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TOP 10 actors who sacrificed beauty for the role

We all know how much beauty is valued in the modern world, and for actors this statement is especially relevant. They are make money thanks to their talent and external data, therefore, must always be in good shape, while remaining irresistible. Today we will talk about 10 famous actors who had to make various sacrifices for the sake of getting a role.

TOP 10 actors who sacrificed beauty for the role

Basically, the stars are forced gain or lose weight, which is very sensitive. Bringing yourself back into shape is sometimes quite difficult – not every organism allows you to freely manipulate kilograms. The most desperate go on and are ready modify your body, just to get a promising role and a chance for worldwide fame.

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe.  Jungle

As you know, everyone’s favorite Harry Potter cannot boast of large dimensions – its height is only 165 centimeters and the actor looks quite slender. However, the director of the picture “Jungle” even this diminutiveness of the protagonist did not suit, because a character surviving in the Bolivian forests must be really emaciated.

No sooner said than done. Radcliffe switched to a fruit diet and managed to lose 15 kilogramswhat exactly is a huge figure for him. Along with weight loss Daniel acquired a hungry look that allowed him to play his role as believably as possible.

Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger.  Bridget Jones's Diary

It is no exaggeration to say that the picture “Diary of Bridget Jones” Is one of the best romantic comedies of our time. The film was coldly received by critics, but the audience sincerely loved the image of the direct heroine performed by Renee Zellweger

However, by nature, the actress is as miniature as Radcliffe, so she had to take on weight gain in order to look natural in the frame and not be like a movie star. Consuming 4000 calories a day, Rene gained 14 kilograms, although it is difficult to say that her appearance after that became worse.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks.  Outcast

Picture “Outcast” won the hearts of audiences and became one of the most successful modern interpretations of adventure Robinson Crusoe… The main star of the tape is Tom Hanks, as always, he showed all the facets of his acting talent and became an incredibly strong magnet for the viewer.

However, when you play in survival films, be prepared to make certain sacrifices. Hanks was never downright thin, and for the sake of participating in the tape he had to part with 20 kilograms… Obviously, now Tom does not regret this adventure, but one can only imagine how difficult it was for the actor to follow the diet.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey

Film Dallas Buyers Club received 3 Oscars and Matthew McConaughey also did not remain without his statuette. True, to take part in the filming, the actor had to lose a lot of weight. It’s not that Matthew looked bad or was obese – he was to play a man dying of AIDS who clings to the last chance.

McConaughey It looks a little scary in the picture – it has no face at all, so the viewer immediately understands what a serious problem the character is facing. But Matthew only jokes that lose 21 kilograms it was not difficult for him, even on a diet he remained full of energy and was in a good mood.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

If we talk about the main loser of our collection – by a large margin is in the lead Ryan Gosling, which the added 27 kilograms for the sake of participating in the film “The Lovely Bones”… The actor looked too elegant for his role, so the director sent him to actively gain weight. Ryan decided to show professionalism and began to sharpen hamburgers mixed with hot dogs.

What was the surprise Gosling, when he, pretty fat, was simply thrown out of the project. The director said that Ryan did not recover as he imagined and with such external data, participation in the project is out of the question.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix.  Joker

The actor was never famous for being particularly thin, although he always looked good. However, the role in “Joker” made Joaquin take on the transformation of your own body, and in the direction of reducing its volume. One of the main tasks of the actor – to show the soreness of his character was tightly linked to pathological thinness, therefore Phoenix lost 23.5 kilograms

Joaquin admitted that this time was very difficult for him, since the actor is not used to strict diets. However, Phoenix saw in this test and a positive moment – a constant hunger literally drove him crazy, which only helped to get used to the role.

50 Cent

50 Cent.  Different things

when we talk 50 Cent, then we mean rap, but not cinema. For many it will be a revelation that at their leisure Curtis Jackson do not mind to light up in the film. “Different things” – undoubtedly the best work of an actor and musician, of which he can be rightfully proud.

This story is about a young athlete who has been diagnosed with cancer. A dangerous disease leaves not many chances for salvation, so now the main character has to look for joy in the little things. Curtis took the film really seriously, played very mentally and dropped 25 pounds for the role

Christian Bale

Christian Bale.  Driver

The actor took on a really difficult task when he agreed to play in the film “Driver”… The protagonist, experiencing pangs of conscience, cannot sleep properly throughout the year. This leads to psychological and physical exhaustion, paranoia and hallucinations. It’s not hard to guess what the character should look like.

Bale immediately went on a strict diet and lost 30 kilograms in 4 monthsChristian brought himself to such a state that experts began to worry about his health. Fortunately, Bale stopped in time and did not have time to cause serious damage to his body.

Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara

As you know, girls are most sensitive to their appearance, therefore it is their sacrifices for the sake of roles that impress the most. Rooney Mara so wanted to play in the film “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”that she decided to make drastic changes.

For starters, she agreed get rid of your stunning hairstyle, on which not every representative of the fair sex will go. Another addition to the image was abundant facial piercing, so Rooney can be called a true professional, dedicated to his profession.

Demmy Moor

Demmy Moor.  Jane the soldier

Let’s be frank today Moore already more of a socialite than an actress, and her best roles fell on the “nineties” XX century… In this light time Demi She was not afraid to experiment and was ready to literally do anything for the sake of another high-profile project.

Before working on a film “Soldier Jane”, Moore got rid of my hairentrusting your hair to a hair clipper. However, this was not enough for Demi – she wanted the main character to look decent in the frame. Actress graduated from military training courses and even gained a little muscle mass.

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