• February 22, 2024

Top 10 best AR games for iOS and Android according to users’ opinion

Games in the augmented reality niche quickly gained popularity. The new genre on mobile platforms has made applications more interactive and mix the real world with the virtual one. Their main feature is the integration of fictional characters into the surrounding realities using a smartphone camera. Games turn out to be even more vivid than analogs in virtual reality. Here are the best AR games available for your smartphone.

Pokémon go

The first release of Pokémon Go in 2016 took over the world. In almost every major park or public place, there have been people trying to catch a pocket monster for their own collection. During the existence of the application, it has acquired many updates, such as the ability to fight, as well as trade with other trainers. Pokémon Go now hosts regular events, as well as the ability to nurture Pokémon to advanced modifications. The game is still the most popular and lucrative AR game.

Ingress prime

Ingress is Niantic’s original development that predates Pokémon Go. The principles in the games are similar, you need to walk through the cities and interact with statues, geographic objects, frescoes, etc. There is a system for capturing areas by factions. Previously, the difficulty of mastering new players could be a problem, but with the latest updates everything has become much easier.

Minecraft earth

One of the augmented reality products from Minecraft, the world’s most popular video game developer. The application opens up great opportunities for the construction of various structures in the real world. In addition to buildings, there are also monsters from the original game, and some new dangers await players. A unique feature of the game is the ability to build structures throughout the city on top of those built by other users.


The famous game is now in AR. With the help of a smartphone, you can play the classic desktop entertainment – “Tower”, without having to constantly clean and build it after unsuccessful attempts. To start the game, you need to point your smartphone to a flat surface and the device will build a tower. A significant plus of the application is the amazingly realistic physics of pulling blocks, which look very real.

The Walking Dead: Our World

The most popular TV series has been moved to the game for additional reality. Players will have to collect their favorite characters from the show, fight with other people, and also team up with them to destroy hordes of undead.

Jurassic World: Alive

People no longer mess with dinosaurs, in Jurassic World: Alive they escaped from the island. Now huge monsters roam the world. While traveling around the city in search of a dinosaur, you need to collect DNA and create your own hybrids. In the future, they will be useful for participating in PvP matches.

My tamagotchi forever

The first Tamagotchi appeared back in the 90s, giving children the opportunity to raise their own digital pet. Attachment to them sometimes reached absurd situations. My Tamagotchi returns, this time with additional features and mini-games. The player will have to check the Tamagotchi daily to ensure the survival of their pets and participate in various entertainment.

Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery

The game will appeal to those who like to dive into horror (horror). Users will have to survive in a world with robotic animators that capture reality. Their invasion is only intensifying, so the task of survival will not be easy. During the trip, you will have to collect various bonuses and money.

Army of robots

Now the survival genre is presented in augmented reality as believable as ever. Robots invaded the world, and humanity was not ready. Only a few managed to survive, fighting off the invaders. The smartphone screen is a camera of its own mechanism and must be moved to evade enemy fire. The real location of the user does not matter; in a short time, real battles will begin around.


The app helps you communicate with other players nearby. The task is to dodge and repulse various objects released by the wizards. Survival style game requires 4 users to survive the waves of attack. It is necessary to do the almost impossible – to protect yourself and your friends, at least to postpone their death.

Additional reality is a new word in games that is taking over the world more and more. At the moment, these 10 apps are the best in the AR genre, but even more ambitious projects are coming soon.

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