• December 1, 2023

The main tank flaw for the Object 274a marathon: what are the developers silent about?

Hidden flaws that you can’t check in the game client and don’t recognize until you play the tank.

About.  274a marathon

Hello tankers! The “Polar Hunt” has begun in World of Tanks, for the second day tankers are sweating for “skill” or are tempted to perform tasks for “diligence”. At times there is an orgy in the random house, and some even go through the marathon with bots, so the team immediately has “minus one”.

All this is fully justified by the fact that almost every player has pumpable Soviet medium tanks, so everyone wants to get premium vehicles for them.

At first glance, Object 274a seems like a cool tank, it stands out from the rest of the USSR ST awards by:

  • one-time damage above average;
  • better armor penetration;
  • the highest maximum speed;
  • good booking;
  • the viewing radius is 10 meters higher.

And here the developers are great, all the visible parameters really encourage the passage of the marathon… Now we let’s look at the hidden characteristics, which are not advertised in the game client, but significantly affect the gameplay.Object 274a

The numbers themselves don’t tell much, so for comparison I added all the conscientious premium STs, two for the marathon: CS-52 LIS and Bat Chatillon Bourrasque, and the new T42 cactus. Many are familiar with these machines, so you can appreciate the difference.

The compared Object 274a is displayed on a white background, and all other tanks, depending on its performance characteristics, are highlighted in red (if worse) or green (if better). Let’s start by stabilizing the gun:gun stabilization

Key points are highlighted with a sign: dispersion in motion, when turning the hull and turret… If the basic accuracy, it would seem, is not much worse, this is normal given the 107 mm caliber of the gun, then the stabilization is disgusting. The scatter circle will always be very large, it is almost impossible to get at an average distance without full information + do not forget about the ubiquitous FBG, when the server determines in advance whether you will hit the target or miss.

If the T-44-100 (R) cannot boast of high armor penetration, then it has the accuracy to target vulnerable spots. In the case of Ob.274a, you will have to pay for a good breakdown poor stabilization

Thus, misses cannot be avoided, but there is another nuance – the cost of the shells. Each shot will cost 1010 silver, so a series of misses will affect your post-combat income.

The second point, although less critical, is also not available for viewing in the game client and relates to mobility. This is about soil resistance: hard, medium, soft… This parameter affects the movement of the tank, how it can gain speed or lose it.cross-country ability

Here the situation is similar to the previous table, the new prem loses to almost all of the compared ones. So your declared (record for conscientious premier ST) 58 km / h it will only gain from a hill or with the installed Turbocharger

This is not at all a reason to refuse the Okhota, the tank is not bad, considering that you can pick it up for free or with a big discount. But developers have been it’s time to expand the display of in-game performance characteristics of equipmentso that players can see what they are buying, rather than picking up a pig in a poke.

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