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The Master Chief Collection on PC

Over the years, countless gamers with Microsoft consoles have enjoyed the legendary Halo series. However, only Halo and Halo 2 became available from this FPS series of games on the PC. Of course, Halo Wars also became available, but we will not include it in the main series for obvious reasons. But now Microsoft decides to release a previously exclusive series of games on the PC. The masterpiece of the gaming industry will be distributed by the official Microsoft store and Steam. Page has already appeared in the store.

The computer version is being developed by 343 Industries, Ruffian Games and Splash Damage. If you collect the entire collection of Master Chief, then today it already includes over 120 multiplayer maps and 67 campaigns. This is more than enough for a long immersion in the world of Halo. The main idea of ​​the collection is development through the participation of the gaming community. Most likely, until the release, the developers and the players themselves will complement the game, so there will be enough content for a long time.

Now it is worth taking a closer look at the little information that has become known about Halo: Master Chief Collection on PC. The first is planned to consider the main question – when at least the beta version will be released.

Master Chief Collection release date – 2019

To date, it is known that initially the Halo collection will be sold in parts. Most likely, as the rework progresses, the first parts will begin to appear on Steam. A little later, they will begin to be sold as a package, but this will happen by the time all games are released. The developers have announced that the games will be released in chronological order. For those who haven’t followed the series’ release, the order is: Reach, Combat Evolved, 2, 3, ODST, and 4.

One of the developer companies, Splash Damage, said in a newsletter that the entire package of games will arrive on the computer before the end of the year. In a message to the publication “Resetera“The head of development said that he is very proud of the close relationship with Microsoft. He then adds, “Halo: Reach will be the first game to be released, with more games scheduled for release throughout the year.”

Something similar was reported by Brian Jarard, director of 343 Industries. He said that Reach will definitely be the first game in the series to hit the computer. Naturally, he did not share any details. When asked about the release date for the rest of the titles, Jarard only noted that it would be sooner than most people expected.

“Remember, the better the launch results for the first part, the faster the entire package of games will be released. If the release goes well and without difficulty, the rest of the games will be released earlier than expected. If the team encounters unforeseen problems, the release date may be delayed. “

Such caution is warranted in statements. 343Industries planned to launch Halo Reach open testing on PC back in April 2019. Recently, Jarard announced that they do not have time to prepare the game for tests at E3 2019. Development is already being delayed, but not critical. Apparently, therefore, no one really wants to talk about the timing.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection To Get 4K, HDR And Mouse And Keyboard Support

The main priorities of the developers are to make the game in 4k, implement HDR and make the most comfortable control with the mouse and keyboard. Standard PC controls should be as comfortable as an Xbox controller. This is directly written on the Steam page. This statement is also confirmed by 343 Industries. They report excellent mouse and keyboard control as “top priority.” The developers strive to create a “balanced, fun PC gaming experience.”

They also have the task of introducing support for displaying 16: 9, 21: 9, 16:10, 3: 2 and 4: 3. The game must support 144Hz screens. According to the plan, high frame rates should be supported, but the developers immediately agreed that this would be according to the capabilities of the game itself. FOV adjustments are also planned, but functionality may vary from game to game.

The standard co-op in Halo has a split screen, which is clearly not suitable for the PC version of the game. One of the users asked on Redditwhat will be done with this function. Jarard wrote: “This is difficult, the team is still thinking how to make support for the cooperative.”

As of today, the developers of Halo Reach declare that there will be no Theater or Forge modes in the game. These features can be expected to be introduced in newer versions of the game, Halo 3 and 4. “These modes will be available a little later, around the same time as Halo 3 and 4 are released.” This allows us to conclude: “Forge” and “Theater” will appear in all games in the collection, but later.

To start playing Halo, even if you purchase the game through Steam, you need a Microsoft account. But Xbox Live Gold is an optional app. The game will be compatible with Windows 7 and 10. Support for Windows 8 is still to be determined.

The computer version of Halo will receive browser support for multiplayer games. The plans are for the developers to create the ability to include some of the user-generated content. “We’re always looking for ways to bring the abundance of Halo content from fans of the series to a wider audience. Moving custom map content is also on our list of priorities and is being actively explored. “

Hour of Halo: Reach PC Gameplay

Studio 343Industries recently decided to publicly showcase the PC version of the game for the first time. Above is an hour-long video from the stream. The developer stuck to the missions. The multiplayer mode has not been demonstrated. It does showcase the smooth running of Halo: Reach at high frame rates. Part of the stream, the developers talked about the key problems associated with transferring the game to the computer.

Halo: Reach multiplayer gets an updated look

The number one priority remains to be faithful to the original Master Chief adventure. However, 343 Industries wants to update multiplayer battles in all aspects. Here’s what Max Schlagor, director of design for the company, said: “The new playthrough of Halo: Reach will take your breath away, but only in a modern way.” It will be possible to track the progress of the passage, and a reward system will also appear. There is even room for multiplayer seasons with changing themes.

As the season progresses and special points are earned, it becomes possible to buy custom skins and sounds. All unlocked items and voices do not apply to other Halo parts. So far, the seasonal system is only in development, but the first layout is already available (in the screenshot below).

Halo: Reach Multiplayer Will Preserve TU Settings

The “TU” setting is a shooting change that improves the Halo experience. The developers decided to keep these settings in multiplayer. Their release after many years of existence Halo breathed new breath into the game. Most of the players were happy with the changes in armor and weapon firing abilities. In the original part, the rebalancing did not occur in all modes. Because of this, many complain about the difficulty of transitioning between them. The shooting style with the same weapon in one mode can be very different from the spread and recoil in another. 343Industries plans to use these settings in all modes.

Halo: Reach on PC will receive dedicated servers for joint campaigns and duels, team battles

Previously, the game client would sync in a shootout with another player’s client. This led to sync drifts and various game bugs. The system performed well in multiplayer battles on the Xbox. However, picture lags, frequent bugs with fixing damage, etc. made it impossible to use it further. Now all the main work will be taken over by dedicated servers. Each client will communicate with the server rather than waiting for each other to respond.

Halo launch mods will not be available

At first, the mods will definitely not work, but the developers promised to think about a way to implement them. “We work closely with community members and mod developers (including some of the ElDewrito team). We are doing all this to explore opportunities for official support for mods, but they will not be available at launch. ” Jarad’s official statement: “Our priority during launch is to properly port the games so that they are fully consistent with the original. Another big focus is security and quality anti-cheat. “

Halo 5 not coming to PC

To this day, Microsoft and the Halo developers are silent about the fifth part of the game. Apparently, there are no plans for it yet. Today, this is the only part available on Xbox One. This is forgivable given that Halo 5 is not part of the Master Chief Collection. Even the games from the collection are more than enough to get you started.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will definitely be released on the computer and, apparently, it will be soon. In order to have time to invest in the schedule and release 6 games before the end of the year, the developers need to launch the first part of Halo: Reach very soon. Perhaps it will be in 1-2 months.

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