• November 29, 2023

Tips for dealing with different opponents in Half-Life Alyx

In Half-Life: Alyx, you can find countless different opponents – in this small but extremely informative guide, you will find useful information about all the enemies in the new Half-Life and tips for dealing with them. Our material will also be interesting to read to all those unfamiliar with the “half-life” universe.

Analysis of all opponents in Half-Life Alyx


You can see your first barnacle already in the second chapter of the game. Barnacles are those nasty meaty things with teeth that hang from ceilings and grab any living (or not so) creature that stumbles upon their dangling tentacle. You can kill any barnacle with four shots from a pistol or a grenade. They are extremely harmless if you are always on the lookout.

In fact, the Barnacle is not an enemy per se. The Barnacle is a wild animal from another world that looks pretty much like the most common earthly flycatcher. Think of them as obstacles in your path. Nevertheless, we still strongly recommend that you kill all barnacles, because they can drop tar and some ammunition for the firearms.


Even people who have not played Half-Life know what headcrabs are – they are such a lump of cuteness that looks like a raw chicken that can turn living people into moaning zombies. In Half-Life Alyx, these little monsters are encountered by the player in the second chapter of the story. To kill a headcrab, you have to spend about three or four pistol shots. Explosives on them, of course, are not worth spending.

Beware of the headcrabs: although they are pretty cute, they often get good at selling Alix like that. Here’s an interesting strategy for dealing with them: we take a bucket (or any other medium-sized and weight-sized object) in our hands, take cover from the headcrab’s jumps and shoot at it. And if you are a first-class shooter in virtual reality, then they can even be shot in the air.

Armored headcrabs

In fact, the same as the previous enemy, but only with a thick layer of armor. The above strategy is still applicable, however, aim at the belly of the headcrab, which is not protected by armor, otherwise you will waste your ammunition. Appear to the third chapter of the plot.

Poisonous headcrabs

An extremely interesting feat of the headcrab: he is black, he is hairy and he is incredibly poisonous. Yes, so poisonous that you temporarily go blind when he stings you – a bucket to help. Have you seen a whole bunch of these guys? Throw a grenade at them immediately.

Electric dogs

Electric Dogs are a completely new foe in Half-Life with a very strange name. Such a dog is incredibly fast and agile, and it also knows how to shoot at the player with some kind of electric liquid that can deactivate Alix’s gloves for a short period of time. In addition, the electric dog can release dark smoke from itself to escape from the player, as well as climb inside the killed zombies to revive them. To kill the latter, you need to shoot at their luminous parts of the body. The first electric dog can be seen in the fifth chapter.

Zombie with headcrabs

As we already mentioned, headcrabs can turn living people into zombies, after which these zombies will attack you. Each headcrab creates its own unique zombie: normal, armored and poisonous. Each of these types of dead appears in the second and third chapters. There is no need to apply any special strategy to common and poisonous ones – we just shoot at them. With armored, everything is a little more complicated for obvious reasons – we use explosives.


Flying drones with blades are just as annoying as ever. Manhack’s task is to fly around his target and, little by little, chop it into pieces. Fortunately, the manhack is quite easy to notice by its quite characteristic sound, so it should not cause any problems for you. A couple of shots are in the bag.

Alliance soldiers

Alliance soldiers use automatic weapons and grenades when the player tries to hide behind cover. Ordinary soldiers have fairly light armor, and therefore you can easily kill them with a regular pistol. Use grenades only if one of them doesn’t want to get out of hiding. They appear in the third chapter of the plot.

Heavy Alliance Soldiers

Alliance Heavy Soldiers are an improved version of the regular soldier that features tough armor, a force field that can deflect both shots and explosions, and a powerful shotgun. Perhaps the best strategy for dealing with them is headshots. Heavy soldiers first appear in the same third chapter of the game.

Ant lions

Unlike all the previously listed opponents, ant lions appear in Half-Life: Alyx already in the eighth chapter. Ant lions are huge and, more importantly, aggressive insects. One ant lion does not pose a serious threat to Alix, but several individuals at once are a big problem. The ant lion strategy is as follows: shoot at the limbs to slow them down, and then shoot at the belly. Be careful: these insects can explode!

Blue ant lions

By the ninth chapter, you will have to deal with blue ant lions. Individuals of this subspecies are somewhat weaker than their orange counterparts, nevertheless they are capable of attacking Alix from a distance with fiery spits. Simply put, if you’re not careful, you can make ends meet even with one blue ant lion. We follow the behavior of our blue friend, dodge his shots and shoot back.

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