• May 26, 2022

The most mysterious secrets of Skyrim (Part 2)

Skyrim is fraught with many secrets and mysteries. Here are 10 secrets from Morphal that have yet to be answered.


Skyrim is one of the most addictive RPGs in the entire world. Hundreds of quests and NPCs help the player to believe that Tamriel is a real place. Digging through dungeons and finding items in Skyrim is incredibly fun, but nEven less fun is the disclosure of the story of the game and the backstories of the characters.

However, not every storyline in Skyrim has an ending. Sometimes this happens because of cut content or because the game just doesn’t elaborate on anything to create a mystery. There are many quests and NPCs in the game that are clearly not completed. Take Morthal, for example. This small town is home to several interesting characters, but many of their secrets have never been revealed. Here are 10 cryptic secrets to face in Morthal.

What happened to the overthrow of the Jarl?


Few of the inhabitants of Morthal care for their Jarl, Idgrod the Black. In fact, one of her housecarls sends the player on a short quest to overthrow her. Players who receive the quest “For the Good of Morphal” send a message from Gorm to Captain Aldis in Solitude. Gamers who read the letter will know that Gorm is planning an uprising to overthrow the Jarl. The fact is that the completion of this quest does not lead to anything. Did Bethesda forget about this storyline?

What worries Idgrod?


After talking with Idgrod, the player learns that she is a psychic. Some of the visions she receives reveal an impending threat that could doom the people of Skyrim to an inglorious death. Whatever the relationship between the Jarl and Dovahkiin, Idgrod will never reveal what this looming threat is. She makes it clear that this is not the Civil War or the return of dragons, so what does she mean? Some suggest that it is visions of Akavir returning to Tamriel, to capture Nirn, but no one really knows for sure.

Is Idgrod really psychic?

Morphal ghost

How can players know for sure that Idgrod is a clairvoyant? None of her visions ever appear directly in the game. Because of this, these predictions seem far-fetched. She does have a penchant for magic that virtually no Nord has, but that doesn’t prove her visions are true. Psychics have existed in previous games in the Elder Scrolls series, but they usually predicted something less vague, and this came true in the course of the plot. So what exactly is this psychic power – just an affinity for mysticism as a school of magic that has been completely removed from Skyrim, or something more?

Where is Sister Idgrod?

Argi Farsir

Modders who were browsing the Skyrim’s Creation Kit spotted a carved NPC named Argi Farsir. Judging by her name, she might have been more mentally gifted than Idgrod. It is not enough to interact with her, since she has no recorded replicas. So what was her purpose? Idgrod and her daughter in the notes hint that they have a large family. Argi was probably cut when Bethesda decided to shorten the main questline for Morphal.

Lamy worships Daedra?

Lami Skyrim

Lami is the city alchemist of Morthal. When someone needs a medicine or a potion before exploring a dangerous swamp, they go to her. Nobody has a problem with Lamy but it looks like she might have been a fan of the Daedra.

If players go to her room on the second floor of the store, they will notice several bottles of Skooma next to her bed and, more importantly, two books dedicated to Sheogorath. Skooma is sometimes compared to the mad prince himself. Does this mean that Lamy worships Sheogorath? The Morphal NPC seems to have much darker secrets than most other townspeople.

What is an “Incident”?

Morthal burned down house

Conversation with some of the College of Winterhold, mainly Finis Gestor, will lead to a discussion of the Morthal “incident.” It can be assumed that this refers to a house that burned down quite recently. However, this incident seems to concern Falion, an experienced sorcerer who left the College due to disagreement with his direction of development.

What is this “incident”? Could this be due to the fact that Falion used his sorcery skills to do something illegal? Or is it something completely unrelated to magic? Nobody knows, but many speculate that Falion must have had some dark secret. In the current form of the game, this “incident” remains inexplicable.

How does Morphal retain significance?

Swamp morphal

Morthal is located off the main roads, surrounded by swamps and mountains and has little economic value compared to other major cities. What exactly makes Morthal relevant on the political map of Skyrim? He is known for his sawmill, but Falkreath can surpass him in the field at any moment. The only thing that Morthal can bet on is fishing.

It appears to hold its ground proudly, for the land of Hjalmarch is the worst area in the province that no other Jarl wishes to own. Tradition also carries a lot of weight in why Morthal still exists. However, it is impossible to predict with certainty whether this region will remain independent if the Empire wins the Civil War and the Aldmeri Dominion decides how to divide the main holdings.

How does a city defend itself against attacks?


Guards are a rare sight in Morthal. How exactly does this small town in the middle of a swamp protect itself? For a city that deals with vampires and spirits on a daily basis, it seems strange that he has so few guards or soldiers, not to mention the absence of walls and fortifications.

How did Idgrod become a clairvoyant?


According to the official Skyrim guide, Black Idgrod did not receive her psychic gift from birth. but during the trip she made in her youth. What adventure did the jarl go on where she received such a strange gift? Some of her family members seem to have acquired their psychic abilities at birth. Perhaps the powers awaken in these magicians after certain events occur? Doubtful, but not mentioned at all in the game.

How did the court wizard learn to cure vampirism?


Falion is the court wizard of Morphal and a skilled sorcerer. Many are afraid of his abilities and want to expel him from the city. This in itself is not strange for a talented magician, they are often persecuted. But what’s really unusual is its ability to cure vampirism.

He does this through a ritual that involves a black soul stone filled with a great soul. This is a strange ritual that no other NPC knows. How exactly did Falion know about this ritual? No one in the College of Winterhold possesses this power, and neither does any other mage in the game. It seems that some of the concerns about Falion may be justified. It does not help to understand the situation and the fact that Yorick has a premonition that Falion is doing something sinister.

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