Three Tier 10 tanks that will become promotional. Hurry up to redeem now!

The last opportunity to get tanks relatively free, for which you will then have to overpay or earn money in events.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and now we will consider 3 tanks of level 10, which, after entering New balance disappear from the research tree. If you get them now in your Hangar, then they will remain there forever as promotional equipment. This triple (well, two, for sure) has long been asking for the performance characteristics, but now it was decided to remove it (but it will be returned for events or as lots on the Black Market with already improved parameters). So just in case better pick it up now to save credits and timeWe have prepared an overview of what it is like at this stage.

Chinese heavy tank 113… A versatile vehicle that can play the role of a classic heavy on the battlefield thanks to its strong, ricochet armor in the forehead or, due to its excellent dynamics, support the offensive of medium tanks. Armed with an accurate 122 mm gun with high DPM. The main drawback of which is low armor penetration with the basic projectile, but on the other hand gold cumulative 340 mm can annihilate most of the classmates.

Survival is facilitated by rational angles of inclination of the armor, you just need not be lazy to “dance” or tank with a “diamond” setting. He feels most confident in urban conditions. But rather it is a support tank, because there are too many flaws in survivability:

  • weak armoring of the stern and sides;
  • low durability of the ammunition module;
  • the location of the tanks is not the best, therefore it often burns;
  • vulnerable areas in the forehead of the tower.

The last time it was significantly improved was in 2015, a little later the model was transferred to HD quality, and the depression angle of the gun was improved to -7. In modern realities, randomness 113 has ≈ 54.2% wins and ≈2315 units. average damage per battle. These are quite decent results.

French medium tank AMX 30 B from an alternative branch, without a shell loading drum. He burst into the game very powerfully, which was the reason for his nerf in 2017.

As it turned out later, the developers came to the conclusion that they acted too harshly with him and in 2019 they were going to rebalance. He got to the test and there were such plans for him:

But something went wrong, the Leopard 1 and STB-1 were upgraded, the 430U nerf was postponed, and the AMX 30 B remained out of work. It is possible that the performance characteristics will be changed after the transfer to the promotional status. It was planned to make him a pronounced role of a universal fighter due to a significant increase in firepower. At the same time, he has excellent mobility, he could become a dangerous opponent at medium range.

Well, now he suffers from a lack of armor penetration, a large commander’s cupola, cardboard armor, and as a result of frequent module crits and crew injuries. Victories ≈ 52.3%, and the average damage per battle ≈ 2126 HP.

Soviet medium tank T-62A has long been lost against the background of other Soviet classmates. One of the main old-timers in the game, so many managed to pump him out, which did not motivate the developers to apat him too much, because it is much more profitable for players to download new tanks (for example, 430U). It seems to have good dynamics and booking, but in the first it is inferior to 430U, in the second Ob. 140, and the gun is better than the K-91. So it turns out that the T-62A is neither there nor here.

From the listed technique T-62A in its entire history in the game has never undergone significant changes (just converted the model to HD quality and replaced the gun without changing the parameters). Still, it has a number of advantages:

  • good stabilization of the weapon;
  • high accuracy and fast mixing;
  • strong tower;
  • low silhouette and good invisibility.

In general, the mobility leaves much to be desired, it is impossible to rely on the armor of the hull, and poor UVN do not allow playing on relief terrain. Now the T-62A has ≈ 50.75% wins and ≈1912 units. average damage per battle, which is the worst performance among classmates.

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