• December 1, 2023

Three new tanks in WoT: gift and reward

The developers have prepared for the release two heavy tanks and one medium, closed testing has already ended.

Hello tankers! Wotpack with you and today we will talk about three promotional machines, which went to the test back in May and have already gone through several iterations. You can already meet each of them in the random house in the hands of supertesters after the release of the recent patch 1.9.1.

The Soviet Tier 10 Heavy Tank Object 780 caused a number of controversies and controversies among the players. The fact is that from a historical point of view, this tank is equated to ATGMs, which the developers promised not to introduce into large tanks. That is why his 125 mm launcher was replaced with a conventional 130 mm cannon.

TTX Object 780

TTX Object 780For the appearance, the car has already been nicknamed “Soviet Progetto”Firepower him weak:

  • low armor penetration with a gold sabot caliber;
  • mediocre accuracy;
  • inconvenient UVN;
  • very long reload time, therefore low damage per minute.

Of pluses good penetration with a basic projectile and fast aiming. Developers then it a little up:

  • reduced the spread of the gun in motion;
  • reduced spread when turning the hull.

And here survival clearly the strong side of this tank: a strong cast tower, the NLD is raised high, which means the shells will often fly into the ground, and the VLD at a good angle + tracks should absorb shells without damage. He also has excellent mobilityas for heavy.

Some call it a replacement for Chieftain, but according to TTX Ob. The 780 is clearly losing. But most likely, it is being prepared for the summer event on the global map. For a long time no new tanks were added for the main battery.

The French tier 9 heavy tank Lorraine 50 t one was one of the main candidates for the award tank role in Ranked Battles. He appeared unexpectedly and mysteriously, even on the official forum they did not create a topic (although there was a post in Europe with his performance characteristics). At first glance, the players liked the car, although it had a couple of significant drawbacks.

By the way, it is quite possible that Concept 1B will be the reward, which has already received the final performance characteristics and the cost in the last patch.

TTX Lorraine 50 t

Here too firepower is very underestimated, clearly needs an up:

  • mediocre accuracy and long mixing;
  • very long recharge time and, as a result, low power density.

There are no complaints about one-time damage and armor penetration, everything is normal here. Him good frontal armor of the turret and hull, but according to French classics – thin sidesthat will break through easily. And here maximum speed and specific power downright excellent, in this regard, it is very similar to the premium Lorca.

As you can see, both high-level heavy weights turned out to be mobile and with good protection, but low firepower.

At the end I left the British middle premium Tier 5 Valiant tank. There is every reason to believe that in honor of the 10th anniversary of the WoT, the developers will leave the usual gift tanks of 2-3 levels and give out a “five”. However, it is possible that he will go to a purely symbolic mini-marathon.

TTX Valiant

TTX ValiantThe fact is that similar the developers have not produced machines with such low firepower for a very long time… According to performance characteristics, she close to preferential: KV-220, T14, Excelsior and Matilda IV.

Earlier, the developers stated that they refused to release new tanks with a preferential level of battles, but given that in honor of the celebration of the decade we are being pampered with flashbacks in the past, it is quite possible that Valiant will also be a privilege. It is worth noting that this tank was not made from scratch now, it has been gathering dust in the developers’ stash for about 4 years.

In general, with its alpha of 110 units, the aiming time + poor accuracy are generally not impressive (even Matilda IV is much better). His positioned as a breakthrough tank, because they were well covered with armor, but with a maximum speed of 19 km / h, you can quickly break through only into the Hangar.

With such characteristics, it is unlikely that it will be sold at all, so with a 90% probability we are expecting it as a gift.

In the meantime, a little development plans for this and next year:

Three branches of tanks that will be released in 2020

4 new branches, Hungarian and Argentine vehicles in 2021

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