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The Witcher 3: Top 10 Best Ways to Get Rich

Do you want to earn a hundred or two crowns during your adventures? Then pay attention to the treasure hunt quests. They can make The Witcher the richest in the entire fantasy world.

The Witcher 3: Top 10 Best Ways to Get Rich

Geralt of Rivia, to put it mildly, is not rich. However, when passing the game, you can understand that there is an opportunity to earn money, but the witcher lacks ambition. By the events of the final part of the trilogy, he could become king. And with his skills, it would be even easier to achieve this status. Fortunately, the player can make the Butcher of Blaviken rich and powerful. Yes, such a witcher is not canonical, but is that bad?

Not only kings shower Geralt with tons of gold: there are several quests in the game that will enrich him. They are associated with the treasure hunt. The best assignments are those during which swords can be found… Melee weapons can always be sold at a decent price. However, not a single weapon, so we prepared 10 quests, after which Geralt will get rich.

Trophies from the battlefield

The Witcher 3 trophies from the battlefield

Beggars don’t have to choose. It just so happened that the battlefields in “The Witcher 3” are usually strewn with some kind of prey. This can be seen when completing the quest “Trophies from the battlefield“. It starts next to the Chapel of the Eternal Flame, where the witcher will have to fight a water woman.

After killing her and taking the note from the corpse, you will find the path to the treasures in the tower. There is a chest with a relic sword, craft components, armor pieces, a runestone and other wealth.

Bloody gold

The Witcher 3 blood gold

“Blood Gold” is another treasure hunt quest, but it is much more difficult to stumble upon it. First, Geralt needs to go to an island near Ochsenfurt and find a dead soldier there. On the corpse there will be a key and a few notes, which will lead the witcher to an abandoned outpost.

But there it is no longer difficult to find treasures. The contents of the chest are quite valuable: assassin boots and gloves, a pair of armor with Aard Skellige and many crafting components. The rare ingredients will be especially popular with those who love crafting crafted armor or practicing alchemy.

Short way

The Witcher 3 Short cut

This aptly named quest can also be seen as a shortcut to well-being in the world of The Witcher 3. True, you can find it not in Velen, but on the Skellige Islands. Moreover, you will need to travel to Undvik Island. For a moment: there are many more monsters than people.

While on the island, simply go to the mark on the map north of the lake. She will point to the jewelry. Find a boat surrounded by a group of bandits, deal with them and take away the treasure map… Focus on her. Remember that jewelry is not on land, which is why Geralt will have to dive. Underwater, he will find the relic sword Bled Aedd, as well as useful ingredients.

Pearls of the Coast

The Witcher 3 pearl of the coast

Looking to find even more gold and components in the remote reaches of the Skellige Islands? Then complete the quest “Pearls of the Coast”. This is another treasure hunt. You can start the quest near the Eldberg lighthouse, located in the middle of three island chains.

The treasure map is guarded by unfriendly pirates, so you should first deal with them. Then, having obtained the coordinates, head east. In a chest in the water, you will find relic sword Inis and other loot.

Iron Side Treasure

The Witcher 3 treasure

To the southeast of the Grotto on the Skellige Islands lies between the snow-capped hills boat with a skeleton inside. There you can find notes that lead to a place nearby. It is in the east.

This is where the treasure lies. But here’s the bad luck: it is guarded by a flock of furious sirens. Prepare your best crossbow and deal with them. After that, look for a sunken launch in the highlighted area. There will be a chest with the sword of Ginvael Aed on it.

An unheard request

The Witcher 3 unheard request

Returning to Velen, namely to the south of the village of Fangs, one can see a cemetery woman. She stands over a body that has a treasure map and a key.

Get rid of the monster first. Then take the key and map and head west. Head towards the burned down house: right behind it there will be a chest with a sword called Garhwal. You will also find there a couple of blueprints for imperial armor

The dead are unarmed

The Witcher 3 the dead are unarmed

In Velen, look for the mark south of the Duen Heng location. Going there, you will find a camp of deserters. They’re not too kind, so do not wait for a military tribunal and execute them all… Yes, hurry up.

It turns out that deserters keep many interesting things and jewelry in hiding places. On their corpses you will find notes and a key to the chest. It contains a relic sword Ultimatum, which, when sold, will decently enrich the witcher. Moreover, there are other valuable items in the chest.

Shipwreck Coast

The Witcher 3 coast of fallen kings

Have you ever thought about diving into the Novigrad river to search for sunken treasures? Well, given the quest will allow you to fulfill an old dream… And yes, the rewards will be generous. There is a wrecked ship to the southeast of Widow’s Grotto, and a letter can be found on it. Read the message, then follow the trail of breadcrumbs: it will lead you to the sunken prey.

On the way, you will meet drowned people and face a lot of troubles, since this quest is quite “demanding”. Nevertheless, the reward fully justifies the time and effort spent. You will find many blueprints and recipes for making concoctions and bombsthat make Geralt’s life much easier.

The Mystery of the Disappeared Spoon

The Witcher 3 the mystery of the disappeared spoon

One of the most lucrative treasure hunt quests “The Mystery of the Disappeared Spoon” is available only to the lucky owners of the “Blood and Wine” add-on. It is located in Toussaint, and its passage can be started during the passage of the mission “Echo”. It will be possible to return to the house for the key at any time.

Find the Spoon Key in the ruins of Marlene de Trastamara’s estate, and then gradually progress along the quest chain. In the end you will be rewarded sword, expensive and rare jewelry, as well as recipes for delicious food.

Witcher antiquities

The Witcher 3 Witcher Antiquity

Of course, all other quests to find treasures pale against the background of the mission “Witcher Antiquities”. When you go through it, you can get the best armor that Geralt can have.

Of course, you will find swords too. However, they do not differ in high quality and special characteristics, and it is extremely difficult to call them the best. Sell ​​them as soon as you get Arondite and the Toussaint Knight’s Steel Sword… By the way, you can find them when completing side quests.

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