• February 20, 2024

TOP 10 best aircraft in War Thunder. What to choose?

War Thunder is a well-known colossus of the simulation games genre that boasts a wide variety of aircraft on display. How to make a choice?

War Thunder - aircraft

While the tankers challenge each other in a limited space on a piece of land, the sky aces reclaim the airspace, maneuvering under the fire rain from enemy shells and demonstrating aerobatics. In this collection, we have collected the 10 best flying machines that can strike terror into the hearts of enemies with the approaching roar of the engine.

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EC-665 Tiger HAP

War Thunder - EC-665 Tiger HAP

A helicopter is a fairly practical aircraft capable of providing tactical support for ground vehicles from the air. Therefore, a good representative of this class must have good maneuverability to compensate for the limited possibilities in battle.

EC-665 Tiger HAP managed to establish itself, so the developers were forced to return it to the game store after hasty removal… As a rank VI French attack helicopter, it is balanced military unit and a good investment for last levels games.


War Thunder - AH-1Z

AH-1Z Is one of the best assault helicopters with high speed and ability to fight at an altitude of 6000 meters. This feature makes it very hard-to-reach target for the enemy.

This unit performs an important function at the forefront of the attack, however inferior in rating previous aircraft and needs timely support from the ground


War Thunder - B29A-BN

Bombers play a key role in any attack, because only they can instantly turn the tide of any battle. Exactly because of this reason B29A-BN Is one of the favorites in the sky.

Due to the fact that the B29 is able to destroy the enemy base in one bombing, it is the main target of enemy fighters and needs constant escort of more maneuverable aircraft. Large dimensions and insufficient effectiveness of defense tools are its main disadvantages.

FW 190 A-4

War Thunder - FW 190 A-4

FW 190 A-4 – German fighter of the lowest level, capable of easily refuting its rank. German word “Würger” translates as “Strangler”… Having tested it in battle, one can come to the conclusion that such a name was given deservedly.

The FW 190 is capable of quickly destroying enemy fighters as well as serving as a bomber. The presence of special ammunition will be an unpleasant surprise for those who do not expect to encounter incendiary or explosive projectiles in air combat.

Ho 229

War Thunder - Ho 229

Maneuverability and mobility in fighters is generally preferred over firepower and protection. Therefore, experienced players wishing to take a dominant position in the sky choose Ho 229

The prototype of the German “flying wing”, featuring a high rating and futuristic appearance, was designed during the Second World War. This is the first jet aircraft in the Luftwaffe branch with a high speed and maneuverability, light weapons and very intimidating design

Sea Meteor F Mk. 3

War Thunder - Sea Meteor F Mk.  3

Sea Meteor F Mk. 3 Is one of the oldest members of the air force, present in the game since its inception. Players love this fighter, but only an experienced and discreet pilot can handle it.

When flying the Sea Meteor, you need to be well aware of its capabilities. The plane can easily catch up with the enemy and dive on him, however, outside the arcade mode, inexperienced pilots risk lose wings at the most inopportune moment, for example, when making a sharp maneuver or aerobatics.

F8F-1B Bearcat

War Thunder - F8F-1B Bearcat

When looking for a World War II aircraft that could strike fear into the hearts of enemies, it’s worth looking into F8F-1B… It is the last aircraft in the US Navy’s single-engine fighter category, making it the perfect unit in the tech tree.

Most of Bearcat’s competitors are jet fighters, which it can surpass thanks to its impressive arms, acceleration and maneuverability

Spitfire MK. 24

War Thunder - Spitfire MK.  24

Spitfire was a formidable British Air Force aircraft during World War II and largely contained the combat power of the Luftwaffe. One of the best versions of it in War Thunder – Mk. 24, which is a nice upgrade to the Mk. 22 with a pumped-over engine.

This feature transforms Spitfire MK. 24 into the almost untouchable king of heaven. Excellent acceleration of this aircraft are an irreplaceable advantage in air combat.

BF 109-G2

War Thunder - BF 109-G2

Most War Thunder players prefer versatile representatives of military equipment, which feel confident in various combat situations. That is why BF 109-G2 or its analogues are in demand among pilots.

This aircraft can fulfill many roles. He is able to intercept bombers or become one of them if necessary. However, its best combat characteristics are revealed as a fighter. These include: precise and deadly armament, responsive control at the moments of performing aerobatics and a good speed


War Thunder - F-86F-2

The desire of players to have their own jet planes for high-level matches will be a reason to purchase F-86F-2as it is one of the most versatile options and has an impressive win-loss ratio in local fights.

F-86F-25 has a powerful cannon on board, with which it can inflict critical damage to enemy aircraft. However, using this advantage requires the player to have competent aiming and patience (weapons quickly overheats). In skillful hands F-86F-2 will become an elegant means for group destruction of fighters opponent and will bring the player to the leading position in the match.

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