• July 5, 2022

Top 10 actors who are stuck in one look

Collage.  Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Johnny Depp

Have you ever had such a thing that after getting acquainted with the cast of the film, it becomes clear what the picture will be about? Probably yes. Many famous actors are in demand in only one image, which is getting more and more difficult to get out of over time. Today we will talk about 10 popular artists who have established themselves as masters of a fairly narrow profile

Even if an actor is stuck in one image, this does not at all indicate a low level of his skill. On the contrary, fulfilling one hypostasis for a long time, a person becomes very sophisticated in his business. Often the usual image for an actor is his comfort zone, from which one does not want to or does not make sense to leave, therefore, in various projects, he continues to demonstrate the facets of his talent that are well known to the viewer.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon. "Good Will Hunting"

For the first time about Matt Damone spoke loudly after the role Will Hunting in a famous painting 1997 year… His character is a simple guy with high intelligence and independent thinking, trying to cope with inner demons. No one then could have thought that Damon will have to embody such images throughout their career.

Over time, heroes Matt have become more complex – these are not just “smart people”, but talented provocateurs and gray cardinals… However, the essence remains the same, Damon is already over 50, but even now he is held hostage by Will Hunting.

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel. "Always say yes"

It must be said that now Zooey Deschanel She is filmed quite rarely in full-length films, but the “tenths” of the new century were very fruitful for her. “Bridge to Terabithia”, “500 days of Summer”, “Always say yes” – fairly well-known tapes.

Zoey has established herself as responsive freak with his own special outlook on life. Her characters are moderately eccentric, self-sufficient and open new horizons for the main characters of the tape.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger. "Terminator"

Everyone knows that Arnold, first of all – a hero of action movies. Sure, Schwarzenegger put experiments on his career, but the actor’s dramatic and comedic roles did not reach the mass audience. But the image is not too smart, but invincible “pitching” – this is what “Iron Arnie” knows how perfectly.

Schwarzenegger always showing his muscles with undisguised pleasure and coping with any threats through brute force. When you start watching a movie with Arnold, you immediately realize that the “bad guys” are going to have a very hard time.

Jason Statham

Jason Statham. "mission Impossible"

Before us is another action hero who works in a slightly different role than “iron Arnie”. In case of Jason animal power fades into the background – the actor is a more modern hero. He has no qualms about using innovative weapons and respecting good cars.

Often characters Stateham do clever combinations to get to the bad guys. Their main motivation is revenge, finding or saving important materials. Jason’s heroes are always careful about their appearance and are dressed in expensive costumes.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise. "mission Impossible"

Characters (edit) Tom Cruise almost always face large-scale and serious challenges… They have to run a lot, fight opponents in atypical scenery and manage to defuse bombs at the last second. However, it cannot be said that Tom gravitated towards action films at the dawn of his career.

After the release of the paintings “Rain Man” and “Vanilla Sky” there was a deceptive impression that in the person of Cruise the cinema received a talented all-rounder. However, big awards bypassed Tom and he completely switched to box-office action films.

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler. "Shoemaker"

When you turn on a comedy with Adam Sandler, you need to prepare your ears for low-grade humor and a whole cascade of vulgarities. The actor knows how to be touching and has a certain dramatic talent, but stubbornly continues to act in passing projects.

When Sandler was young, the audience was sympathetic to his role. but Adam met maturity, and the characters of the actor’s characters remained unchanged – all the same beached loserswho deserve more.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman. "Bruce Almighty"

There is a joke among moviegoers that Freeman has always been old. And indeed, a career Morgana has been going on for a very long time, and only the most dedicated fans of the actor can remember his early roles. It remains only to be surprised at the efficiency of the master, who even 84 years does not stop filming and delight us with his appearance on the big screens.

When it comes to characters Freeman – they are all of the same type, which largely determines the venerable age of the actor. Morgan plays a peculiar wise mentor, who provides support to the protagonist, and directs his efforts in a constructive direction.

Hugh grant

Hugh grant. "Bridget Jones's Diary"

Main role Hugh Grant – this is “Romcoms”where he plays Infinitely in love romance with a slightly surprised expression on his face. The actor’s characters are characterized by participation in love triangles and plans to seduce the fair sex.

The paintings brought Grant special popularity. “Diary of Bridget Jones” and “Four weddings and one funeral”, but in other films, Hugh also does not change his image. Now the English heartthrob is more 60 years and he gradually begins to try himself in slightly different roles – only time will tell if Grant will be able to mark the later stage of his career with a successful change of role.

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson. "Hostage 2"

It’s time to talk about another “pop” action hero who gained popularity in adulthood. Unremarkable appearance Liam allowed him to enter a completely unexpected the image of an exemplary family man… However, the character experiences righteous rage when the “bad guys” offend his loved ones and is ready to go to any lengths to take revenge on the intruders.

We know heroes today Neeson such, but before he preferred to play dramatic roles, which is only worth “Schindler’s list”… However, Liam has gradually turned into an action hero and seems to be completely stuck in this image.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp. "Alice in Wonderland"

Today Johnny Depp Is one of the most revered Hollywood actors. However, if we face it, it becomes clear that most of the images that the actor embodies on the screen are similar to each other. Typical Depp character – eccentric eccentric in fabulous scenery, striking others with his genius.

It is curious that at the dawn of a career Johnny was considered the person who can play absolutely any hero. Now the situation is developing in such a way that the most high-profile roles of the actor are associated with the world of fantasy, and this deprives us of the pleasure of seeing him in other images.

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