• December 1, 2023

The scariest horror games for PS4 2019

The creepiest period of the year is on the doorstep – Halloween. It’s time to think about how to scare others and stay safe yourself. Hidden under the blankets, I want to present the best horror games to play on PlayStation 4 to get ready for Halloween properly.

Honorable Mention: PT

Honorable Mention: Playable Teaser is a limited-time, short app that needed to be told from the store. Konami has already removed the game from the store, so you won’t be able to access it again. She was a demo version of the horror that awaits in Silent Hills. The stripped-down version was developed by Hideo Kojima, together with Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus, and they turned out very scary. It was definitely possible to create an intrigue for Silent Hills.


Many fans call the demo the scariest game ever, despite the fact that there is still no full release. In the teaser, you have to go all the time along the corridor, stuffed with terrible things and events. They all seem to pass by. Only people who downloaded the application on time can “enjoy” the demo version. Others who want to see a live fruit in the bathroom sink will have to be content with game videos from YouTube.

Resident evil 2

The rest of the games on the list are still open to access. Launched in 2019, Resident Evil 2 Remake is a complete reimagining of the original second installment, which was released on the first PlayStation. Despite the fact that many players have already seen in the reviews and the original source, the remake is still scary in 2019.

The game offers to go through the adventure for Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield. As expected, Raccoon City is at the center of the action, filled with hordes of zombies and a host of other mutants. The cause of the disaster is the illegal actions of Umbrella. Everyone around and wants to tear off a piece from the character, including the unstoppable Mr. X. He chases the player all the time and appears in rather unexpected places.

Anyone wishing to repeat the journey to Raccoon City should try Resident Evil 2 Remake and experience all the stages of horror in an updated form with advanced controls reminiscent of RE4.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard VR

The Resident Evil series has finally started to take steps in the right direction, for which it received tons of praise in 2019. Although part of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was released in 2017, it is interesting because of the transition to a first-person view – this is the first time in this franchise. The solution allows the player to better and deeper experience the immersion in Baker’s creepy house.

The game is good enough to make you shiver and inject the right mood for Halloween. If that’s not enough, it’s worth getting a VR headset. The scariest experience for the player is guaranteed. Everything in the picture can be reproduced in VR, that is, acquaintance with the Baker family can be even closer. It is highly recommended that you visit their estate in person and thank them for their hospitality.

Until dawn

Have you ever wanted to play a horror movie? Until Dawn is the best opportunity available today. The action-packed game with a long storyline keeps a group of friends in the spotlight as they decide to take a vacation in a winter lodge. Something or someone is opening the hunting season for them. The personality of the deceased and the survivor by the end of the day depends on how correct and quick decisions the player makes.

Until Dawn is a smart logic game that stands out from its peers. She focuses all attention on the story. It is drawn quite qualitatively, and due to the many branches of the development of events, it offers a lot of opportunities for returning to it over time. Especially interesting will be fans of Rami Malek or Hayden Panettiere, their heroes have a significant contribution to the game.

Dark Pictures: Man Of Medan

Another, the latest picture from the horror genre from Supermassive Games. Man of Medan is the first part in the entire anthology. The developer plans to create a number of small story games over the course of several years.

The focus is again on a group of people controlled by the player. Skills of quick response and analytical decision will help to identify the surviving and deceased character. The characters are now the ones who collided with the ghost ship. A unique feature of the picture is the presence of a multiplayer mode, in contrast to Until Dawn, where only a single version is available. When playing online, you can go through the story, controlling several characters. At home, you can transfer the joystick to friends, each of whom is responsible for one protagonist.

Evil Within

The main role in Evil Within is assigned to detective Sebastian Castellanos, who was not lucky enough to participate in the STEM project. Before that, he had already lost his daughter, in a burnt house, and his wife, who disappeared without a trace. The essence of the project is to unite several minds in a single center, a kind of world. The main problem is that the platform is a mentally unstable person seeking revenge.

The Evil Within project has countless horrors and scary locations to fight through. If you like the idea of ​​immersing yourself in another person’s brain, you can continue playing the next part. Sebastian also takes part in it as the main character.


How about a mental hospital? It’s worth giving Outlast a chance to scare. The place of events is Mount Massive Asylum. Here, inmates seized control of the hospital and killed the staff. By chance, freelance investigative journalist Miles Upshour found himself inside, unable to leave the establishment. Lovers of gore are everywhere in the game. The only task is to survive. The first-person camera only adds emotion to the picture.

Alien: Isolation

Amanda is the daughter of Ellen Ripley, who is trying to find information about her mother. She learned about the flight recorder from the ship she was looking for and decided to go after it to put the last point in history. Xenomorph was aboard the spacecraft she went to get information. He constantly hunts for the heroine, not letting get bored.

The game is terrifying, especially due to the fact that the character does not have a special opportunity to repulse the enemy. For almost the entire game, you need to look for suitable places in order to hide and hope for luck. If Xenomorph doesn’t find Amanda, a little more time will appear. Sweat and increased heart rate while flying the ship is an integral part of the game.


The picture is more similar to the genre of action than horror. She is included in the rating solely because of the mimics – creatures hiding in open space. Small, dark creatures resembling spiders easily transform into objects that are scattered throughout the space station. They can attack at any time, especially when it is difficult to expect. Fans of Bioshock will love the somewhat similar gameplay and character upgrades. Not the scariest game on the list, but it’s still worth watching.

Little nightmares

The game is played as a small child wearing a yellow raincoat. A thorny path awaits him, during which he must survive and overcome many eerie environments. A feature of the project is complex bosses, which are huge creatures. Little Nightmares is the best indie horror game that has a sequel.

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