• September 24, 2023

Three reasons to download this thread in January

The technique that bends now and most importantly, will bend after the release of one of the most global patches in WoT. It is in demand in the random house and does an excellent job with LBZ.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today the return of the action “Into Battle” is on the agenda. This time, there was no voting for players on the forum, so we only have two branches to choose from, suggested by the developers:

  • T-100 LT – the most versatile among classmates.
  • FV217 Badger – has the largest DPM due to a comfortable weapon, but has a specific gameplay caused by the extremely low mobility of the vehicle.

If you haven’t deflated Soviet light tanks yet, we recommend you do it now. We offer three reasons not to postpone this business and use promotions and discounts to upgrade the branch.

The first reason

The main feature of this branch is universality of application… Many LT in the game have a narrow specialization:

  • suitable only for active light, therefore lose in positional intelligence group opponents;
  • lack of armor and poor stabilization of the gun leaves the option only for passive reconnaissance while standing in the bushes.

That is why such a technique is very dependent on the map (and we know how the game loves to throw LT into the city, and heavy on an open area for a couple of SPGs, but with a premium you can remove at least 2 cards). At such moments, the owners of these tanks understand that the battle will not be a fountain, to put it mildly, and at best the team will drag, and at worst it remains to hope at least to work out their HP. But the LT of the USSR does not particularly notice such nuances, because they feel comfortable both on the front line and on the second line, waiting for the enemy in ambush. Let’s talk about the features:

  • depending on the preferred style of play it is possible various variations of skills and equipment;
  • best booking (often ricochets) + low silhouette allows, depending on the situation, to give passive illumination due to good masking;
  • excellent dynamics and mobility;
  • excellent gun stabilization, in dynamic skirmishes it can be second only to the “wheeled French”.

Second reason

If you have not yet started performing LBZ on LT or stalled, then this branch is one of the best. As we have written above, it is quite versatile, which allows you to use the technique for any task.

To pass all the LBZs, it is not even necessary to pump out the top of the T-100 LT branch, the T-54 lightweight may well cope with the tasks. Even on it, many players went through the campaign.

Third reason

This LT branch is suitable for absolutely everyone: from beginners who have recently started acquaintance with the game to seasoned veterans who know where to shine and where to punch opponents. At the same time, it is easy to master all the basics of playing on the light tank class. Skill players demonstrate impressive results, pull out “dead” battles, so with the T-100 LT a lot of cool battles have been uploaded to YouTube.

Another reason for newbies is technology sometimes forgives mistakes… If the 5-7 level is rarely beaten off something, the 8th is already more often, then 9 and 10 often ricochet enemy shells. Even some STs cannot boast of such a strong ricochet tower, and this is where one of the mischievous spots is located.


Many are already aware of the Twitch Prime Live stream, and for those who hear about it for the first time, we will briefly talk about the advantages in this situation. Now you can get a unique commander immediately with 3 perks for any nation:

Still in the package goes special style, suitable for any technique, i.e. as the vehicle is upgraded, it can be transferred to the next one for free.

And in addition they go 20 tasks for x5 experience, which will allow you to research new tanks much faster.

In addition, you can get an exclusive prem tank Level 8 Strv 81 and other goodies. By the way, if you haven’t picked up yet awards for veterans and newcomers from Twitch Prime, you can do it now. All details how to get here.

Combat missions and discounts

As usual, the branch has common combat missions and individual for each tank.

Also, the purchase of equipment is subject to discounts


If you do not like wheeled vehicles and cardboard tanks that do not forgive mistakes, and you like to rush in, be on the front line and take an active part in skirmishes, then Soviet light tanks are the best choice! They have everything you need to play effectively, combining LBZ execution with fun gameplay.


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