• October 1, 2022

Three reasons to play the Frontline in 2020

This year, the mode will be even more interesting, richer in rewards, and most importantly, the developers have greatly simplified the process of obtaining titles.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we will briefly go over why it is so important to participate in the updated Frontline mode in 2020.

The first reason

As, probably, many have already heard, this year they decided to combine the “Front Line” and the “Steel Hunter” into one common progression called “Expedition for Tanks”. A total of 24 tokens can be earned. The main rewards will be tier 9 tanks, each worth 12 tokens:

And if last year it was possible to skip a couple of stages or not give all the best, this year you will have to strain yourself if you want to pick up two tanks. Each episode lasts a week and cannot be continued, before the start of the next, the results of the previous one are reset and a new countdown begins. Those. It is no longer possible to “catch up” progress by tokens.

Second reason

The “Front Line” remains the most convenient mode for farming silver, because for a successful battle you can export up to 400 thousand (some can even more with reserves). Moreover, unlike random, there is several significant advantages:

  • can do not worry about your statistics, because the average damage and percentage of victories are not taken into account here;
  • all battles against single-tier vehicles, which means there is practically no need for special shells, which is just a guarantee for effective earning of loans;
  • given that most players shoot basic projectiles, then the role of booking increases and the heavy is really heavy here (this moment is especially felt when performing Combat missions under the LF after reaching level 15).

Even if there are no suitable premium tanks, you can go into battle on ordinary pumped vehicles, because this a great opportunity to transfer the car from stock to top… At the same time, as already mentioned above, without prejudice to statistics. You can even just farm the experience on a technique with which you are not doing well in random.

Third reason

Perhaps not everyone will be happy that now it is impossible to skip stages. Also, the rewards have changed slightly, as removed the degrees of valor, now they do not give gold (in general) and bonds in such quantities.

But there is good news too! For the first time in the entire existence of the “Frontline” mode, the developers, along with the number of levels, also reduced the total amount of experience for completing a stage… Also, the amount of experience for taking levels has been revised:

As you can see, this year you can complete a stage twice as fast, and this is a tangible plus for players who are at work during the day and have only a few hours left to play in the evening.

That’s it. However, it should be noted that developers for once sided with the working class, having reduced the required time to grow up in the mode, while leaving the opportunity to receive the main rewards. Take part in the survey!

Front line

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