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The most mysterious secrets of Skyrim (Part 3)

Markarth is a dark and unfriendly place. Players will find out about the haunted house and the cult of cannibals right away, but some of the secrets of this place are missed even by experienced explorers of Skyrim. We will tell you about them!

Skyrim Dwemer Centurion

Of all the cities of Skyrim Markarth is definitely one of the most unique

Located in the southwestern part of Skyrim, the entire complex is located on a hill and consists of several levels. However, despite the magnificent views of the Reach plains, this city has a complicated history.

From Outlaws and the mysterious Sydna Mine to a haunted house and even a cannibal cult, Markarth has his own secretswhich the Jarl would most likely prefer not to notice. However, with the arrival of the Dragonborn, all the secrets and hidden details of the city were revealed. Here are 10 of the most mysterious facts that don’t catch your eye on your first playthrough.

College of Voices


In Skyrim, Tu’um is a special magic that only a select few people can use. and master over the course of your life. This is what makes the Dragonborn special. However, Tu’um was once a weapon for other, more brutal purposes.

The Voice College was indeed located in Markarth. It was a school opened by the Emperor of Tamriel himself, who wanted to train other knowledgeable Voice to use it in battles. Unfortunately, this college is long gone, and, most likely, it was either destroyed or demolished.

A city made of stone, not metal

Skyrim Markarth

The Dwemer are a race that has been mentioned multiple times in previous Elder Scrolls games. They are known for their mysterious and somewhat violent lifestyle, but also for their unique architecture; once they built Markarth, and not only the upper, but also the lower levels.

However, in previous installments, gamers could see structures that were built of metal rather than stone. In this matter, Markarth is special. Indeed, the city was carved from the mountain itself, and all the superstructures were formed from stone blockswhich is impressive to say the least. And this is unusual for the Dwemer!

High King Olaf One-Eye

Skyrim Olaf One-Eyed

Olaf One-Eyed, seen in both Sovngarde and Draugr during the “Set Fire!” Quest, is an important character in Skyrim history. He is a national hero. He is said to have defeated the dragon Numinex, although the Dragonborn can change this fact during the quest.

Olaf also played an important role in Markarth’s story. It can even be said that without his contribution the city would not be the way it is today. It was Olaf who took control of Markarth and brought him back into the hands of the Nords.

Kolselmo plate

Skyrim Calcelmo Sign

During the Thieves Guild questline, the player will eventually be sent to Markarth to see the well-guarded Calcelmo stone slab in his Dwemer museum. She will help decipher the entries in one important diary. Although the tablet serves as the key to the cipher, it actually contains some rather interesting text.

It’s almost a letter to the Falmer, a kind of invitation for them. join the Dwemer and drink a mysterious mushroom concoction that ultimately blinded them. The Dwemer even state in their letter that the Falmer should not be afraid when “darkness deepens.” Perhaps their allies knew what they were getting themselves into?

The original Markarth

Skyrim Markarth in the past

The Elder Scrolls: Arena is an old game, so old that modern fans of the franchise have likely never played it. Considering how much the outlook on Tamirel’s lore has changed since then, this is not really a big surprise, but Skyrim’s map still looks somewhat familiar.

One detail that differs greatly from Markarth in The Elder Scrolls 5 is its location. It roughly corresponds to where Solitude is now. Moreover, the city was called Markarth Side, not just Markarth, which shows how much lore has been changed to accommodate the city for later games.

Extraction of ethereum

Skyrim Ethereum

It’s no secret that Markarth was built by the Dweme and once belonged to them. However, this place was not just part of the larger province of Skyrim, it was something more. In fact, it was actually an independent state and a city at the same time.

Markarth’s main goal was to mine Aetherium, a rare ore that appears in the Dawnguard DLC. The old name of the city was actually Nchuand Zel. Now this is the name of the ruins lying under Markarth.

Kosnakh and hotel

Skyrim Kosnakh

One of the funniest and weirdest companions available in Skyrim also resides in Markarth. Kosnakh is a little lazy, and although he works at a local store, he never seems to be busy. As a result, it is most often found in the Silver Blood Inn.

After talking with him, he can be summoned to a fight for 100 gold. If the player wins, the character can be hired as a companion. But what’s more interesting is once Kosnah is defeated, the player can also take any cheap item from the hotel for free, and he will not be accused of stealing.

He is also one of the worst relationship partners in Skyrim.

Kera and Endon

Skyrim Kera

Kera and Endon are a very remarkable couple living in Markarth. First, Endon works for the Thieves Guild as a local buyer., and it will be possible to interact with him later on the quest line of criminals. However, his wife Kera does not seem to really know about her husband’s work, and if she does, then she doesn’t care.

Kera herself sells jewelry, and it is implied that she also did not purchase her goods legally. It is known for certain that some of her treasures belong to the “nobility of Hammerfell”. This means that they can be stolen.

Poor neighborhoods

Skyrim Anthill

While most players are at least familiar with the slums in Riften, many probably did not visit the Anthill at Markarth. After all, there isn’t much to see here, unless the player wants to sink into the discouragement of those living in immense poverty.

In this case, the slums have one interesting character – Garvey. He can not only teach the Dragonborn to sneak well, but he will also treat the player as if he himself were part of the Anthill. With it, you can momentarily feel like a beggar from the slums.

Poor customer service

Skyrim Silver Blood Tavern

Back to the Silver Blood Tavern, which is probably the busiest place in the depressed Markarth. Upon entering, it is clear that the two innkeepers, Klepp and Frabby, are not happily married. They constantly quarrel over little things right in front of guests.

If the player sits by the fireplace, the spouses will begin to argue while Klepp will not tell Frabby to go and ask the Dragonborn what he wants. This is a cool interaction that most players might miss when they first get here.

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