• May 22, 2024

Three reasons to download this thread in November

The technique that bends now and most importantly, will bend after the release of one of the most global patches in WoT.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we are choosing the best branch for pumping this month. Under the terms of the updated “Into Battle” promotion, 3 branches are available to us:

  • German heavy tanks E 100;
  • American tank destroyers according to T110E4;
  • French light tanks according to AMX 13 105.

Discounts and combat missions are provided for each branch.

First reason

This branch includes several PTs, which can rightfully be called imbs among single-tier vehicles, and in general stand out due to their tactical and technical characteristics and gameplay:

  • T67 is in second place in terms of average damage per battle and percentage of victories. It features remarkable camouflage and high maximum speed, a good rapid-fire weapon, comfortable UVN and full rotation turret.
  • The M18 Hellcat (by the way, recently received a premium version of the M18 (90)) is an improved version of its predecessor, retaining all the advantages (alas, the disadvantages too). Among the vehicles of its tier, it takes the second place in terms of percentage of victories and first in terms of average damage per battle.
  • T25 / 2 is the main cactus of its branch. You just need to go through it and forget, because against the background of the two previous models, it will seem too mediocre and will not be remembered for anything interesting.
  • The T28 Prototype has good frontal armor, so in the top of the list it can play like a heavy, pushing direction. At the same time, due to its high firepower in a 1v1 duel, this tank destroyer will be able to defeat any single-tier TT. She was not always so sluggish, but after transferring the model to HD, the tower was patched to her and a little later the accuracy, aiming speed and mobility were improved. There is already a tower of incomplete rotation -143 … + 143 °.
  • The T30 will delight at Tier IX with the return of the full rotation tower, which has become extremely strong, many TTs can only envy its mm of armor. It is complemented by an excellent weapon with the maximum alpha-strike for its tier with high armor penetration with the basic shell. The implementation of the damage will be helped by excellent UVN.
  • T110E4 – the crown of the branch has a powerful penetrating gun and a strong turret with limited reversal, so it feels very comfortable in urban battles. Despite the impressive frontal armor, it has a fairly good maximum speed and good maneuverability.

The second reason

Acting with the exception method, a few words about the other two branches:

  • the entire E 100 branch is now morally outdated and needs an apa. Playing on it will not bring much pleasure and if it works out, it is rare if the opponents have a team of deer.
  • French light tanks, even despite the exit of competitors from Foggy Albion in the summer – British LTs, retained the title of the best for passive flashing. Even skillful players do not pull stats to the top on Manticore. But French LT are not suitable for everyone because of the cardboard armor, low visibility, weak dynamics, and in terms of firepower, they require the ability to correctly use the drum loading system for projectiles.

Unlike the aforementioned branches, American tank destroyers do not have such pronounced drawbacks, and it is much easier and more comfortable for the average player to play for them, while increasing their rating.

Third reason

And now the most important thing. There are 4 points here:

  1. In the near future, this branch will not face nerfs. What could be nerfed has been done long ago (level 5-6), and the top one now feels confident in randomness, but without excess.
  2. Starting from level 8, vehicles have mediocre mobility, therefore, like many others with a similar problem, they suffer from the focus of the ACS. Nowadays, 2-3 arts are often encountered in battle, BUT the developers have already launched a new matchmaker, the main task of which is to minimize the number of SPGs in battle.

    The balancer is already “learning” and in the near future we can expect changes for the better.

  3. Many players already have the American TS-5 tank destroyer for the marathon, which farms well and is suitable for upgrading the crew. And if for some reason did not manage to get it, then do not be discouraged. Perhaps this year another premium M18 (90) gun will be a gift to veterans.

    Twitch Prime Conventional Style

  4. Next year, a global update is coming, which will redistribute imb on the battlefield. It is best to prepare for it by pumping out vehicles with high armor penetration with the basic projectile, because the damage from it will increase by 17% -24% (in the T110E4 it is armor-piercing, i.e. it has better normalization). At the same time, the damage from gold shells will remain unchanged, so the player using them will be inferior in terms of DPM.


For some players, pumping a new branch is complicated by the lack of an experienced crew, and primarily a commander with the Sixth Sense skill. This month there is a rare chance to get a unique commander with 3 skills in the barracks for the Twitch Prime promotion. In addition to it, other bonuses are attached, including two premium tanks for rent. Read how to get a set in 5 minutes here.

Exclusive Commander Patrick o’treat with the “Sixth Sense” perk (considered zero), as well as two more skills “Jack of all trades” and “Repairs”

Recall that earlier WG sold one tanker with ONE skill for 299 rubles, which is why now many players, taking advantage of the Twitch Prime promotions, replenish the barracks with commanders, and the Hangar with rental premium tanks and other monthly buns is 3 times cheaper.

This is what the latest offer in the premium store looked like

Equipment discounts

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