• December 5, 2023

Three reasons to download this thread now

One of the best for bending over in random and performing LBZ, it will show itself well in ranked battles.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and today I propose to discuss whether it is worth downloading Swedish tank destroyers in 2020. In July, this branch got into the action “Into Battle!”, So it received combat missions for accelerated pumping of equipment and crew + discounts on the purchase of vehicles.

Therefore, I have prepared a short overview of Swedish tank destroyers in World of Tanks with a look at the future of this branch.

The first reason

Let’s start with a simple one – performance characteristics. From 4 to 7 levels are just passing cars, nothing more. And starting with UDES 03, a unique mechanic appears – hydropneumatic suspensionwhich allows you to switch between modes:

  • in traveling mode the technique has good mobility, which allows at the beginning of the battle to occupy key positions or to quickly change the flank. But the implement does not lower or turn.Swedish tank destroyer WoT
  • in siege regime the comfort of shooting is significantly improved, and the effect of the camouflage net and the stereo tube is not reset when the body is turned. But the dynamics are noticeably decreasing, therefore, when illuminated, it will not be possible to quickly leave the dangerous area.Swedish tank destroyer WoT

In general, the branch is distinguished by excellent stealth, the best among classmates. Good penetration, excellent accuracy and high speed of projectiles allow you to effectively play the role of a sniper.

Second reason

Based on the characteristics of the parameters of the equipment, we can conclude that this branch is one of the best for performing personal combat missions. The rate of fire allows you to issue high damage per minute, while remaining unnoticed in most cases.

I recently had a battle on the “Steppe” map, in which, standing on a hill for 7-8 minutes, I shot almost 6000 damage without even moving and remaining unnoticed. In many ways, this is the merit of the strands, which have lived and shone for a long time, but tank destroyers should provide effective support and cover.

Swedish tank destroyer WoT

8-10 levels will perfectly cope with the majority of LBZ, and STRV 103B randomly has one of the best win rates and average damage per battle.

Third reason

Swedish tank destroyer WoT

Our regular readers are aware that during June the developers are testing new 2.0 equipment. We wrote a lot about this, released ratings with the most interesting tanks, and now is the time to mention it. Prospects for Swedish tank destroyers in World Of Tanks they are pretty rosy:

  • with new equipment they will be imbued in random, stealth will go off scale. If you stand without shooting, then they can only be detected with an X-ray from 50 meters, otherwise you can safely fire at a distance of 200-250 meters and not be afraid to be detected;
  • in the near future competitors in the tank destroyer class are not expected… Next year, only a branch of Japanese PTs will be released, but they are assault.

Moreover, many players from the New Year’s event in 2017 have a permanent discount on the purchase of Swedish tank destroyers, which will save a good amount of silver (the discount is higher than the promotional one).

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