• October 2, 2022

Three reasons to take part in the “Battle of Bloggers”

Free premium account, bonds, silver and other goodies. Why regular players should participate in the new event and how to get the best rewards.

Hello tankers! Wotpack is with you and today we will talk about a relevant topic, the first large-scale event of 2020 – “Battle of Bloggers”. There has been agitation on social networks for a long time, and the players were divided into 4 camps:

We do not call for anyone to vote, but you can take part in the poll at the end of the article.

general information

You can select a team when you enter the game, the corresponding news appeared in the lower right corner.

In the general progression, rewards are opened, which can be obtained for the levels of personal progression. To take each level you need to earn 60 points. You need to farm points in a special mode: +2 for defeat and +4 for victory.

At the same time, pay attention to which Blogger Skill is currently operating, they all give bonuses to earning points if certain conditions are met:

Each skill is used only once a day.

In addition, you can simply play in the random battles mode and simultaneously complete 3 combat missions, for which personal progression points are also awarded:

The first reason

Not every player in the Garage has a large assortment of dozens. By participating in the event, you can get it for rent (until the end of the event) imbe tanks level 10:

This is a great opportunity to test a vehicle for free + get a 100% crew for it forever.

Second reason

Now you can pick up well various buns that are issued for increasing the level (up to 30):

Good chance to earn 100% 1500 bonds, which can be set aside for the boom auction after the Dawn of the Industry event or buy a premium tank in the boom shop.

In addition, there is a chance to get free prema days or a slot in the Hangar (veterans have them with a reserve, but beginners will not hurt).

For the 10th level of personal progression, they really give cool styles! But you can only get one for free, depending on the team you choose.

Third reason

A unique commander with voice acting and blogger looks + with zero skill “Sixth Sense” and additional experience for learning 3 skills / abilities. But so many skills will be given only if the blogger wins, and the 4th place winner will not receive any skills at all.

And here the most important question is: which blogger to choose? Based solely on the pursuit of a 4-perk commander, it makes sense to side with the leader. At the moment, on the first day of the event, LeBwa has become the undisputed leader. Therefore, joining his team is the most likely to get a unique commander with 4 skills.

Last year LeBwa won in the “Battle of Bloggers”, it is he who has the most skillful audience.

However, if it is more important for you to get personal progression points as soon as possible, then on the contrary you need to join the lagging team. She gets a point bonus x2.

Please note that you can register for the event until February 6, 1.00 Moscow time.

The full rules of the event can be found here.

Take part in the survey, write in the comments, whom will you support?

Voting Battle of bloggers

Who will you support in the Blogger Battle? You one vote

Protanki – Yusha



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