• May 25, 2022

Three new premium tanks in New Year’s boxes 2020 in WoT

There is never too much imb, and the developers will not go to any lengths to seduce players to donate to the boxes.

three new tanks in Christmas boxes

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and the end of the year is just around the corner, and with it the next New Year’s campaign, which will begin in early December. And already by tradition, developers roll out New Year’s boxes with different buns and premium technology.

In addition to the already well-known tanks, new ones are added, which, of course, look imbued and will be exclusives from the boxes for the next six months (at least). There is no complete list of tanks for New Year’s loot boxes yet, but the most likely newcomer candidates have been identified. In patch 1.10.1, three new prems were sent for testing at random, each of which really stands out with interesting chips and will clearly encourage players to donate.

With a 100% probability, the Christmas boxes will contain the premium heavy Progetto C45 mod. 71 for a new line of Italian heavy tanks. Here, the developers will follow the already proven path, as was the case last year with the Object 703 Option II and double-barreled lighting.Progetto C45 mod.  71Progetto C45 mod.  71

So far, performance characteristics only from the game client on the supertest:

The new TT is different perfect combination of mobility and booking… The indicators of the reduced frontal armor allow you to compete even with 9 levels, and at the top of the list, you can annihilate everything and everyone.booking

It helps him in dealing damage the mechanism of the modified reloading of the drum for 3 shells… This is slightly more immobile than the usual reloading (you can shoot in the middle of loading the projectile and then get 50% charge for the next shot). With proper use, the DPM will grow significantly.

The basic round penetrates 218 mm (well, not bad), but on special cumulative 270 mm (bending over the gold), while he has high-explosive fragmentation shells of 105 mm breakdown, which can also be effectively used in certain situations.

The next candidate is the Soviet medium tank Object 274a. For him there is performance characteristics from the supertest:

TTX Object 274aYou can see detailed parameters from the Angar in comparison with other USSR ST premiums in the full review, and now we will focus on the main points. He has a good one-time damage 320 units and high armor penetration 227 mm. The rate of fire is normal, so it has a large DPM.Object 274a

He has a very strong tower, and the VLD is at a good angle of inclination, so you will often catch ricochets. At the same time, they made him good mobility, good disguise and overview at 390 meters, which most of the representatives of the USSR can only dream of.Object 274a

This car first of all captivates by the fact that here contained all the best to make it superior to other Soviet premium medium tanks… The stabilization, long aiming and turret traverse speed were a little disappointing, but this is fixable. Otherwise, he is good, since he forgives mistakes due to armor, can play from the alpha and at the same time is quite mobile.

And the third candidate is the unusual British tank destroyer GSOR 1008. There has been talk for a long time about the possibility of introducing another British auxiliary tank destroyer, which will become a hybrid with medium tanks. This is the first premium anti-tank SPG with a drum. Here are her basic performance characteristics:

TTX GSOR 1008It turned out to be too imbued, therefore on the next iteration of the supertest she was nerfed reloading (31.33 to 36.62), aiming time (1.76 to 2.25), accuracy (from 0.29 to 0.33), HP (from 1,400 to 1,300) and even little things.GSOR 1008

The technique is distinguished by low base armor penetration and at the same time on gold sub-calibers with a high flight speed, it is capable of punishing even a “dozen”… With a breakdown of 321 mm, even an accuracy of 0.33 is not a problem (all the more, the equipment can be pulled up).GSOR 1008

The mobility is excellent, the caliber of the gun is small, so after the shot, good stealth remains, which allows you to calmly and quite quickly implement a drum for 3 shells… By the way, it has quite good UVN + turret can sometimes catch ricochets, which is not so often the case with cluster tank destroyers. So this hybrid can operate not only from the bushes, but also from the middle distance in the role of ST.

These are the three most likely candidates to hit the New Year’s boxes in 2020. We also draw your attention to the fact that a new bonus code (for experience) has been released and an announcement of the Halloween event has taken place.

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