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The scariest PC games ever. Top 10 horror games

Experience real fear and an aura of complete despair in the most terrifying games that many players were afraid to play alone, and even more so in the dark.

Top 10 scariest games.  Horror movies that you are afraid to go alone

Fear is one of the strongest emotions of any person, helping him to shake up and feel alive. Many gamers love to play different horror games that can really scare and cause an adrenaline rush. It helps you adapt to the scary environment on the screen and fight the virtual horror of the game.

This collection contains the best single-player horror games. You will have to survive solo and feel the atmosphere of real horror that cuts to the very bones.

10. Outlast

A classic of the horror genre, noted by many horror fans for its spectacular graphics and an atmosphere of real fear.Outlast

In the story, the reporter Miles Upsher arrives in Mount Massive Psychiatric Clinic… He received reports of sadistic doctors conducting experiments on prisoners. Having made his way into the building, he sees dozens of mutilated bodies and distraught hospital residents, who have turned into evil monsters and bloodthirsty psychopaths.

Miles needs to collect data for a report and get out alive from the territory of the clinic, before he was torn apart by mad patients. He unable to fight or shoot, in order to at least protect your life – you can only run away from any enemies with a camera in hand and hide in secluded places. Monsters hear the slightest sound, often killing the main character with one blow.

Players will have to survive surrounded by constant horror and be afraid of every rustle. Running away from the monsters, you can hear their hot breath behind your back and angry screams filled with anger and rage.

9. Outlast 2

Continuation of the popular horror game about solo survival with a camera in hand without the ability to destroy enemies.Outlast 2

The plot takes place in the rural outback of Arizona, where reporter Blake Langerman arrives with his wife Lynn. They are investigating a recent murder in the area and find a lost villageruled by insane fanatics with distorted appearances. They worship a religious cult and kidnap the protagonist’s wife, forcing him to follow them in order to save his beloved.Outlast 2

In the second part, the action takes place in a night village and its environs – dark forests, fields and hills, where mad cultists with weapons roam. Your character only has a camera with night vision and can only run from enemies without giving them a fight. Here you can’t hesitate and hide for a long time – village psychos constantly walk around the location, searching secluded places and forcing you to move forward in order to survive.

8. Alan Wake

A horror action game about an ordinary guy who went to war with the Darkness to save his lost love.Alan wake

The main character is the writer Alan Wake, who came to the small town of Bright Falls with his wife Alice. Having settled in an old house, he collides with a dark entitywho kidnapped his wife. Going in search of his beloved, the frightened husband fights with revived nightmares and monsters from his own books, controlled by a mysterious monster from the depths of the local lake.Alan wake

The main action takes place at night, when shadow monsters come to life and attack the main character. The player will have to use in battle conventional weapons and a flashlight that can dispel darkness. Darkspawn fear the bright light that burns them to the bone. The lantern can go out at any moment, leaving Alan alone to fight the predatory darkness.

And the darkness brings to life the worst fears of his tortured soul.

7. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Continuation of the popular series of games about genetic viruses that turn people into terrible monsters.Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

In the story, Ethan Winters comes to an abandoned house in Louisiana in search of his wife Mia, who disappeared several years ago. In the old mansion, he meets the Baker family – insane psychopaths with incredible regeneration and special powers that allow them to turn into monsters.

Ethan will have to save the kidnapped wife, find a cure for the virus and defeat the local psychos affected by an unusual disease.

The main character has access to various weapons and treatment of wounds with the help of craft items. The gameplay conveys the atmosphere of real horror: ugly monsters lie in wait on every corner.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard 1

Reasonable villains are constantly moving around the map, forcing to hide from them in the corners and avoid collisions until the start of the decisive battle.

6. Dead Space

The famous horror game with elements of action on a spaceship captured by monsters.Dead space

The plot begins with the arrival of a maintenance shuttle on the huge USG Ishimura spacecraft. Isaac Clarke, a technical engineer, travels with his team through the station’s empty corridors and encounters horrific creatures. “Necromorphs”who killed the entire crew. Having survived the battle, Isaac is left alone, surviving on the ship and fighting off endless monsters.DeadSpace Study

The player will have to wander all alone through the huge ship and its long corridors, meeting on his way all the horrors that befell the inhabitants of the ship. Necromorphs climb from everywhere: from the ventilation, from the ceiling, breaking through walls and doors, grabbing the main character in their ugly claws.

Even small children turned into monsters, becoming dexterous monsters crying before the attack.

5. Dead Space 2

A sequel to the original game on a residential space station inhabited by millions of people.Dead space

In the story, Isaac Clarke survived a nightmare on the Ishimur and ended up in a hospital in the space metropolis Cluster, where he spent three years in a coma. When he wakes up, he sees the beginning of a new epidemic of necromorphs in the residential areas of a populated city with millions of inhabitants. Having obtained a weapon, Isaac again goes to battle with the monsters, trying to find out the truth about what is happening.Dead space 2

The action of the game moves from a huge ship to space station metropolis… Necromorphs lurked at every corner, forcing them to always walk with a raised gun and fight back at any moment.

The atmosphere of the “dead city” inhabited by ordinary people just a couple of hours ago adds special horror.

4. Alien Isolation

Horror game based on the popular film franchise about the daughter of Ellen Ripley and the evil xenomorphs.

Alien Isolation

Amanda is a young girl looking for data on her lost mother, Ellen. Arriving at the Sevastopol space station in search of answers, she encounters terrible monsters terrorizing local residents. Monsters quickly move along the ventilation and ceiling, spit acid and easily deal with any representative of the human race.

The peculiarity of the game is the absence of normal weapons, capable of harming Aliens. The player will have to act stealthily and regularly hide in shelters, waiting for the appearance of the xenomorphs. Monsters behave unpredictably: they search secluded places and remember your character’s hide and seek tactics, forcing to look for new ways to escape from monsters.

3. Silent Hill 4: The Room

A Survival Horror game about an ordinary guy in a nightmare.Silent Hill 4 The Room

In the story, Henry Townsend lives in a 302 apartment in a high-rise building in the town of Ashfield. Once he wakes up, he sees a door hung with chains and cannot leave the apartment because of the impenetrable window. Finding a frightening hole in the bathroom, he goes into parallel realities

Other worlds are like living nightmares with terrible monsters and real ghosts.

The atmosphere of a residential building, combined with the horror that is happening around, adds special fear – the sounds of neighbors and other people who do not know about your suffering are heard outside the walls. After each trip to nightmarish worlds, the situation in the apartment changes, and monsters begin to penetrate your house. You will have to survive at any cost, even losing your own soul in the throes of choosing between life and death.

2. Little Nightmares

A platformer in the genre of a horror quest about a little girl on a ship with voracious monsters.little nightmare

According to the plot, in an unknown place is Womb – an underwater ship with a grotesque design, which has become a haven for unimaginable monsters. In a cage on the lower deck, there was a little girl – Sixth, who managed to escape from captivity. She begins a long ascent through the floors of the gloomy ship, trying to get to the surface and escape from this hellish place.Little nightmares

A girl in a yellow raincoat cannot fight monsters, she can only hide and run away quickly. She comes across different types of frightening creatures that can catch her in one move. Sometimes on the way other children and small nomes come across, locked in their own nightmares with no way to free themselves from captivity.

1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

A colorful horror with quest elements without the ability to fight back monsters.Amnesia the dark descent

In the story, a young guy Daniel wakes up in an old castle. He cannot remember his past and finds a note asking him to kill the mysterious Alexander, hiding in the depths of the castle basement. Behind the main character the shadow hunts – an unknown creature described as “a living nightmare in the flesh.”Amnesia the dark descent

Daniel can enjoy torches and lamps to dispel darkness. There is no way to fight the terrible monsters that inhabit the dark rooms of the castle. Clashes with monsters alternate with personal visions of the protagonist, trying to regain lost memory and cope with his own madness. Each level is filled with different creatures of Darkness, creating an atmosphere of unbridled fear and complete hopelessness.

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