing will be able to oppose Waffenträger auf E 110, so they will try to disable the Sentinels first. Energy will drop from them due to which you can improve your technique. At this time, the Engineer will have to hunt for detachment “Hounds”

The T-55 “Discharge” has only three lives, that is, 3 attempts. During one battle, you can return to the battle twice.

In the new event, 3 progression scales were made: for “Hounds” on T-55 and Engineer at Waffenträger auf E 110, as well as one with general progress (there are separate awards). For completing special combat missions in the mode, special power units drop out – loot boxes with unique rewards. They contain collection items and other goodies. In order to fill the general progress bar, it is necessary to completely collect two collections (Engineer and “Hounds“).

All awards are given for completing combat missions in battle.

Power blocks (loot boxes) and rewards in them

In addition to the power units already listed, there will still be donat loot boxes (well, how can we go without it). The main award there is a premium American heavy tank. T77

Below are all available rewards for each type of power unit.

Depending on the loot box, for a fee, you can change the gift several times.restart

General Progress Rewards:general progress bar

How to participate in the event

The new mode will be added in a separate window through the selection menu.How to get into the mode

Video announcement

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