• February 22, 2024

Three level 10 tanks that are the least likely to shoot gold

Interesting statistics were published by the developers, let’s see why these tops rarely charge gold.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack, and today we have some unusual statistics, access to which only the developers have, and recently they partially opened the veil of secrecy over the topic of gold shells. Of course, everyone has already heard about the nerf of special shells, which was temporarily postponed.

The least special type of shells are used on self-propelled guns and light tanks. On average, at level 10, they fire 5-20% gold shells.

3rd place

The French light tank AMX 13 105 is armed with a drum for three shells, so at least sometimes it simply does not have time to reload to the gold magazine, and not all players can afford to constantly play on special shells.

At first, the basic subcaliber has good armor penetration + it has an advantage in flight speed. Secondly, the gun has poor stabilization, and the gold cumulative low flight speed, so the shells do not always hit the target. At the same time, due to the large alpha-strike, AMX 13 105 consistently maintains the leading position of the main damage dealer among LT with average damage per battle 1619 HP… And here win rate 51.41

2nd place

The Soviet heavy tank IS-7 is the most popular heavy at level 10… In March alone, 35 136 701 battles were fought on it (for comparison, only 16 252 854 battles were fought on the T57 Heavy closest to it). Such popularity is due to the fact that he has been in the game for a long time, one of the most versatile, well suited for LBZ and he was pumped out by a large number of players. But many play without a premium account or do not have silver reserves, so they rarely charge special sub-calibers.

The IS-7 has a reliable body armorreinforced with screens and almost impenetrable turret, and at the same time he also has good mobilityBUT armor penetration with a basic projectile is only 250 mm, which is not enough in a head-on collision with assault tank destroyers and other heavy weights. Even despite the good survival rate, not everyone is able to realize the fire potential, therefore average damage per battle 1938 HP, which is the penultimate result among the strands. Only the IS-4 is lower, but it will be up in the next patch. Victory for March are 51.22%, which is also the second result from the end and, again, only the IS-4 is worse.

1st place

The German tank destroyer Grille 15 tops the rating. As veterans of the game remember, it was she who replaced the once imbibed Waffentrager auf E100… Grill drum for loading shells did not receive, but the gun has better accuracy and the fastest mixing among classmates.

UPD: As you correctly noted in the comments to the article, the Swedish tank destroyer Strv 103B in siege mode, accuracy and aiming are better.

Good dynamics allows you to be among the first to occupy key positions for shooting, and comfortable UGN allow you to control a large space. The stabilization of the weapon allows you to target vulnerable areas in enemy armor, even at a great distance… The basic AP round has good normalization, does not lose in armor penetration at a distance, while it has good flight speed… So there is nothing surprising in the fact that among tank destroyers, Grille 15 takes the third place in terms of average damage per battle. 2310 units at one of the lowest percentages wins 51.38

Which tanks do you use the gold shells the least on?

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