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The location of all safes and their combinations in The Last of Us 2

There are 14 safes to be found in The Last of Us 2. To open any of these safes, you will need to find a special artifact with a unique combination (or a hint of a combination). In this guide, we will take a look at the location of each safe and each artifact, as well as all combinations for opening safes.

Combinations for safes

Chapter Section Safe location Combination
Jackson Patrol Supermarket 7-20-13
Seattle. The first day City center Bank room “Safe Deposit Lockers” 60-23-06
Seattle. The first day City center Court 86-07-22
Seattle. The first day City center Second western checkpoint 0451
Seattle. The first day Capitol hill Second Hand 55-01-33
Seattle. Second day Hillcrest Car repair shop 30-82-65
Seattle. Second day Seraphites House 10-08-83
Seattle. Second day Seraphites Pharmacy “Weston” 38-55-23
Seattle. Day three Flooded city Abandoned house 70-12-64
Seattle. The first day Walking walk Trailer 17-38-07
Seattle. The first day Enemy territory Bakery “Jasmine” 68-96-89
Seattle. The first day Shore Ship deck 90-77-01
Seattle. Second day Short way House 30-23-04
Seattle. Second day Descent Gym 12-18-79

Safe and combination in Jackson

There is only one safe in Jackson. You will find him in the supermarket while on patrol with Dina. As soon as Ellie puts on her masks for the first time and squeezes through the crack in the wall, go through the closed door to your right.

As soon as you open the doors, a safe will appear in front of you. To the right of this safe there will be an artifact (in fact, most of the artifacts are notes) “Good Boy Combo”, which will contain a hint on how to get a combination to the safe. Directly opposite the crack through which you previously crawled, you will see portraits of distinguished employees. Find a portrait of a dog and look at the date. July 2013. Return to the safe and enter 07-20-13 on it to get a bunch of additives to unlock skills.

Seattle. The first day. Downtown / Capitol Hill

On the first day in Seattle (for Ellie), four safes can be found. Three of them are in the city center and one is in Capitol Hill (or Capitol Hill, if you prefer).

First safe

Drive to the City Hall Ruins (at the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Cherry Street) and follow the path that leads inside the building.

You will get involved in a brawl with some infected in the ruins of the bank. On the left side of the room, after going through the doors that are labeled “SAFE DEPOSIT LOCKERS”, you will find the “Bank Heist Plans” artifact on the floor.

It will be very difficult to miss the safe. It is huge and is located in the SAFE DEPOSIT LOCKERS. It can be opened using the combination 60-23-06, which can be found in the previously found “Bank Heist Plans”.

Second safe

Looking for gas, sooner or later you will come to the courthouse. To the right of the elevator shafts you will see a window, the glass of which can be broken. Hit the window and climb inside.

To your right, on the board, you will see a combination for a safe.

In the same room, right under the table near the window through which you entered the room, you will find a small safe. Use the combination 86-07-22 to open it.

Third safe

This safe can be found at the second western checkpoint on Madison Street. The combination for the safe can be found just down the street.

Go to this lot on the map, at the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Madison Street.

Climb the steps overgrown with moss and other greenery and turn around at the very top. Search the backpack next to the green crate to find the WLF Community Supply Chest Note artifact.

At the far west end of Madison Street, squeeze through the gate and turn right to find the safe. The combination for this safe is exactly the same as for the second west gate (0451).

Fourth safe

After downtown, you will head to the Capitol Hill area. The safe will be located in the second hand building. Go through the back door of this building and take the Thrift Store Reminder artifact from the notice board. In this note, you will find out most of the combination you need.

In the room opposite the notice board, you will find a wounded infected person, as well as a safe. The rest of the combination will be on the bathroom wall. The combination for the safe is 55-01-33.

Seattle. Second day. Hillcrest / Seraphites

Playing as Ellie, three safes can be found in Seattle during the second day. One will be in Hillcrest, the other two will be in the Seraphite section.

First safe

While in Hillcrest, exit the pet shop through the hole in the wall. Move diagonally to the black bar where the various announcements will be glued. One of the announcements is the Dale’s Combo artifact. This note contains a combination of 30-82-65, which will open the safe located in a nearby auto repair shop.

Look for the Velvet Tattoo shop on the opposite street. From the back door of this shop you can see a gray garage with a huge white “AUTO” sign. The way inside will be blocked by a trash can. Move it aside to get to the safe, but be careful: there is a bunch of infected inside. The Molotov cocktail should clear the way for you. As soon as you deal with the opponents, use the combination 30-82-65 to open the safe.

Second safe

We pass to the Seraphites. Wandering through the city streets, you will stumble upon a residential building. Its doors will be closed, but if you turn to the right of them and go down the stairs, you will find a small window through which you can squeeze. Go up to the lobby, then to the second floor. The doors to your left will be closed, but you can break the window and go out to the awning. Jump from this canopy to the canopy under the window of the room you need, break the glass and climb inside. Go to the kitchen table and pick up the “Evacuation Letter” artifact – this is a note that will indicate the wedding date of a couple, which is the combination of the safe.

Now head back to the bedroom. On the back wall, to the right of the bed, there will be a calendar with three dates. The date you want is the couple’s 30th anniversary: ​​10/08/13. Subtract thirty years to get 10-08-83.

From the calendar, turn your back to the door and you should see a safe in the closet. Use the combination 10-08-83 to open it. Inside the safe you will find ammunition for some weapons and supplements.

Third safe

Walk around the Weston Pharmacy counter. Below, to the right of the cash register, you will find the Pharmacy Note artifact, and this note contains a combination to a nearby safe. The combination is 38-55-23.

At the note with a combination, turn left and go deeper into the pharmacy. There will be a hole in the wall on the left – climb there. Once on the other side, the safe will stand right in front of you. Enter the combination 38-55-23 to open it and pick up valuable supplies.

Seattle. Day three. Flooded city

There is only one safe in the flooded city section. When you go on a boat trip, you will somehow have to dock and explore the building. At the top of this building, through the window, you will notice a Ferris wheel standing in the distance. Then turn left and find the corpse of a man, Randolph, and a letter addressed to a certain Bat. In the “Stash Note” artifact, you will find the combination 70-12-64.

Having received the code from the safe, go to the other end of the room and remove the box from your path. Bend down and crawl until you find yourself in a fenced-in area to the right of the gate.

Jump down and use the combination 70-12-64 to open the safe and take the ammunition from it.

Seattle. Day one (Abby)

As Abby, you can find three safes in Seattle; For more information, see the chapters Walking, Enemy Territory, and The Beach.

First safe

In the Hiking chapter, after being attacked by the Scars in the previous section of the game, you will walk through a warehouse, a garden, and a parking lot with a trailer in the middle. Inside the trailer, look for the drawers in front of the coffee maker. Pick up the “WLF Gun Cache Note” artifact, which will contain a hint of a combination for the safe (yes, not the numbers themselves, but just a hint).

To open the safe mentioned in the letter to Martha, look for the circled numbers on the lottery ticket on the computer desk. The combination for the safe is 17-38-07.

Exit the trailer and walk towards the building labeled “MS Corporation Soft Drink Distribution Center”. The doors are closed, so go to the side of the building that faces the railroad tracks and squeeze through the hole in the wall. The safe will stand to the left of the entrance through the hole. Drive in the combination 17-38-07 and take your ammo.

Second safe

The second safe can be found in the section of the game, in which Abby and her friends will explore the city ruins. Enter Ruby Dragon and head up at the back of the building to the second floor. After you get rid of the clickers, go to the balcony and jump over to the other side of the street. Enter the room to your left. So you will find the “Jasmine Bakery Safe” artifact – a letter from May to Bo. This letter contains the combination for the safe (68-96-89).

Go back to the first floor and find the Jasmine Bakery building, the front doors of which are boarded up. Break the window to get inside, then go behind the counter. Open the safe behind the counter using the combination 68-96-89. Inside the safe are additives, ammo, and crafting materials.

Third safe

After passing the Enemy Territory and the Forest, you will reach the Beach. After a short swim, you will be taken to the ship. Climb to the upper deck of the ship and go past the Passenger Assembly Area sign. You will find yourself in a long corridor where you can find a crossbow and a couple of infected. Kill the infected poor fellows and then head to the end of the corridor to find a letter under the Washington Transit Authority logo. The “Mutiny Note” artifact contains the combination 90-77-01.

When you reach the upper deck of the ship, immediately turn right to see a safe in the cabin. Go to the safe and open it using the combination 90-77-01.

Seattle. Day two (Abby)

On the second day in Seattle, Abby can find two safes. One during the passage of the Short Path, the second during the descent.

First safe

When you go to the sky bridge, Abby will need to cross the river. The safe can be found in a building on the other side of the river. Jump over from the bridge to the balcony to your left, then break the window and climb into the apartment where someone left a board game on the table.

Proceed past the kitchen to find the “Neighbor Exchange” note on the white board table. This note will contain a clue about the combination for the safe in this location. If you haven’t guessed, the combination is 30-23-04.

From the place where you found the artifact, turn around and enter the room closest to you. The safe will stand against the wall. Enter the combination 30-23-04 to open the safe and take the ammunition and crafting materials from it.

Second safe

As soon as you reach the sky bridge and try to cross it, you will fall into the pool. A safe can be found in the gym, which is located near the pool. Enter the Orchards Bar and go to the back of the shop.

In the kitchen you will find a notice board with a “Gym Safe Combo” artifact / note hanging on it. This note will say that the safe is in the back room, and the combination is the password from the local Wi-Fi.

To find out the Wi-Fi password, you need to go back to the pool. On the way to the pool, there are doors to the gym on your right. Upon entering these doors, you should immediately see the Wi-Fi symbol on the wall. The Wi-Fi password is 12-18-79. The same combination also opens the safe. From the Wi-Fi symbol, run through the gym until you see a staircase / exit, next to the 21st floor sign. The janitor’s utility room will be to the left of this door. Enter the back room and open the safe on the right with the combination 12-18-79.

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