• September 28, 2023

Three reasons to go through the WoT referral program now

We will tell you why it is now best to go through the referral and how to get a new prem tank as quickly as possible.

Hello tankers! The 3rd season of the Referral program 2.0 began on January 23, which means that you can get two more premium tanks for freeif you put in a little effort and have free time.

general information

Ideally, the referral program is designed so that players who are already playing would invite their friends or those who abandoned the game (who have not logged in for more than 60 days) to World of Tanks and collect points with them:

However, in practice it is difficult for two reasons:

  • there is simply no one to call;
  • or friends / comrades agree, take a recruiting slot and score. Only the slot cannot be freed.

Therefore, many go through the referral solo, registering a new account for the recruit. This is really the best option, in which you do not depend on anyone and, as your free time, you farm points yourself.

Essential for an effective start IT IS CORRECT TO CREATE TWIN… First of all, you need to register using this invite – link to receive 1450 gold and premier tank T-127

Be sure to indicate the invite code in the special column TANKOLET:

It includes another T-127, for which they will already be given gold compensation + 4 other premium tanks for rent + 7 days of premium account. If you are not too lazy and go through the training, you can get more gold, silver, free experience, T-34-85 for rent and any pumpable level 6 equipment to choose from.

Learn more about how to quickly go to the solo referral program, which technique and tactics to choose.

Step-by-step registration video


The first reason

The referral program is worth going through at least for the reason that it is a 100% opportunity to get 1-2 premium tanks into the Hangar. This is the best option for players who do not want or cannot sign into the game.

Among the vehicles there are some really good vehicles with good potential for silver farming that will be great in the new Frontline season. Starting this year, LF and the Steel Hunter mode will make overall progress, i.e. to receive rewards for both modes, you only need to play one.

Learn more about new events in 2020.

Second reason

In addition to tanks, you can get camouflage, style, and most importantly – booms… This currency cannot be bought for donation, but only earned in the game, which is why it is so highly valued. It can be spent on vehicles in the boom shop or set aside for the boom auction after the event at the Rassvet Industries Group of Companies.

Third reason

Even if you already have enough premium tanks in the Garage, or you simply don’t like the equipment from the proposed options for the referral program, then you can use the promotion Trade-in… The most expensive in gold is the AMX M4 mle. 49 – 11,700 gold. When exchanged for any other tank, he will give a good discount of 50% of its cost

By the way, now there is a great option to take imba for the first time at a discount.

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