• September 24, 2023

TOP 10 best artifacts in Skyrim (and where to find them)

Skyrim has many incredible magic items scattered across the map. Each of them makes you stronger and has unique properties. Here’s a selection of the best ones with detailed descriptions of where and where to find them.

TOP 10 best artifacts in Skyrim and where to find them

Skyrim has countless mods to help keep the game up to date for everyone who continues to love it even ten years after release. We are sure that when it comes out The Elder scrolls 6it is likely that many will still remain loyal to Skyrim.

Artifacts are much more than just decorations for the Dragonborn. They are serious improve characteristics and help in difficult battles. Although the player can enchant himself a couple of decorations, there are several items in the game that have unique effects at the start, and they deserve special attention.

Medallion of Saint Jiub

medallion of saint juib
Medallion of Saint Jiub incredibly useful: it not only increases the carrying capacity by 50, but also gives Dovahkiin 50 points of stamina. Players who wish to receive this amulet must first install DLC Dawnguardand then hunt down Juiba in the location Cairn of Souls… After completing the quest “Impatient saint” in which you will need to find all the pages of Jiuba’s book, as a reward the protagonist will be given a unique medallion.

Scientist’s Diadem

Scientist's Diadem
If you decide to start your journey as a mage, then Scientist’s Diadem perfect for any bleed. It reduces the amount of mana needed for all spells by 5%, which may seem like a weak boost at first, but as you level up the item, your impressions of it will change dramatically.

There are two ways to get a tiara. If the protagonist completes the Trial of the Sorcerer, he can find the tiara on the dead Dremora in Shalidor’s Labyrinth… An easier way is to visit Froka’s huts. There you will need to go to the chopping block and look around carefully. The desired item can be picked up simply from the floor, without destroying anyone or going through any quests.

Bloodlust ring

Bloodlust ring
If you play as a werewolf, then without bloodlust rings just not enough. Anyone can buy it from Mine in Frostmoon Cliff for 1500 gold, but only on condition that Dovahkiin has already become a werewolf.

The ring allows you to deal 50% more damage in wolf form, but in return you take just as much damage.

Fortunately, this trap can be avoided. It is enough when creating a character to choose the race “Orc” and combine it with the innate ability Berserker Rage which removes negative effects.

Amulet of Talos

Talos amulet
Tu’um (Dragonborn Cry) is one of the strongest magic in the game, and Amulet of Talos allows you to use it much more often against enemies. It reduces the cooldown of shouts by 20%. This is a unique enchantment and cannot be obtained for another item.

Fortunately, the amulet itself is not unique, and many similar artifacts are scattered throughout the game, but the easiest way to find one of them is to pick it up from the body of the executed Roggvira… It is possible to pick it up immediately after public execution in Solitude

Diadem of the magicianMage's Diadem

The circlet raises mana from 20 to 70 points, depending on the level at which the player received it. We recommend that you get at least level 25 before starting your search. You can get the artifact at the end of the quest “Good intentions“From the College of Magicians of Winterhold.

Namira’s Ring

Namara's ring
This gift from Namirs increases stamina by 50 points. Its main feature is the ability to feast on defeated enemies in order to replenish health and speed up its recovery. To obtain the ring, you will need to talk to Eolaus in the Hall of the Dead in Markarth.

A quest called “Taste of Death” will start. The condition for its implementation will be the destruction and absorption of any NPC, but it’s worth it.

Etherium crown

Skyrim Aetherium CrownThis crown is one of the most powerful items in the game. It allows you to use the powers of two stones of fate at the same time! This opens up a lot of interesting combinations and allows you to get a significant increase in damage.

The only way to get a crown is to craft it in forge Eteria after completing the quest “Lost for centuries“. Requires Aetherian Emblem, 2 Dwemer Metal Bars, 2 Flawless Sapphires, and 2 Gold Bars to craft. Fortunately, all the supplies are in one of the rooms in the forge.

Ring of the polymath

Ring of the polymathThe item can potentially be one of the best accessories for mages in the entire game. It provides 100 additional mana points and significantly increases the rate of its regeneration. The only problem is that you need to become a vampire to get it.

First, we complete the task “Blood line“And become a Vampire Lord. After the transformation, we talk with Feran Sadri, he directs us to the desired location.

Azidal Ring of Wizardry

Azidal ringThere are many unusual spells in Skyrim, but the most interesting ones are unique. The only way to use two destruction spells at the same time – Ignite and Freeze – is by wearing Azidal Ring of Wizardry… You can find him by solving a simple puzzle in the barrow Kolbjorn during the quest “Lost heritage“.

Amulet of Galdur

Amulet of GoldurIt’s hard to find an amulet that gives better stats than this one. To obtain the artifact, you will need to collect all three of its fragments and complete the task “Forbidden Legend“. At the end of the quest, a place will appear on the map where the keepers of fragments live. After their defeat, it will be possible to combine pieces of the amulet and get serious improvements for health, magic and stamina.

Skyrim has many secrets and secrets that you never knew existed. Crazy quests and incredible riddles await you at every turn. If you are tired of exploring the endless land of the Nords, then we recommend reading which of the characters in the game would suit you according to your zodiac sign.

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