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Top 10 actors who won an Oscar in old age

Top 10 actors who won an Oscar in old age

Many people, including actors, have a natural fear of aging. However, the age of film industry workers often does not interfere with conquering new heights – the accumulated experience only helps to realize complex images. And although health does not allow everyone to stay in the profession long enough, the honored mastodons of the acting workshop make us have boundless respect for them.

An Oscar in old age is a special award. It sums up a kind of career outcome and allows the actor to understand that all his efforts were not in vain. It is quite rare that directors trust old-timers with really significant roles, but when this happens, the result sometimes amazes the viewer.


  • John Houseman, 70
  • Alan Arkin, 72 years old
  • Katharine Hepburn, 75
  • Henry Fonda, 76
  • Don Amichi, 77 years old
  • Melvin Douglas, 79
  • George Burns, 79
  • Jessica Tandy, 80
  • Christopher Plummer, 82
  • Anthony Hopkins, 83

John Houseman, 70

Paper chase.  John Houseman

For a long time John Houseman directed Broadway musicals. The man began to actively act in films already in old age, and literally the third work allowed him to receive an Oscar in the nomination for Best Supporting Role.

The tape has become so successful for the actor “Paper Pursuit” 1973 yearwhere Houseman played the professor. John did not stop there and continued his career, actively filming until his death. Hausman lived for 86 years and forever inscribed his name in the history of cinema.

Alan Arkin, 72 years old

Little Miss Happiness.  Alan Arkin

I must say that Alan Arkin claimed the Oscar 4 times, but the statuette was constantly slipping out of his hands. The turning point was 2007 yearwhen the picture was released “Little Miss Joy”, where the actor played the comedic, but at the same time tragic role of the grandfather, who is experiencing an irresistible craving for illegal substances.

His hero dies in the first half of the film, but critics noted the character’s charisma and awarded Arkin an Oscar. Also, among the famous projects in which Alan was directly involved, it is worth highlighting such paintings as “Marley and me” and “Operation Argo”

Katharine Hepburn, 75

On the golden lake.  Katharine Hepburn

It is really difficult to find a more versatile master than Katharine Hepburn – she started with the theater and gradually conquered Hollywood. The result of the actress’s work was 4 personal Oscars for Best Actress, the last of which she received in 1982 year… Shot the project “On the golden lake”where Katherine played with Henry Fonda, but read about it a little below.

Hepburn is a well-known long-liver, she died at the age of 96 and was filmed until 1994, as long as her health allowed. In addition to 4 statuettes, Katherine was nominated 8 times, which is a truly fantastic result.

Henry Fonda, 76

On the golden lake.  Henry Fonda

But for Henry Funds role in the picture “On the golden lake” became the last in life and the best, according to critics and ordinary viewers. The man had many works under his belt and was nominated for the main cinematic award three times. In 1981 Henry received an Oscar for Distinguished Service, and after one calendar cycle he won the Best Actor nomination, although he could not personally attend the ceremony due to illness.

I must say that after the death of the Foundation, he became more famous than during his lifetime. Such tragic stories often catch the viewer and force him to re-watch films with the participation of the actor.

Don Amichi, 77 years old

Cocoon.  Don Amici

The actor was at a fairly respectable age when he received an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Amichi played in the touching fantastic film “Cocoon” 1985 year… In the story, the residents of a nursing home discover a pool, where friendly aliens are waiting for transport. Their cocoons have incredible energy and are able to rejuvenate even a deep old man.

This is the acting career Don did not end, he starred in the sequel “Cocoon” and the famous film “Trip to America”, where Amichi’s partner on the set became himself Eddie Murphy… Don also worked in radio and television for a long time, achieving success, regardless of the specifics of the activity.

Melvin Douglas, 79

Being there.  Melvin Douglas

The actor managed to become an Oscar winner twice, but the last time he did it, having crossed a solid milestone at 79 years old. Painting “Being there” told the viewer the story of a gardener who accidentally got into high society. Melvin Douglas played the elderly husband of a lady with whom the main character falls in love.

The actor received the attention of film critics and was awarded the coveted statuette for “Best Actor in a Supporting Role”. It is curious that Melvin’s father was of Russian origin and was a fairly well-known composer.

George Burns, 79

Funny boys.  George Burns

Vaudeville master and incredible centenarian who celebrated his 100th birthday, won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a film “Funny boys” 1975 year… Burns, even in extreme old age, did not stop active work and constantly found promising projects to realize his creative potential.

In the film “Funny Guys” the plot revolves around the vaudeville actors, therefore George felt like a fish in water. Burns started his career back in the “thirties” of the last century and even danced step with a famous choreographer, Fred Astaire in one of the tapes.

Jessica Tandy, 80

Miss Daisy's chauffeur.  Jessica Tandy

Surprisingly, even after 80 years, you can remain on a horse, receiving awards from American film critics. Jessica Tandy – a striking example of this, the actress won an Oscar in 1990 Best Actress in a Picture “Miss Daisy’s Chauffeur”… In just a couple of years, she could consolidate her success, but she managed only with a nomination for the film. Fried Green Tomatoes

Also on account of Tandy films such as “Cocoon”, its sequel and “Camilla”… Jessica began her career with Broadway productions, like many representatives of the old school.

Christopher Plummer, 82

Beginners.  Christopher Plummer

Christopher Plummer left us quite recently, in February 2021 year, but his film career does not evoke any other feelings than respect and admiration. He received his statuette for the film “Beginners”, where he flawlessly played a supporting role. However, Christopher has been nominated three times and has many projects in his portfolio that are known to a wide audience.

Plummer played in tapes like “Lake house”, “Shepherd” and “Get knives”… It is curious that the actor was nominated for an Oscar in 2010 yearbut gave in Christoph Waltz, who embodied one of his most recognizable characters in the film “Inglourious Basterds”… However, Plummer achieved success in the next calendar cycle.

Anthony Hopkins, 83

Father.  Anthony Hopkins

And here is the new record holder, who at the age of 83 managed to take the statuette out from under the noses of his rivals. How did he do it? One can only guess. Role in the picture “Father”, of course, strong in itself, but without acting Hopkins the tape risked slipping to the level of the touching “walker”. Anthony, traditionally, left all of himself on the site and critics could not resist his charm.

Of course, the selection of nominees for 2021 looked a little weaker than the previous ones, but this does not implore Hopkins’ merits. This “Oscar” became only the second in Anthony’s collection, he received the last statuette for the ribbon “Silence of the Lambs”… This state of affairs looks a little unfair when you consider how many wonderful roles Hopkins has played in his life.

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