There will be no nerf gold! Donat won!

Why did the developers decide to cancel the main element of the new Balance? What will happen to the game next.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we invite you to speculate on whether you need a gold nerf. After completing the last test on the “Sandbox”, the developers came to the conclusion cancel all current work on rebalancing shells… This is how the six-month drama ended.

It was with the nerf of gold that the global restructuring of the game began. Then high-explosive shells were also brought up for this business, which are sometimes fun and effective, and sometimes too unstable to count on them at a key moment in the game.

Let us briefly recall how the developers represented the final effectiveness of the shells:

The processing of high-explosive fragmentation shells has also been canceled, they have collected a lot of dissatisfied feedback from players. At first, the damage inflicted by this type of projectile never became clear and predictable. Secondly, removing the armor penetration parameter was a mistake. The new mechanics of inflicting damage did not justify themselves and will go to work. Thirdly, we note a positive point that the game has a lot of tanks with gameplay tied to the use of HE shells:

  • M4A1 Sherman;
  • Kpfw. IV Ausf. H;
  • KV-2;
  • T49;
  • “Babakhi”;
  • tanks with HESH shells.

The nerf of special projectiles was that they would be left unchanged, but they would increase the damage of the base projectile + added durability to all tanks. Generally on the test this idea seemed interesting to many:

  • motivates to target vulnerable areas in order to penetrate the basic projectile and do more damage;
  • at the same time, not everyone was able to penetrate, which means that the armor began to solve again.

But at the moment are triumphant donators, i.e. players who can afford a premium account and reserves for silver farming, which allows you to carry half a bookmaker’s office or even a full bookmaker’s gold without much damage. It was this class of players that resented such changes most of all, since many are used to shooting shells with high penetration, simply ignoring enemy armor. This makes the game much easier and helps to keep solid statistics.

At the moment, VG decided not to introduce nerf gold on the basis, which also had several significant flaws:

  • tanks with a low penetration of the basic shell have become simply irrelevant and would have raked in a 1-1 duel;
  • there would be a tough domination of tank destroyers, since they have the highest armor penetration;

The key point is that some premium tanks would lose their profitability. Few people will be able to penetrate with the basic projectile, and on gold you can’t really farm with the new economy. At first, the players were outraged that the equipment on which they spent time pumping out was being transferred to the collection, they say, and who compensates for the experience? Here the players came out with similar indignation, and then who will return the money? Many bloggers raised this topic, as they are relevant after entering New Balance there would be about 20-25 premiums left, most of which are new.

Apparently, the players left too many negative reviews, since the developers decided to cancel the rebalancing of shells. How do you feel about this issue? Write comments, take part in the survey.

Nerf Golda

Do you need to nerf a gold? You 2 vote

I drive a few shells for important moments



I don’t shoot gold at all



Always with you at least 1/3 BK gold



I love land mines



Bend over on full BK gold



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