• November 29, 2023

Three new branches of tanks in WoT in 2020

A secret branch from the developers and two more vehicle classes will receive new additions to their ranks.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and we have collected in one article all the information about which tanks will be released in World of Tanks in 2020. The developers kept silent for a long time or gave out information in parts, but at the end, you can add a complete picture. A lot of data has been made public through individual and shared streams with developers.

In June, a branch of Polish STs went to the supertest, which have much in common with German and Soviet tanks. They have good mobility, good armor (they are distinguished by strong cast turrets) and good firepower. The release is expected in late August and early September.A branch of Polish medium tanks in World of Tanks

The top of the branch CS-63 received a new mechanics – switching the engine between high-speed and normal mode. It can significantly improve its dynamic performance, but in the process, the stabilization of the weapon worsens. Also known is already a special premier tank for this branch CS-52.

Full branch overview

There are no specific models for the following branches yet, just an approximate list of equipment.

Italian heavy tanks will appear in the game next, tentatively in late fall. So far, there is little information on them, but most likely they will be able to compete with one of the best in the current PDM randomness Super Conqueror. We can say with confidence that in addition to a good weapon and mediocre booking, top Italian TTs will receive drum recharging mechanism.

Completed calendar year 2020 Czechoslovak cars (most likely heavy)… Many players complained that they did not need the blueprints of this nation in the second season of the Battle Pass, so this is where they come in handy to immediately unlock top vehicles. Perhaps they won’t be released before the end of the year, and they won’t be released until January.

Most likely this particular thread is “secret” about which there is still no information… There are still plans for British wheeled tanks and Swedish LT (they have already formed a completely branch), but there is no chance that the developers will have time to release them this year.

4 new branches, Hungarian and Argentine vehicles in WoT in 2021

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