• February 20, 2024

The Sims 4 devs fix a major game bug

The most popular life simulator is not going to give up positions. The franchise has finally received the update that players have been waiting for since the day of release, and it’s incredible.

The sims 4

The Emote System is the best new addition to The Sims 4. Of course, there are quite a few bugs associated with it, but even they cannot completely ruin it. But simple emotions were not enough for the players. They lacked the lasting effects of severe shocks, both positive and negative. For instance, some popular custom mods made characters feel sad on their deceased loved ones not only for several days, but also in a random way throughout their life.

These little things seem insignificant, but in fact they make the gameplay very lively, make it more realistic. And so the developers decided to fix their main mistake.

What’s new in The Sims 4: Snowy Expanse?

The sims 4

The new DLC for The Sims brings a lot of interesting gameplay trivia. However, the most important update that wasn’t shown in the trailer is the addition of the emote system. Our heroine Camilla Wotpack has already gone to Mount Komorebi to talk about the innovations.

The developers took their positive biography experience with flashbacks from the Sims 2 and augmented it with mechanics from the popular Slice of Life mod. As a result, players saw a system of memories that are attached to familiar Sims and evoke emotions in the character.

The sims 4

How it works? If you go to the “Relationships” tab in the sim menu and click on the portrait of a familiar character, then in the menu a new option “Open character profile” will appear… The new menu conveniently contains all the information about the character that already existed before: relationships, connections, character traits and career. However, now there is something new: Feelings.

The sims 4

The senses system spreads both negative and positive events. If the player is close to a Sim for whom he has some feelings, he can get a negative or positive moodlet. For example, “deep resentment” will make your character uncomfortableif he will communicate with someone for whom he is feeling bitter.

The sims 4

Why is this so important to the game? In this case, the players received not only expansion of the system of emotions, but also the ability to follow the biography of your character through his connections with other Sims. Visits to significant places, quarrels, declarations of love – everything will be reflected in this menu. This will make your Sims’ lives livelier and richer.

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