The three cards that players ban the most

The developers have opened the veil of secrecy and published statistics on the cards in the blacklist of players.

Greetings, tankers! Wotpack is with you and today we will tell you about three maps in World of Tanks that players include in the “Black List”. At the same time, we will figure out the features of the cards and what caused this antipathy.

3rd place

The anti-rating is opened by a small map 600×600 meters – Ensk. This is a fictional city, which is an urban area, a field and warehouse buildings, separated by a railway.

The map is conventionally divided into three zones

  • the city – the place of the collision of heavy weights and assault tank destroyers;
  • Railway tracks – at the beginning of the battle they can become a “road of death” if they find it, since the player does not always have time to turn from there;
  • “Brilliant green” – there is art, they try to break through / overexpose the LT, and the CTs try to shoot, playing from the relief.

In fact, in battles, it often turns out that there will definitely be at least one “upstart” who will go through the railway. There are frequent cases when one of the teams scores on the greenery, enemy tanks quickly pass through there and cut out the art and a couple of players who were trying to touch the flank. Then the second team is squeezed from both sides, and if the “city” also loses, then in most cases it is a turbo drain.

In “Encounter Battle”, the base is located in the city square. The fight starts on the “brilliant green” near the respawn of the compand. In this mode, the SPG has almost no chance of surviving until the end of the battle, however, like most of the cardboard vehicles.

2nd place

The location is already larger 1000×1000 meters, the birthplace of WoT is Minsk. For the first time the card came out on the basis in 2018. Fans of LT, TT, tank destroyers and artisans literally hated this map, showered it with a lot of negative reviews, and only the CTs felt good here.

After the release, the card was soon sent for a redesign. Part of the map was moved to the north, the southern outskirts were completely removed. But it was still incomprehensible in terms of playability. It seems like there is a city in the east, armored tanks can fight there, but in the north it is not clear what was going on: they added trees, shelters, and the G1-K1 line was cut off. Again the players’ dissatisfaction and the map is sent for revision.

Then there were a few more revisions, expanded the zone of action for heavy tanks, added lumbago zones for medium tanks for comfortable shooting. But art and tank destroyers still feel “as out of place” here. There is also no possibility for passive flashing.

To this day, options are being considered to make the map more balanced and playable, but in the meantime, players are already tired of these changes, battles in which it is difficult to implement equipment, so many have unanimously thrown Minsk into the black list.

1st place

And one of the very first maps of the game – Himmelsdorf – topped the rating. City map with a maze of streets, a square and a castle on a hill. Heavy tanks and armored slow tank destroyers squeeze into the “bananana”, medium tanks take the “mountain”, and the light ones try to give an initial light and look for where to break through to the base. In all this situation, the most difficult are the cluster tank destroyers and artillery, it is difficult for them to find a use for themselves.

There are many options for the development of events, but it all depends on the attitude of the players. Some breakers support the hill, they quickly seize it and get an advantage for firing from a height, they shoot opponents who did not have time to hide behind cover with impunity. At low levels there is generally a bacchanalia going on there, SPGs rarely survive until the end of the battle, as the flanks are sometimes simply abandoned.

In an oncoming battle, the relevance of the “roller coaster” and LT / ST decreases, the heavy ones decide more here. In general, city maps are blocked more often for the reason that many players are now pumping out light and medium tanks, which are devoid of armor and cannot fully prove themselves …

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